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East Anglian Orienteering Association (EAOA)
CompassSport Cup and Trophy Level B regional qualifying round
Hatfield Forest
Sunday 8th May 2016
Prelininary results

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Correct Course!
Ranking Cup Results Revised Trophy Results

Officials' comments

Organiser - Eddie Banks (SOS) banksy.eddie@gmail.com

Hatfield Forest was in wonderful condition for our EAOA Compass Sport event. Quite a contrast to the original March date, when we were declined access permission because of the waterlogged ground. The 26įC and full sun made the day very pleasurable, if a little challenging while running. The sweat-proof maps performed well.

Many thanks to the National Trust for allowing us to use the forest, to the Mugele family at Marston Farm for the excellent parking field and barn, to Hassall and Lucking for the map printing, Fabian4 for the pre-entry service and to Luxury Toilet Hire (UK) for the mobile toilets.

Thanks to Michael Chopping of NOR for keeping us all on the 'straight and narrow' and to Neil Humphries (WAOC) for the excellent course planning. Neil can probably justify a new pair of shoes on expenses given the miles he covered both early and late in the day! Thanks also to Kevin Machin, of SOS who has put in a huge number of hours of his own time, re-surveying and updating the map. Thanks from me, especially to Paul Beckett for managing the complete pre-entry and EOD process, which takes a huge load off the organiser. Thank you too to the many volunteer helpers from HAVOC, SUFFOC and SOS, without whom the event would not have been possible.

I will echo Michael's apology to the early starters. We had one customer for minor first aid. Otherwise things seemed to run very smoothly, though it did take us a while at the end to convince ourselves we hadn't lost anybody! Thanks to Tony Biggs for his invaluable support in this.

I think we have now sorted out most of the 'wrinkles' in the results. Please let me know if you spot anything else that doesn't look right! Congratulations to the winning teams.

This was the first time for me as organiser for a level B event, so thanks to all those of you who guided me on the way.

Planner - Neil Humphries

Controller - Michael Chopping

Well Hatfield was different on the event day, from the lake pretending to be forest I visited earlier in the year, every path, track and in fact off into the wood was very wet with most tracks un-runnable even in studs. But as you saw Hatfield dried out nearly everywhere, in the last two weeks. So the wait for the event was worth it.

Neil made the best of the thinned light green to allow straight line navigations on nearly all of your legs, and with Kevin's updated map showing the vegetation changes allowing you to know where you could get through.

Sorry to the small number of early runners who had their start messed up I hope we sorted it all out for you. The start team worked really hard to get you all through as quickly and smoothly as possible.

As with the proverbial swan the event had some things going on in the back ground that hopeful none of you saw, but needed sorting out, thanks Eddie for a level headed approach to all the problems and a well done to the entry and SI teams for working through the hi-cups and a special thank you to Tony for stepping in to sort out the system so we could be assured you had all returned and finished. Just a note to those of you who ran on a different dibber to the one you register this causes a lot of real issues when we are trying to find out who is still running, but only takes a few second to change in the system if you let us know.>

It takes a lot of sorting for a region to put an event on and I believe EAOA did you all proud with a great CSC heat, Congratulation to the winning teams, good luck at the finals.

Preliminary results


9.62km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Laurence Ball NOR M21 54:31
2nd Richard Purkis NGOC M21 56:32
3rd Tom Dobra UBOC M21 64:06
4th Glen Richardson NOR M35 65:21
5th Kevin Fielding HH M45 67:49
6th Tim Harrison SUFFOC M18 68:13
7th Samuel Fielding HH M18 68:53
8th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 71:42
9th Gergo Nagy CHIG M35 74:08
10th Kevin Goddard SO M50 76:17
11th Tom Raftery HH M35 77:38
12th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 77:56
13th Andrew Evans DFOK M60 82:43
14th Andrew Pitcher DFOK M50 83:16
15th Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 86:48
16th Douglas McTurk HAVOC M21 88:13
17th Gjermund Vingerhagen WAOC M35 89:24
18th Kieran Harrington-Ball NOR M35 100:27
19th Adam Dent CHIG M35 112:22
20th David Float HAVOC M45 118:16
21st Alex Ware SOS M21 157:22
22nd James Austin NOR M35 157:57
rtd Daniel Gardner HH M21
rtd Jonathan Pye WAOC M21

Short Brown

8.01km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mark Ford CHIG M40 59:38
2nd John Ward NOR M45 60:48
3rd Ian Renfrew NOR M45 61:46
4th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 61:53
5th James Errington HH M20 62:00
6th Brendon Howe SAX M45 62:18
7th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 62:23
8th Antoine Pesenti DFOK M45 62:55
9th Sean Blanchflower WAOC M40 63:41
10th Brian Cowe WAOC M40 64:21
11th Kostya Lutsenko CHIG M40 65:45
12th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 68:17
13th David Frampton HH M45 68:49
14th David Dixon HH M40 70:28
15th John-Henry Love SOS M18 71:58
16th Darren Cook SOS M45 72:40
17th= Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 75:32
17th= Jon Chandler LOK M45 75:32
19th Sean Mitchell HH M40 76:42
20th David Dorling DFOK M40 76:57
21st Chris Panton SUFFOC M40 80:01
22nd Stu Levene HH M45 80:07
23rd Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 85:34
24th Philip Hague WAOC M45 85:45
25th Rich Golding BKO M45 88:31
26th Jason Dunning WAOC M40 99:03
27th Philip Bartram NOR M40 111:34
28th Paul Butt SUFFOC M45 123:44
rtd Mark Collins DFOK M55
m13-28 Keith Bennett DFOK M40 78:03
m10-27 Simon Bowie-Britton SOS M40 81:50

Blue Women

6.27km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Helen Marsden HH W40 49:22
2nd Guro Harstad WAOC W40 49:37
3rd Becky Raftery HH W21 50:05
4th Sian Mitchell HH W35 51:07
5th Sheralee Bailey DFOK W45 53:05
6th Daisy Partridge SOS W16 55:56
7th Ella Gilbert NOR W18 56:12
8th Nina Tant SOS W21 56:53
9th Alison Howe SAX W40 58:43
10th Laura Parkes HH W21 60:40
11th Rachel Cooper HAVOC W21 68:13
12th Ruth Vingerhagen WAOC W21 69:39
13th Helen Bickle WAOC W21 75:48
14th Fiona Tam SLOW W21 76:12
15th Emma Morum SOS W21 77:20
16th Ester Bonmati SLOW W21 78:04
17th Philippa Allen CHIG W35 78:46
18th Gillian Edgar HAVOC W50 82:42
19th Sandra Stincic Clarke SUFFOC W35 99:14
20th Katharine Bartram NOR W40 106:15
m20 Rachel Collins DFOK W21 74:08
m14 Kerry Allen IND W35 102:04
m14-23 Leanne Bailey NOR W35 131:54

Blue Men

6.71km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Kevin Harding HH M55 42:39
2nd Alan Hickling SAX M50 46:16
3rd Steve Hinshelwood WAOC M50 48:28
4th Simon Errington HH M50 49:59
5th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 51:25
6th Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 51:26
7th Neil Speers DFOK M50 52:35
8th Mark Glaisher SAX M65 53:47
9th Graham Louth WAOC M50 54:11
10th David Cronk WAOC M55 55:33
11th Mark Adams HH M50 55:42
12th Peter Warland SOS M50 55:55
13th Neil Brooks LOK M55 55:57
14th Robert Campbell WAOC M50 57:21
15th Yordan Kolev TVOC M21 57:40
16th Alun Roberts WAOC M60 58:25
17th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 58:49
18th Paul Goldsworthy NOR M50 59:52
19th Rod Harrington DFOK M50 60:09
20th Neil Gostick HH M50 60:14
21st Nikolay Kolev TVOC M50 60:58
22nd Ronan Cleary LOK M55 61:10
23rd David Kingdon SAX M65 63:03
24th Nicholas Pugh SOS M65 64:15
25th Ian Byford HH M55 64:41
26th Peter Duthie WAOC M55 64:42
27th David Cave-Ayland DFOK M60 66:00
28th David Hodson HH M50 66:30
29th Richard Field SAX M50 67:01
30th Kevin Machin SOS M55 67:16
31st Kevin Parkes HH M55 68:25
32nd David Lumby SOS M55 69:01
33rd Tim Dedman CHIG M50 69:20
34th Rory Percival HH M50 70:14
35th Adam Leaf HH M50 70:35
36th David Vinsen NOR M50 71:52
37th Peter Woods WAOC M55 72:13
38th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 72:54
39th Thomas Elgood CHIG M50 73:09
40th Rina Akhmetov IND M21 76:21
41st Rini Hoogkamer NOR M55 79:02
42nd Phil M'Caw HH M50 79:53
43rd David Dawson DFOK M55 80:06
44th Colin Jackson HAVOC M55 80:23
45th Tony Harden HH M50 82:46
46th Zbig Gebka HAVOC M55 84:59
47th David LeFevre DFOK M55 85:52
48th Stewart Mills HAVOC M50 86:57
49th Graham Batty HAVOC M55 87:25
50th Andrew Eves WAOC M55 91:15
51st Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 102:06
52nd Richard Hammond SUFFOC M50 102:13
w4 Robin Bourne WAOC M50 55:47

Green Women

4.34km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alison Harding HH W55 37:19
2nd Rachel Pocock WAOC W45 40:09
3rd Alice Hodkinson WAOC W45 42:01
4th Dawn Figg HH W45 43:06
5th Joanne Hickling SAX W50 43:55
6th Helen Errington HH W55 44:20
7th Gillian Hanson HH W45 45:07
8th Maire Convery HH W45 45:22
9th Janet Cronk WAOC W55 45:44
10th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 47:22
11th Helen Lloyd NOR W55 48:16
12th Julie Cleary LOK W50 48:35
13th Nicky Nicholls NOR W50 48:52
14th Alison Saunders HH W55 49:29
15th Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W50 52:22
16th Miriam Rosen SROC W65 52:57
17th Sarah Howes SAX W55 53:18
18th Jean Fitzgerald SAX W60 54:07
19th Helen Hague WAOC W45 57:31
20th Sue Woods WAOC W55 58:04
21st Catherine Galvin LOK W55 58:18
22nd Julie Collins DFOK W55 58:38
23rd Camilla Darwin WAOC W45 59:19
24th Jennifer Gebka HAVOC W50 61:05
25th Karen Ezard SOS W55 61:29
26th Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 63:44
27th Rowan Purkis SAX W60 63:57
28th Gillian Bowers HH W45 64:03
29th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 64:47
30th Ann Mills SOS W40 68:20
31st Heather Bayne HH W45 70:25
32nd Eliza Hermann HH W55 73:34
33rd Caroline Louth WAOC W55 74:03
34th Alison Cowe WAOC W40 78:50
35th Barbara Page HH W45 79:28
36th Irene Petersen CHIG W50 84:35
37th Heather Freeman HH W55 88:54
38th Julie Laver SOS W50 94:03
39th Viv Hodson HH W50 94:13
40th Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 120:14
m10-19 Veronica Machin SOS W55 76:20
m11-18 Ceri Renouf IND W45 91:30

Green Men

4.42km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Angus Harrington HH M16 32:22
2nd Richard Bonnett SOS M60 33:41
3rd Alan Rosen HH M60 34:05
4th Josh M'Caw HH M16 37:09
5th Tim Pribul CHIG M65 37:12
6th Andrew Cummings HH M60 37:54
7th Sam Hague WAOC M14 39:13
8th Josh Partridge SOS M18 39:30
9th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 39:33
10th Mick Smith HH M65 39:46
11th Paul Langston HH M60 40:56
12th Mick Liston NOR M65 41:37
13th Alwyn Challacombe IND M65 41:46
14th John Duffield HH M65 41:56
15th Clive Tant SOS M60 42:27
16th Steve Brockbank DFOK M65 43:09
17th= Simon Greenwood SAX M60 43:26
17th= Owen Haigh CHIG M18 43:26
19th Hedley Calderbank HH M65 43:33
20th Edwin Banks SOS M60 43:57
21st Geoff Goodwin DFOK M65 44:26
22nd Thomas Lock SOS M16 45:02
23rd Peter Waldron NOR M60 46:45
24th Callum Turner SOS M16 47:03
25th Daniel Figg HH M18 47:13
26th Alex Fielding HH M14 47:37
27th Keith Davies SLOW M50 47:38
28th Colin West SOS M60 47:42
29th Simon Blanchflower SAX M60 47:51
30th Edward Low WAOC M14 48:09
31st David Rosen SROC M60 48:28
32nd David Tookey HH M60 48:38
33rd Simon Hooton SUFFOC M60 49:06
34th Philip Halford SUFFOC M60 49:47
35th Philip Craven DFOK M60 50:01
36th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 50:41
37th Paul Hearn HH M20 51:26
38th= Mike Bennett HH M60 51:36
38th= Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 51:36
40th Ben Hammond SUFFOC M16 52:20
41st Ollie Smith SOS M18 52:52
42nd Stephen Searle NOR M65 53:29
43rd Philip Norris SAX M65 56:31
44th Mike Solomon SAX M70 56:51
45th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 57:15
46th Christopher Childs SOS M65 57:55
47th Peter Ryall WAOC M65 58:54
48th Ray Curtis CHIG M60 60:49
49th Christopher Drew EBOR M65 62:40
50th Colin Butler SUFFOC M65 64:10
51st Derry Kelleher NOR M65 64:16
52nd John Mills SOS M40 69:16
53rd Jerry Purkis SAX M60 69:51
54th Wesley Musall SUFFOC M65 76:09
55th Peter Allen WAOC M65 81:01
56th David Skinner SOS M65 92:47
57th Matthew LeFevre DFOK M18 100:45
m3-6 m9-14 Geoff Pye SOS M60 44:13

Short Green

3.66km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 30:43
2nd Janet Rosen HH W60 36:33
3rd ChloŽ Cracknell SOS W16 37:06
4th Mike Edwards HH M50 37:57
5th Laura Bayne HH W16 38:13
6th David Ball NOR M70 38:31
7th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 38:43
8th Keith Marsden HH M70 39:09
9th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W18 39:53
10th Roger Moulding HH M70 41:31
11th Liz Drew EBOR W65 44:40
12th Susan Carton SOS W60 46:04
13th Chris Morley WAOC M75 48:00
14th Alison Curtis CHIG W60 49:25
15th Jeremy Oldershaw SAX M75 49:48
16th Frances Goldingay HH W65 53:55
17th Abi Duncan SOS W16 54:44
18th Janet Biggs HAVOC W60 54:59
19th Hayley Collins DFOK W21 55:25
20th Keith Parkes DFOK M70 55:35
21st Jenny Gostick HH W50 57:46
22nd Harriet Vinter SOS W18 59:44
23rd Hally Hardie WAOC M75 59:54
24th Peter Leverington NOR M80 60:10
25th Sally Pribul CHIG W60 60:20
26th Beryl Pring SAX W70 62:30
27th Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 64:20
28th= Susan Marsden HH W70 64:47
28th= Jennifer Taylor CHIG W70 64:47
30th Annie Northfield SOS W18 65:04
31st Jacky Pett NOR W60 65:11
32nd Maria Marshall WAOC W60 65:25
33rd Geraldine Russell SOS W70 66:50
34th Anita Kingdon SAX W60 67:00
35th Sharon Warland SOS W50 68:22
36th Chris Baker DFOK M80 69:04
37th Roger Pring SAX M70 69:28
38th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 74:47
39th Anthony Extance SAX M80 77:19
40th Anne Power LOK W80 78:01
41st Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 78:56
42nd Gideon Felton IND M50 80:02
43rd Julia Paul NOR W60 80:18
44th Michael Dudley WAOC M80 80:28
45th Sue Vine NOR W75 87:59
46th Ron Oxburgh WAOC M80 90:20
47th Penny Parkes HH W55 94:18
48th Jack Isbester SOS M80 125:43
m9 Lyn West SOS W60 41:34
m14 Nigel Low WAOC M45 52:24
m9-15 Georgina Nicholls NOR W16 67:19
m9-14 Robin Campbell CHIG M75 71:34
m11-14 Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 79:10
m8-14 Leisa Akhmetora IND W21 89:07
m8 John Russell SOS M75 91:15

Light Green

3.04km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Luke Cooper SOS M18 29:27
2nd Stefan van Duquentaden IND M21 31:46
3rd William Chandler LOK M14 36:26
4th Valentin Ivanov SOS M16 37:37
5th Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 37:43
6th Julie Warwick-Munday CHIG W55 42:25
7th Emily Pineda Sampson NOR W21 45:11
8th Jasper Waller-Toyne SOS M16 48:43
9th Jane Blake CHIG W55 53:16
10th Hollie Harrington-Ball NOR W21 57:06
11th Paul Warwick-Munday CHIG M55 71:33
12th Ivan Pitts SOS M18 88:05
13th Lucy Fryer & Mary Turner AROS W21 97:45


2.54km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dominic Bowers HH M14 20:36
2nd Hannah Freeman HH W14 21:06
3rd Ben Gostick HH M12 23:18
4th Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 23:27
5th Oliver Prince SOS M10 25:38
6th Maxime Pesenti DFOK M12 26:15
7th William Bartram NOR M12 26:26
8th Matthew Dixon HH M14 26:40
9th Lucy Warland SOS W14 28:03
10th Peter Errington HH M18 33:34
11th Jack Hammond SUFFOC M14 35:22
12th Francesca Bayne HH W14 35:23
n/c Craig Carter+1 SUFFOC M12 37:41
13th Emile Zsak WAOC M14 39:37
14th Nely Dawson IND W21 39:56
15th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS W14 41:56
16th Caitlin Dunning WAOC W14 44:41
17th Jack Dunning WAOC M12 47:57
18th Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 48:53
19th Thomas Martin SOS M12 49:07
20th Priscilla Chen-Chandler LOK W45 53:11
21st Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W14 53:31
22nd Ben Partridge SOS M12 64:51
w9 Lachlan Haigh CHIG M14 24:45
m3 Eleanor Low WAOC W12 46:31
m4-8 Monika Gulyas CHIG W21 85:41


1.89km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Olin Davies SLOW M12 14:21
2nd Charlie Dixon HH M12 15:00
3rd Stephanie Cooper SOS W12 15:18
4th Austin Howe SAX M10 16:44
5th Hebe Darwin WAOC W10 23:01
6th Theo Williams SOS M12 23:11
7th Mayukha Rodrigo SOS M12 24:05
8th Heather Trevelyan SOS W12 26:01
9th Ben Martin SOS M8 31:45
10th= Aileen Butler SUFFOC W65 32:25
10th= Kate Bowie-Britton SOS W12 32:25
12th Vadim Pesenti DFOK M10 39:25
13th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W12 39:52
14th Ryan Carter+1 SUFFOC M10 41:03
15th Alessio Rognoni IND M14 59:44
m3 David Low WAOC M10 43:59



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Luke Bennett DFOK M10 9:27
2nd Kasper Harstad WAOC M10 15:47
3rd Kajsa Harstad WAOC W10 15:50
4th Theo Marsden HH M3 21:58
5th Issac & Emma Rosewell IND M10 23:32
6th Alex Darwin WAOC M10 24:22
7th Niamh Mitchell HH W3 30:49
8th Aaron & Kieran Deadman CHIG M4 38:03
m2 Cerys Mitchell HH W6 64:36

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