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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL
Baddow Ridge
Sunday 11th October 2015
Preliminary Results

Comments Awards OffString Preliminary Results Splits RouteGadget2 Ranking SOSLeague Schools

Officials' comments

Organisers - Colin and Lyn West colin.west@hotmail.co.uk

Pre-event organisation from Wests senior appears to have delivered sufficient materiel and intelligence to support West junior, now Evans, to discharge all required activities on the day. Helpful to have good contacts locally, and a close-knit team for planning and controlling. Thanks to Patrick Attebury and Andrew Green for access arrangements and car parking, and to the range of landowners of this mapped terrain. Gratitude of course to the team of helpers - sine qua non.

Planner - Clive Tant

I was conscious that all courses had their difficulties but all within the requisite technical difficulty. Almost every event demands a compromise and the green course suffered most. Thank you to those competitors who understood the limitations of planning in this area and my appreciation and respect to all competitors who took up their respective challenges. Well done to the small band of Stragglers who lent a hand to Eleanor - the calm “on the day organiser” and a special thank you, yet again, to Kevin Machin who puts in so much time, produces such fine maps and contributes so much more than is required from a controller.

Controller - Kevin Machin (SOS)

The first thank you is to the powers that gave us such brilliant weather for the lead up and the event itself. This is a difficult area to plan in as it is rare that we get a chance to run on gradients in Essex and when you add distance and the vegetation that you get in the early Autumn, the courses start to stretch all abilities. Hopefully those who did the Green course were happy with our compromise on the distance, we really wanted to get you onto the East side of The Ridge. I only heard positive comments regarding Clive’s courses and this must be due to his knack of finding good control sites and good legs permitting both route choice and make it possible to miss the worst of the undergrowth. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of recent felling in Blakes Wood where all the short courses were situated, which made it even harder to plan good courses. But congratulations to Clive on his hard work and his effort has to be admired over the entire weekend. Well done also to Eleanor on here first organisational responsibility for a long time, and apart from losing a few on the way to the East start early on (apologies to those affected), everything went very smoothly. Thanks also to Eleanor’s team for playing their full part on the day. Well done everyone!

Colour Coded Award times

Course Time
Brown 100:32
Blue 95:44
Green 86:05
Short Green 93:17
Light Green 49:38
Orange 45:52
Yellow 40:19
White 70:38

Cedar Park off-string Results

Daniel Evans + AlexM1SLOW19.53
Elysia ZsakW2WAOC24.06
Isaac RosewellM4Hundon24.39
Emma RosewellW425.50
Craig CarterM10SUFFOC9.24
Ryan CarterM10SUFFOC9.32
Ryan SkeetM10St Andrews13.02
Thomas WalkerM10St Andrews13.09
Abigail PrinceW10St Andrews30.14
John-Henry LoveM16SOS3.27
Tim HarrisonM16SUFFOC3.37
Matthew ClarkeM14SUFFOC4.06
Emile ZsakM12WAOC6.05

Provisional Results


9.1km 170m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tim Harrison SUFFOC/PERSE/12 M16 67:01
2nd Daniel Gardner HH M21 75:52
3rd John Ockenden CUOC M21 76:39
4th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M50 80:13
5th Duncan Harrison SOS M40 82:09
6th Brian Cowe WAOC M35 85:30
7th Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 100:27
8th Paul Beckett HAVOC M50 101:23
9th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 102:38
10th Darren Cook SOS M40 107:06
11th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 109:12


7.2km 150m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st John-Henry Love SOS/HILLS ROAD VI FORM/12 M16 63:49
2nd Matthew Clarke SUFFOC/PERSE/10 M14 69:28
3rd Jon Chandler LOK M45 74:28
4th Daisy Partridge SOS/HEDINGHAM/9 W16 74:30
5th Ella Gilbert NOR W18 76:29
6th Guy Lidbury HAVOC M45 78:11
7th Jim Prowting TVOC M65 78:45
8th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W21 82:19
9th Richard Bonnett SOS M60 85:10
10th Stu Levene HH M45 85:30
11th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 86:50
12th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 88:14
13th Callum Turner SOS/RAMSEY/11 M16 90:10
14th Will Harrison SUFFOC M50 95:23
15th Nicholas Pugh SOS M60 96:32
16th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M65 96:38
17th Thomas Lock SOS/RAMSEY/11 M16 98:19
18th Philip Craven DFOK M60 100:08
19th Paul Langston HH M60 102:08
20th Philip Hague WAOC M45 110:09
21st Philip Halford SUFFOC M60 114:59
22nd Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 117:37
23rd David Lumby SOS M50 117:55
24th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 127:52
25th Stewart Mills HAVOC M50 128:12
n/c Rob Enderby HAVOC M45 144:24


5.6km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Josh Partridge SOS/HEDINGHAM/11 M16 55:43
2nd= Peter Warland SOS M50 58:26
2nd= Richard Wilkes IND M21 58:26
4th Mick Liston NOR M65 59:55
5th Adm Leaf HH M50 65:42
6th Emma Morum SOS W21 69:01
7th Ray Curtis CHIG M60 76:04
8th Geoff Pye SOS M60 78:07
9th Rob Sibley SAX M60 79:51
10th Peter Ryall WAOC M65 80:52
11th Chris Childs SOS M65 82:26
12th Helen Hague WAOC W45 82:39
13th Lucy Edwards SOS/RAMSEY/11 W16 85:24
14th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W18 86:05
15th Gavin Avey-Hebditch WSX M55 87:23
16th Matthew Hearn HH M20 88:54
17th Gillian Edgar HAVOC W45 90:36
18th Barbara Fothergill HAVOC W60 97:06
19th Sam Hague WAOC/PERSE/9 M14 98:57
20th Alexander Ware SOS M21 100:25
21st Michael Hill HAVOC M60 103:35
22nd Simon Clamp SOS M55 103:37
23rd Laura Webb IND W35 106:24
24th Alan Alford SOS M60 116:59
25th David Skinner SOS M65 122:27
m7 rtd Paul Butt SUFFOC M45  
m16-18 Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 201:25

Short Green

3.4km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 45:23
2nd Perry Mole SOS M50 62:14
3rd Alison Curtis CHIG W55 71:55
4th Claire Tomalin SOS W50 75:11
5th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 75:50
6th Veronica Machin SOS W50 91:43
7th Janis Ryall WAOC W60 93:03
8th Hazel Bickle WAOC W60 93:17
9th Alison Cowe WAOC W40 101:06
10th Oliver Hague WAOC/CAMBRIDGE INT/11 M16 108:33
11th Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 127:01
rtd Jessica Daren Annabel Matthew Christopher IND    
m5 m7-16 Robin Campbell CHIG M75 58:35
m8 m10-16 Colin Curtis WAOC M80 127:25
m15-16 Kevin + Melony Dale IND   137:31

Light Green

3.1km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Eloise Sumner SOS//11 W16 33:05
2nd Emile Zsák WAOC/CHESTERTON C C/8 M12 41:53
3rd Sam Parkinson & Olly Sharmas IND/FARLINGAYE/12   44:41
4th Luke Cooper SOS/BRENTWOOD/11 M16 47:03
5th Sandra Stincic Clarke SUFFOC W35 48:59
6th Abi Duncan SOS/HEDINGHAM/9 W16 49:09
7th Nicholas Clarke IND M21 49:18
8th Abbie Forster SOS/RAMSEY/11 W16 51:39
9th Victoria Love SOS/HEDINGHAM/9 W14 54:24
10th Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 57:07
11th Moira Kadirkamanathan SOS W50 63:14
12th Susan Clamp SOS W55 70:57
13th Kathryn Sumner SOS W45 73:26
14th Kaitlyn Draper SOS/RAMSEY/11 W16 107:39


2.9km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Hague WAOC/PERSE/7 M12 27:41
2nd Barney Steventon Barnes SUFFOC M12 29:56
3rd Jasper Waller-Toyne SOS/TLA/10 M14 39:00
4th Olly Sharman & Sam Parkinson IND/FARLINGAYE/12 M16 39:45
5th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS/TLA/8 W12 41:01
6th Thomas Martin SOS/ST ANDREWS/6 M10 43:12
7th Hannah Peters SOS/RAMSEY/9 W14 43:42
8th William Chandler LOK M12 45:52
9th Jon + Martin Beaumont SOS M40 46:24
10th Beth Lucas SOS/RAMSEY/9 W14 54:24
11th Bob + Joanne Willis + 1 IND   68:06
12th Katie Martin SOS W35 72:28
13th Kerry Enderby HAVOC W45 78:59
14th Ben Partridge SOS/ST ANDREWS/5 M10 118:01
15th Rosemary Thomas IND   121:47
dns Lucy Walker +1 SOS/COLCHESTER COUNTY HIGH/7 W12  
m7 Jean-Pierre Carrard + Oliver Prince SOS/ST ANDREWS/   55:39


2.6km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/ST MARYS WOODBRIDGE/6 M12 22:55
2nd Craig Carter SUFFOC/CLIFF LANE PRIMARY/6 M10 22:56
3rd Valentin Ivanov SOS/BRENTWOOD/9 M14 25:54
4th Lucy Walker SOS/COLCHESTER COUNTY HIGH/7 W12 31:49
5th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS/BRENTWOOD/8 W14 32:00
6th Tilly Turp SOS/HEDINGHAM/7 W12 32:45
n/c Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 33:54
7th Catriona Gladman SOS W14 34:14
n/c Amy Skeet SOS/ST ANDREWS/6   35:48
8th Jamie Hartnup SOS/ST ANDREWS/5 M10 39:06
9th Priscilla Chen-Chandler IND W40 39:17
10th Shadelle Nelson SOS/RAMSEY/9 W14 40:19
11th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC/STOWMARKET HIGH/7 W12 41:41
12th Oliver Prince SOS/ST ANDREWS/5 M10 43:08
13th Heather Trevelyan & Stephanie Cooper SOS/BRENTWOOD/7 W12 43:24
14th Tom Turner SOS/RAMSEY/8 M12 44:03
15th Ipshita Rishi SOS/BRENTWOOD/7 W12 45:51
16th Katie Lasslett + 1 SOS/RAMSEY/9 W14 47:23
17th Kate Bowie-Britton SOS/BRENTWOOD/7 W12 50:06
18th Sarah Prior SOS/BRENTWOOD/7 W12 109:57
m5 Mayukha Rodrigo SOS/BRENTWOOD/7 M12 52:12
m8-12 Tanay Sonawane & Theo Williams SOS/BRENTWOOD/7 M12 93:58


2km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Harrison Dixey SOS/ST ANDREWS/6 M10 14:25
2nd Thomas Leader SOS/ST ANDREWS/6   18:24
3rd Abigail Prince SOS/ST ANDREWS/2 W10 20:13
4th Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/ST MARYS WOODBRIDGE/4 M10 22:48
5th Thomas Walker SOS/ST ANDREWS/4 M10 24:14
6th Ryan Carter +1 SUFFOC/CLIFF LANE PRIMARY/3 M7 28:20
7th Isabel Peters SOS/ST ANDREWS/6   28:49
8th Holle + Daisy Dixie SOS/ST ANDREWS/3   30:18
9th Louis Dove SOS/ST ANDREWS/6   30:46
10th Ryan Skeet SOS/ST ANDREWS/6 M10 36:14
11th Elena Stincic Clarke +1 IND/CLIFFORD RD PRIMARY/3 W7 41:29
12th Lily France +1 IND/CLIFFORD RD PRIMARY/4 W9 41:31
13th Lara Stincic Clarke +1 IND/CLIFFORDROAD/1   41:33
14th Isaac & Emma Rosewell IND M4 70:38
m11 Amy Skeet SOS/ST ANDREWS/6   17:59
m4-5 Lydia Joe Neve Beaumont IND   59:56

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