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Stragglers Relays
Essex University Campus, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester
Sunday 12th July 2015

Organiser - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

The future of the SOS Relays with their unique format apparently hangs in the balance but there were more teams this year than we have had for some time. This possibly meant that those who wanted an individual run didn't receive the attention they deserved.

Nick and Seb Pugh managed some interesting courses in Wivenhoe Park which is becoming increasingly developed. Changes had to be made as cricket pitches and badminton courts appeared on the playing fields. Then, in the last week, a marquee emporium was installed right across the route to the first control on two of the courses.

My thanks to Andrew without whose help the event would not have been possible. Also to Jack and other members of SOS for their help on the day. Emma had offered to help but was prevented from driving by her husband who felt she should be more careful in the last few days of her pregnancy. Having become a grandmother myself for the first time just 3 days earlier I empathised with this.

Congratulations to CHIGnition for winning by a narrow margin. At least we had fewer disqualifications this year. Apologies for the delay in announcing the results - we didn't cope well with the on-the-day changes to entries.

There are two items of lost property by my door: a pair of trainers and a base plate compass. Please contact me to retrieve them if they are yours.

Team Results

PositionTeamFirst StartLast FinishHandicapRace Time
111 CHIG CHIGNITION11:45:0812:45:071800:41:59
203 SUFFOC HAWKS11:41:0912:46:142200:43:05
307 SOS COOK'S TOUR11:44:0912:50:001900:46:51
401 HAVOC BRONZE AGE11:41:1112:51:372200:48:26
506 SOS TEAM W11:44:0912:53:041900:49:55
612 SOS/SUFFOC VULTURES11:43:0912:56:172000:53:08
704 SUFFOC BUZZARDS11:39:0913:07:492401:04:40
802 HAVOC MISPUNCHERS11:37:1213:14:192601:11:07
Disq.10 NOR ENORMOUSE11:38:1112:45:142500:42:03
Disq.08 NOR NORTY NICHOLS11:40:0912:51:522300:48:43
Disq.09 SOS HEDDING ONWARDS11:46:1112:51:581700:48:47
Disq.05 SUFFOC EAGLES11:35:5113:09:342701:06:43

Individual results

Light Green 4.0km
1Harold Wyber11 CHIG CHIGnitionM2119:56
2Daren Cook07 SOS Cook's TourM4023:44
3Richard Bonnett12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM6024:21
4Peter Warland06 SOS Team WM5025:09
5Sam Nichols08 NORty NicholsM1825:26
6Michael Muggeridge01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM5026:40
7Andrew Elliot03 SUFFOC HawksM4027:10
8Chris Shaw01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM6527:22
9Jonathan Gilbert10 eNORmouseM5527:28
10David Lumby07 SOS Cook's TourM5027:42
11Paul Beckett02 HAVOC MispunchersM5028:01
12John-Henry Love09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM1628:09
13Tony Maycraft11 CHIG CHIGnitionM5528:10
14Roderick Mansel05 SUFFOC EaglesM1828:25
15Ella Gilbert10 eNORmouseW1830:30
16Chris Panton04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM4030:57
17Phil Halford03 SUFFOC HawksM6031:20
18Ben Warland06 SOS Team WM1831:54
19Rod Mansell12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM5532:45
20Mark Nichols08 NORty NicholsM5033:12
21Eddie Banks09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM6035:46
22Simon Hooton04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM5537:35
23Sandra Stincic Clarke05 SUFFOC EaglesW3543:10
24Barbara Fothergill02 HAVOC MispunchersW6052:36
Orange 3.2km
1Harold Wyber11 CHIG CHIGnitionM2114:25
2Andrew Elliot03 SUFFOC HawksM4018:50
3John-Henry Love09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM1618:54
4Daren Cook07 SOS Cook's TourM4019:27
5Michael Muggeridge01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM5019:31
6Paul Beckett02 HAVOC MispunchersM5019:38
7Sam Nichols08 NORty NicholsM1820:12
8Peter Warland06 SOS Team WM5020:33
9Richard Bonnett12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM6020:47
10Chris Panton04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM4020:48
11Callum Turner09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM1620:57
12Ella Gilbert10 eNORmouseW1821:18
13Chris Childs07 SOS Cook's TourM6521:28
14Shane Muggeridge01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM1821:38
15Louise Walker03 SUFFOC HawksW5021:39
16Tom Edelsten11 CHIG CHIGnitionM7022:07
17Clive Wilkinson06 SOS Team WM5022:38
18Alan Brett11 CHIG CHIGnitionM4023:02
19Roderick Mansel05 SUFFOC EaglesM1823:50
20Barney Steveton Barnes03 SUFFOC HawksM1224:05
21Sally Wilkinson06 SOS Team WW5024:07
22Phil Brown10 eNORmouseM6024:18
23Simon Clamp07 SOS Cook's TourM5524:19
24Bronwen Mansell12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesW1825:09
25Sarah Mansel04 SUFFOC BuzzardsW5025:44
26Jeremy Steveton Barnes12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM4526:44
27Gerry Parmenter01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM6528:32
28Nicky Nichols08 NORty NicholsW5029:22
29Graham Batty02 HAVOC MispunchersM5530:00
30Dale Bennett02 HAVOC MispunchersM5032:41
31Susan ClampSOSW5533:13
32Paul Lowe05 SUFFOC EaglesM5535:40
33Wesley Musall04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM6541:00
dnsMark Nichols08 NORty NicholsM50
mpMick Liston10 eNORmouseM6520:38m11
mpJohn Le Seve09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM5525:04w8
mpJohn Webb05 SUFFOC EaglesM7533:40w9
Yellow 2.3km
1Harold Wyber11 CHIG CHIGnitionM2108:58
2Shane Muggeridge01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM1810:45
3Daren Cook07 SOS Cook's TourM4011:45
4Jonathan Gilbert10 eNORmouseM5511:47
5Sam Nichols08 NORty NicholsM1812:00
6David Lumby07 SOS Cook's TourM5012:10
7Paul Beckett02 HAVOC MispunchersM5012:13
8John-Henry Love09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM1612:28
9Richard Bonnett12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM6012:33
10Ben Warland06 SOS Team WM1812:37
11Chris Panton04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM4012:43
12Mick Liston10 eNORmouseM6512:49
13Chris Shaw01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM6512:53
14Roderick Mansel05 SUFFOC EaglesM1813:04
15Michael Muggeridge01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM5013:13
16Callum Turner09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM1613:18
17Ella Gilbert10 eNORmouseW1813:34
18Andrew Elliot03 SUFFOC HawksM4013:38
19Phil Halford03 SUFFOC HawksM6013:41
20Louise Walker03 SUFFOC HawksW5013:46
21Clive Wilkinson06 SOS Team WM5013:46
22Rod Mansell12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM5513:46
23Peter Warland06 SOS Team WM5013:57
24Tony Maycraft11 CHIG CHIGnitionM5513:58
25Phil Brown10 eNORmouseM6014:00
26Tom Edelsten11 CHIG CHIGnitionM7014:05
27Simon Clamp07 SOS Cook's TourM5514:10
28Alan Brett11 CHIG CHIGnitionM4014:10
29Chris Childs07 SOS Cook's TourM6514:22
30Simon Hooton04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM5514:28
31Eddie Banks09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM6014:33
32Barney Steveton Barnes03 SUFFOC HawksM1214:53
33Bronwen Mansell12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesW1815:03
34Gerry Parmenter01 HAVOC Bronze AgeM6515:18
35Sarah Mansel04 SUFFOC BuzzardsW5015:38
36Nicky Nichols08 NORty NicholsW5015:42
37Mark Nichols08 NORty NicholsM5016:04
38Jeremy Steveton Barnes12 SOS/SUFFOC VulturesM4516:04
39Georgie Nichols08 NORty NicholsW1416:52
40Graham Batty02 HAVOC MispunchersM5517:01
41Sandra Stincic Clarke05 SUFFOC EaglesW3517:31
42Sally Wilkinson06 SOS Team WW5017:41
43Dale Bennett02 HAVOC MispunchersM5017:55
44John Webb05 SUFFOC EaglesM7519:19
45Paul Lowe05 SUFFOC EaglesM5520:23
46Barbara Fothergill02 HAVOC MispunchersW6025:36
47Wesley Musall04 SUFFOC BuzzardsM6526:00
48Theo Steventon BarnesSUFFOC28:38
49June WebbSUFFOCW8032:33
mpJohn Le Seve09 SOS Hedding OnwardsM5515:18w4

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