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SOS Summer League Event 4
Wivenhoe Woods, Wivenhoe, Colchester
Wednesday 6th July 2016

Organiser/Planner - Lyn & Colin West - lynwestghh@gmail.com, colin.west@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you to everyone that came along to Wivenhoe Woods. For a small area the woods are quite complex which can pose some challenges as many of you found out. Ferry Meadows and the urban area give variation. The use of the double-sided map made planning the long course a lot easier. The Woods are long and thin which makes it difficult to prevent lines crossing making the course difficult to read. A couple of people missed the short second loop visiting the finish after control 13.

Thank you to Colin for his advise on courses and for helping hang and collect controls; to those who helped collect controls in; to Kevin for printing the maps and map corrections although I did wonder why I bothered as a number of you tried the straight-line between controls 4 & 5 despite the dark green and the absence of a path on the map. Yes, there used to be a route through but it is horrible now!

Several people managed to punch the wrong Control 7. I will make a bit of a confession. When I was hanging controls, I couldn't find 30 so I took 54 to hang instead. I was struggling to read the map in the woods and actually hung it on the fence to the west of the correct control site. Colin then found 30 in the car so went to replace the control. He couldn't find my control but hung 30 in the correct place by the boulder on the stream. Check your control code!

Congratulations to Clive Wilkinson who was fastest on the long course and to Nick Pugh who just sneaked ahead of Clive on handicap. The system used for calculating the points is the same as for the main Stragglers League and can be found on the website at http://www.stragglers.info/league/#Rules.

SUFFOC have events in the Simon Peck Summer Series on Tuesday July 12th & 19th - http://www.suffoc.co.uk/resources/events.

The final event in the series will be at Highwoods on Wednesday July 27th organised by Josh Partridge. Hope you can make it.

Long Course - Fastest Times
MinsSecsPenalty Time
1Clive WilkinsonSUFFOCM5050580
2Allen SmallsCHACM4553460
3Peter WarlandSOSM5063580
4Nick Pugh*SOSM6564265wrong no. 7
5Eddie BanksSOSM6068120
6Kevin Machin*SOSM5569435wrong no. 7
7Chris Childs*SOSM6573135wrong no. 7
8David LumbySOSM5581280
9Fay Smalls*CHACW40813810missing 3 & 17
10Sally Wilkinson*SUFFOCW50872525missing 14-18
11John Allen*SOSM6590825missing 14-18
12Sharon WarlandSOSW50retired
13Jenny CollyerSOSW70retired
* 5 min penalty for each incorrect control
** Organiser/Planner has best score replicated
Multiple runners score based on lowest value handicap
League positions determined by best 4 runs in the series
League Positions - Long Course after 4 rounds
NameClubLexTipGtNotWivTop 4Runs
1Chris Childs **SOS10097100883854
2Eddie BanksSOS8810091863654
3Allen SmallsCHAC839185893484
4Kevin MachinSOS837883773214
5John AllenSOS686485712884
10Lyn West**SOS8795952773
9Peter WarlandSOS9390792623
12David Lumby **SOS8383662323
6Simon ClampSOS7968752223
7Fay SmallsCHAC454638732024
8Richard BonnettSOS100871872
11Chris PantonSUFFOC79891682
13Peter SwanstonMIHHH1001001
14Colin West**SOS50501002
21Nick PughSOS1001001
15Clive WilksinsonSUFFOC99991
16Chloe CracknellSOS81811
17Sally WilkinsonSUFFOC75751
18Sue Waller-ToyneSOS67671
19Rob EnderbyHAVOC66661
20Don FordSOS51511
22Veronica MachinSOS47471
23Leslie ChildsSOS42421
24Gary Abbott/John CarterCHAC36361
25Alban GirardIND26261
26Gary & Dan DearmerSOS25251
Short Course - Fastest Times
MinsSecsPenalty Time
1Harry Lumby & Stefano CarusoINDM21/M1844280
2Ben Partridge &Steve PartridgeSOSM1244580
3John AdamsMIHHHM5554230
4Veronica MachinSOSW556480
League Positions - Short Course after 4 rounds
NameClubLexTipGtNotWivTop 4Runs
1Ben PartridgeSOS57 631002203
2Steve Partridge **SOS4681812083
3Veronica MachinSOS100851852
4Sue Waller-ToyneSOS100 1001
5Taylor Gooding + 1Braintree1001001
6Gaby Bilbie + 1Springfield1001001
7John AdamsMIHHH83832
8Harry Lumby & Stefano CarusoIND71712
9Paul LakeMIHHH 46461

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