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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL
Broaks Wood
Sunday 13th March 2016
Final Results

Preliminary Results Splits RouteGadget2 Ranking Schools SOSLeague

Officials' comments

Organiser – Nancy Powell Davies Powell.davies@btinternet.com

The sun shone, the birds sang and many orienteers made their way to Gosfield School for a run in Broaks Wood. We hope you enjoyed yourself; most of the comments I heard afterwards were positive. Perhaps the tea and cake helped everyone recover from the muddy conditions.

Thanks to the school who provided the car parking and facilities. Also thanks to Steven, Andrew, Eddie and others who supported me through various problems to get the event up and running.

Thank you to everyone who helped. I was hoping for more volunteers but the small select band coped admirably. One junior was posted as missing at the end but, in the absence of any worried parents, we decided they’d gone home without reporting to download. PLEASE always report to download so that we don’t launch search parties unnecessarily.

Most importantly of all, thank you to everyone who came and took part. I look forward to seeing you again, at another event.

Planner - Steven Partridge

Thank you to those that came along today. I am glad that we were able to put on an event in Broaks in the end. I am also pleased we were able to fill the gap left by the postponement of the Hatfield event due to water logging. It's been a very wet winter and Broaks has suffered more than ever. The wood had been drying out but the rain earlier in the week didn't do us any favours. I tried very hard to plan courses to avoid the worst of the muddy paths but it was unavoidable especially for the white course, although the youngsters seemed to enjoy wallowing through the mud! I reduced the course lengths to compensate a little. Clever route choice avoided much of the mud and some of you came back relatively clean! Thanks to John Collyer for herding the rhododendrons and updating the map so we could make full use of areas that hadn't previously been used. These events take a huge amount of effort to pull off and thank you to everyone who helped out on the day and those who supported me during the planning process.

Controller - Andrew Cordle (SOS)

Thanks to Nancy for all the unseen tasks that contribute to a sucessful event. Thanks to Steven for making the Controller's job easy. Thanks to the woods for being compact and therefore Controllable by someone with dodgy knees.

We had a little bit of trouble sorting out the results. Please make life easy for the Results team by filling your entry form legibly complete with membership number if you have one, using the dibber written on your form, and informing Download if you are not downloading for any reason.

Colour Coded Award times

Course Time
Brown 104:56
Blue 104:20
Green 73:28
Short Green 72:14
Light Green 71:29
Orange 65:54
Yellow 54:32
White 49:44

Final Results


9.4km 135m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tim Harrison SUFFOC/Perse Upper 12 M18 69:57
2nd Mike Brett CHIG M50 71:22
3rd Matthew Clarke SUFFOC M16 73:40
4th Ian Hargreaves KERNO M40 74:59
5th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 75:58
6th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 76:46
7th Darren Cook SOS M45 79:58
8th Jon Chandler LOK M45 80:17
9th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 81:01
10th Chris Hawkins Havoc M50 83:19
11th John-Henry Love SOS/Hills Rd. VI Form College 12 M18 89:42
12th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 90:32
13th John Van Rooyen SAXONS M65 93:39
14th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 98:35
15th Kevin Machin SOS M55 109:59
16th Ian Wells RAFO M60 123:05
17th Paul Ellis IND M40 158:03
m12 John Clarke SUFFOC M45 111:33


7.3km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 69:33
2nd David Frampton HH M45 71:31
3rd Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 73:29
4th Mike Bennett HH M60 76:30
5th Daisy Partridge SOS/Hedingham 10 W16 78:35
6th David Hodson HH M50 80:40
7th Ian Byford HH M55 81:12
8th Yordan Kolev TVOC M21 81:31
9th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 81:38
10th Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 86:20
11th Callum Turner SOS/Ramsey 11 M16 86:41
12th Katie Brett CHIG W50 86:57
13th Peter Woods WAOC M55 87:02
14th Nicholas Pugh SOS M65 88:34
15th Tom Lock SOS/Ramsey 11 M16 89:29
16th Philip Hague WAOC M45 90:05
17th Sam Hague WAOC/Perse 9 M14 90:32
18th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M60 90:47
19th Phil Halford SUFFOC M60 90:55
20th Adam Leaf HH M50 91:17
21st Shane Muggeridge HAVOC M18 95:56
22nd Thomas Elgood CHIG M50 98:08
23rd Nikolay Kolev TVOC M50 98:40
24th Helen Bickle WAOC W21 102:45
25th Jason Dunning WAOC M40 111:10
26th Helen Hague WAOC W45 126:40


4.4km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Peter Warland SOS M50 45:58
2nd Mick Liston NOR M65 51:15
3rd Richard Bonnett BAOC M60 51:22
4th Simon Greenwood SAXONS M60 53:22
5th Josh Partridge SOS/Hedingham 12 M18 54:10
6th Chloë Cracknell SOS/Hedingham 10 W16 54:59
7th Paul Hearn HH M50 57:00
8th Paul Butt SUFFOC M45 57:06
9th Chris Childs SOS M65 61:19
10th Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 62:01
11th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 62:04
12th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 62:46
13th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 64:10
14th Peter Ryall WAOC M65 68:55
15th Harry Goldingay HH M65 73:28
16th John Mills SOS M40 74:40
17th Christopher Marshall CHIG M40 76:25
18th Ann Mills SOS W40 76:58
19th Lyn West SOS W60 77:35
20th Ollie Smith SOS/Hedingham 12 M18 77:49
21st Ian Smith WAOC M60 77:55
22nd Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC/County Upper 12 W18 79:31
23rd Dale Bennett HAVOC M50 80:35
24th Alexander Ware SOS M21 87:42
25th Sue Woods WAOC W55 90:10
26th Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 90:41
27th Lucy Edwards SOS/Ramsey 11 W16 94:53
28th Viv Hodson HH W50 102:16
29th Oliver Hague WAOC/CIS M18 104:07
30th Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 111:36

Short Green

3.1km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
n/c Jake Silvertherne Farlingaye M18 37:27
1st Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 41:38
2nd Chris Morley WAOC M75 52:27
3rd Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 53:13
4th Susan Carton SOS W60 57:39
5th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 58:19
6th Frances Goldingay HH W65 58:59
7th Geraldine Rusell SOS W70 61:00
8th Hazel Bickle WAOC W65 68:46
9th Robin Campbell CHIG M75 72:14
10th Maria Marshall WAOC W60 77:15
11th Jennifer Taylor CHIG W70 78:01
12th John Webb SUFFOC M80 85:20
13th Sharon Warland SOS W50 86:33
14th Anne Power LOK W80 94:09
15th Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 95:38
16th Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 114:23
17th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 163:39
m4-12 June Webb SUFFOC W80 87:46

Light Green

3.1km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Emma Gooden SOS/Ramsey 11 W16 47:39
2nd Luke Cooper SOS/Brentwood 11 M16 51:01
3rd Abi Duncan IND/Hedingham 10 W16 52:24
4th Philip Bartram NOR M40 53:27
5th Tristan Gray Farlingaye 12 M18 54:32
6th Daniel Hague WAOC/Perse 7 M14 55:53
n/c Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 55:54
7th William Chandler LOK M14 59:38
8th Lella Ralph IND/Farlingaye 12 W18 61:59
9th Sarah Ralph IND W45 62:15
10th Sam Gilder IND/Farlingaye HS 12 M16 66:35
11th Luke Davies IND/Farlingaye HS 13 M18 66:36
12th Harriet Vinter SOS/Hedingham 12 W18 80:59
13th Kevin Dale IND M55 83:36
14th Victoria Love SOS/Hedingham 10 W16 86:52
15th Moira Kadirkamanathan SOS W50 90:07
16th Annie Northfield SOS/Hedingham 12 W18 99:46
rtd Megan Moon SUFFOC/Farlingaye 13 W18  
m4-15 John Starkey SOS M75 38:10
w16 Jake Silvertherne and Lawrence Fuller Farlingaye M18 45:24


3.1km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/St.Marys Woodbridge 6 M12 36:37
2nd Philippa Murphy IND W40 37:49
3rd William Bartram NOR/ 7 M12 41:40
4th Martin Brown IND M45 51:19
5th Thomas Martin SOS/St Andrews 6 M12 51:43
6th Patrick Burgess IND M21 55:55
7th Ivan Pitts IND/Hedingham 11 M16 59:29
8th Lucy Warland SOS W12 65:54
9th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS/Brentwood 8 W14 73:56
10th Catriona Kadirkamanthan SOS/Brentwood 10 W16 77:59
n/c Ben Clarke SUFFOC M12 82:30
n/c Oliver Prince and Ben Partridge SOS M12 86:18
11th Ed Northfield IND/Hedingham 9 M16 87:39
12th Prisicilla Chandler LOK W45 97:13
13th Lucy Walker SOS/CCHSG 7 W12 115:03
rtd Jenny Hunt WAOC W35  
m1-2 m4-5 m7-8 m10-15 Lawrence Fuller Farlingaye M18 72:39
m6 m15 Sian Adams IND/Ramsey 11 W16 124:18


2.4km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Oliver Prince SOS/St Andrews 5 M10 23:17
2nd Ben Partridge SOS/St Andrews 5 M12 29:34
3rd Stephanie Cooper SOS/Brentwood 7 W12 30:30
n/c Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 30:52
4th Ben Clarke IND/Barnardiston Hall 6 M12 31:48
5th Jamie Hartnup SOS/St Andrews 5 M10 36:13
6th Amy Skeet SOS/St Andrews 6 W12 37:29
7th Alastair Brown IND/Barnardiston Hall 5 M10 41:38
8th Sebastian Gurteen IND/Barnardiston Hall 6 M12 45:44
9th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS/Thomas Lord Audley 8 W14 46:14
10th William Hicks IND/Barnardiston Hall 7 M12 49:54
11th Ben Harvey-Samuel IND/Barnardiston Hall 7 M12 54:20
12th Thomas Turner IND/Ramsey 8 M12 54:32
13th Dominic Brown IND/Barnardiston Hall 7 M12 54:59
14th Jessica Mills SOS/Brentwood 8 W14 55:20
15th Tilly Turp SOS/Hedingham 8 W14 56:17
16th Hannah Peters IND/Ramsey 9 W14 56:47
17th Sarah Prior SOS/Brentwood 7 W12 60:30
18th Martin + Evelyn + Amelia Whiteley IND/ Yr 3 + 5   60:49
19th Thomas Leader SOS/St Andrews 6 M12 67:23
20th Theo Williams SOS/Brentwood 7 W12 69:23
21st Heather Trevelyan SOS/Brentwood 7 W12 90:16
m9 Alesha Lowe SUFFOC/Stowmarket High 7 W12 89:33
m10-11 Tanay Sonawane SOS/Brentwood 7 M12 98:04


1.4km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Harrison Dixey SOS/St Andrews 6 M12 11:21
2nd Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/St.Marys Woodbridge 4 M10 13:21
3rd Ryan Skeet SOS/St Andrews 4 M10 13:47
4th Thomas Walker SOS/St Andrews 4 M10 16:20
5th Alice Hopewell-Plant SOS/Barnadiston Hall 4 W10 16:48
6th Lottie Plant IND/Barnardiston Hall 4 W10 20:44
7th Amelie Patteson IND/ St Andrews 4 W10 22:15
n/c Seren Davies IND W10 26:58
8th Libby Stacey + Holli + Daisy Dixey + J.P. Carroud IND/St Andrews 2+3 W8 27:09
9th Seren Davies +1 IND W10 27:49
10th Max Egan IND/Barnardiston Hall 6 M12 28:13
11th Lewis Burn IND/Barnardiston Hall 5 M10 29:01
12th Oliver Cornish + 1 St Andrews Halstead 8 M10 30:17
13th Hebe Darwin WAOC/Stephen Perse Junior School 3 W10 32:03
14th Benjamin Martin SOS/St Andrews 3 M8 33:15
15th Alexander Darwin +1 WAOC/Stephen Perse Foundation 1 M6 41:48
16th Isaac and Emma Rosewell IND   44:27
17th Abigail Prince & Ellie Chambers SOS/St Andrews 2/4 W10 44:50
18th Charmain + Kira Hawkins IND W4 49:44
m5 Izzy Peters IND /St Andrews 6 W12 20:59

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