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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL
Chalkney Wood, near Earls Colne
Sunday 29th November 2015
Preliminary Results

Comments Awards Preliminary Results Splits RouteGadget2 Ranking SOSLeague Schools

Officials' comments

Planner - Steven Partridge

This was my first experience planning at this level and it seems that I did okay judging by the kind remarks many of you made. First of all my thanks to everyone who helped make the event happen including John and Jenny for updating the map a 'few' times. There were certain limitations in such a small area, having discovered early on that the block of forest to the east was inaccessible. A couple of weeks ago we were then presented with a sudden change to the areas which the Forestry Commission deemed 'sensitive' and therefore out of bounds. Thanks to Eddie and John for their help in negotiations to reduce the impact on the courses and guiding me through the dark times! Finally thanks to Paul Lowe for all his efforts in not only keeping me on the straight and narrow but helping me take my first steps along the way, including the invaluable tech support!

Colour Coded Award times

Course Time
Blue 77:12
Green 64:18
Short Green 48:57
Light Green 54:58
Orange 86:00
Yellow 36:56
White 32:01

Provisional Results


7.2km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ian Hargreaves KERNO M35 51:28
2nd Paul Pruzina CUOC M18 55:08
3rd John Ockenden CUOC M21 57:07
4th Darren Cook SOS M40 60:14
5th Richard Wilkes HAVOC M21 62:03
6th Duncan Harrison SOS M40 62:21
7th Matthew Clarke SUFFOC / Perse / M14 66:24
8th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 69:13
9th Edwin Banks SOS M60 73:10
10th Stephen Borrill WAOC M40 74:38
11th Lisa James SOC W45 74:49
12th Nicholas Pugh SOS M60 75:55
13th Tony Maycraft CHIG M55 76:13
14th Stu Levene HH M45 76:31
15th David Chandler OD M21 78:03
16th Dawn Figg HH W45 81:56
17th Adam Leaf HH M50 83:18
18th Clive Tant SOS M60 86:41
19th Thomas Lock Ramsey / 11 M16 86:54
20th Paul Vallack IND M45 86:56
21st Daniel Figg HH M18 95:45
22nd Jason Dunning WAOC M40 97:11
23rd Geoff Goodwin DFOK M60 97:27
24th Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 103:53
25th Thomas Elgood CHIG M50 107:27
26th Helen Bickle WAOC W21 115:09
m21 Michael Bickle WAOC M65 71:00


4.6km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Sam Hague WAOC / Perse / 9 M14 41:29
2nd Mick Liston NOR M65 45:37
3rd John Clarke SUFFOC M45 45:48
4th Nina Tant SOS W21 46:18
5th ChloŽ Cracknell SOS / Hedingham / 10 W14 53:06
6th Emma Morum SOS W21 57:07
7th Ian Smith WAOC M55 57:18
8th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 57:33
9th Helen Hague WAOC W45 61:03
10th Chris Burgues HAVOC M60 62:17
11th Dale Bennett HAVOC M50 63:12
12th Karen Ezard SOS W55 64:00
13th Alan Brett CHIG M40 64:08
14th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 64:18
15th David Lefevre DFOK M55 65:04
16th David Skinner SOS M65 66:14
17th Ollie Smith Hedingham / 12 M18 67:48
18th Paul Butt SUFFOC M45 68:40
19th Gavin Avey-Hebditch WSX M55 73:07
20th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W18 75:59
21st Christopher Marshall CHIG M40 79:38
22nd Laura Smith Hedingham / 12 W16 96:05
23rd Caitlin Hollywood + Emily Pineda-Sampson IND W21 116:04
24th Catherine Paggi IND W35 161:49
25th Denise Ellis IND W50 162:57
m12 Chris Childs SOS M65 60:32
m12 Maria Marshall WAOC W60 71:03

Short Green

3.1km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Frampton HH M45 27:53
2nd Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 29:08
3rd Chris Morley WAOC M75 33:36
4th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 39:50
5th Sam Parkinson Farlingaye / 12 M16 44:22
6th Geraldine Russell SOS W70 48:57
7th John Russell SOS M70 51:19
8th Hazel Bickle WAOC W60 55:25
9th Mark Salmon IND 66:58
10th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 72:14
n/c Katie Martin SOS W35 74:10
11th Nick Bailey 84:40

Light Green

3.3km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Hague WAOC / Perse / 7 M12 34:28
2nd Luke Cooper SOS / Brentwood / 11 M16 36:17
3rd Emma Gooden Ramsey / 11 W16 39:30
n/c Sam Parkinson IND / Farlingaye / 12 M16 42:56
4th Matthew Lefevre DFOK / Palmer / 12 M16 46:44
5th Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 54:58
6th Graham Davenport IND M50 60:17
7th Victoria Love SOS / Hedingham / 9 W14 61:36
8th Jacob Stephenson DFOK / Palmer / 12 M18 61:58
9th Abi Duncan Hedingham / 9 W16 62:56
10th Annie Northfield Hedingham / 12 W18 79:13


3.1km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
n/c Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 42:48
1st Thomas Martin SOS / St Andrews / 6 M10 57:20
n/c Sebastian Gurteen Barnardiston / 6 M11 59:50
n/c Alastair Brown Barnardiston / 5 M10 59:54
n/c Ben Clarke Barnardiston / 6 M11 59:56
2nd Oliver Brown 67:47
3rd Tegan Frampton HH W10 75:45
4th Beth Lucas Ramsey / 9 W14 89:34
dns m8 Ivan Pitts Hedingham / 11 M16


2.5km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Oliver Prince St Andrews / 5 M10 17:46
2nd Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC / St Marys Woodbridge / 6 M12 19:15
3rd Ben Clarke Barnardiston M11 21:35
4th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS / Brentwood School / 8 W14 23:35
5th Sebastian Gurteen Bardardiston / 6 M11 26:45
6th Alastair Brown Barnardiston / 5 M10 29:19
7th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS / TLA / 8 W12 29:39
8th Archie Tweed Bardnardiston / 7 M12 30:15
9th Amy Skeet St Andrews / 6 W10 30:23
10th Lucy Walker SOS / Colchester CHSG / 7 W12 32:30
11th Hannah Wallace Ramsey / 7 W12 36:56
12th Thomas Leader St Andrews / 6 M10 42:30
13th Tom Turner Ramsey / 8 M12 42:40
14th Harry Salmon IND M10 43:30
15th Kate Woolterton IND W50 50:14
n/c Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 50:32
16th Dominic Brown Barnardiston / 7 M12 56:08
17th James Cleverly IND M45 59:10
18th Lewis Burn Barnardiston / 5 M10 89:03
19th Max Woods Barnardiston / 5 M10 92:50
20th Kate Bowie-Britton SOS / Brentwood School / 7 W12 104:31
m10 Robbie Woolteron Brentwood / 9 43:19


1.7km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ryan Skeet St Andrews / 4 M10 12:04
2nd Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC / St Marys Woodbridge / 4 M10 13:07
3rd Harvey Gough St Andrews / 4 M10 15:01
4th Thomas Walker St Andrews / 4 M10 16:55
5th Edward Hicks Bardardiston / 6 M11 18:23
6th Max Egan + Edward Hicks Bardardiston / 6 M11 18:45
7th Alice Hopewell-Plant Barnardiston / 4 W9 19:53
8th Jamie Hartnup IND / St.Andrews / 5 M10 21:01
9th Constance Buckingham SOS / St Andrews / 4 W10 23:47
10th Ben Partridge SOS / St Andrews / 5 M10 24:55
n/c Lottie Plant Barnardiston / 4 W9 27:41
11th Amelie Patteson + Mia Staples St Andrews / 4 2 W10 32:01
m7-12 Tristan Gray Farlingaye / 12 M16 27:32

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