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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL
Highwoods Country Park, Colchester
Sunday 9th October 2016
Final Results

Comments Awards Final Results RouteGadget2 Ranking

Officials' comments

Organiser - Dave Skinner dave.skinner@btinternet.com

Originally having committed to Organising an event at Wivenhoe, in early September I found myself taking on Highwoods, a venue at which I had only previously organised a Level D Relay event. The main challenge was choice of car parking location - we are not permitted to park within the Country Park. It had been suggested to me that Grahams Plumbing was a good option, the other being Chanterelle. A visit to Grahams suggested to me that additional use of their Goods-In Yard as a site for registration, download, etc would make this a very good option - a meeting with their Manager secured this. I hope that you think this was a good solution.

My thanks to go to Alex Ware (Planner) and Clive Wilkinson (Controller) for their advice leading up to the event and their efforts on the day. And of course my thanks to all the SOS helpers, too numerous to mention by name here, who ensured the smooth running of the event.

Controller - Clive Wilkinson (SUFFOC)

Thanks to all at SOS for the well run event today. The late change of venue meant that the whole planning , organising and controlling process was squeezed into a very short timescale. I thought Alex's courses provided as much challenge as the area allows and David's calm organising was excellent. The change of venue meant that the map was not updated for the event and it is noticeable that the woodland area will need some time spent on it before the area is used again.

Colour Coded Par Times

Short Green64:44
Light Green64:08

Updated results


Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Samuel Fielding HH M18 43:31
2nd Kevin Fielding HH M45 45:55
3rd Sean Blanchflower WAOC M40 54:39
4th Richard Wilkes Havoc M21 55:39
5th Chris Panton Suffoc M40 57:18
6th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 57:23
7th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 58:46
8th Brian Cowe WAOC M40 59:20
9th David Frampton HH M45 65:19
10th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W35 67:29
11th Lisa James SOC W45 68:22
12th Nicholas Pugh SOS M65 71:40
13th David Float HAVOC M45 72:07
14th David Lumby SOS M55 74:15
15th Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 75:32
16th Thomas Elgood CHIG M50 78:39
17th Callum Turner SOS/NCfM/yr12 M16 86:07
18th Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W50 89:07
19th David Humphrey WAOC 92:41
20th Ceri Renouf IND W45 106:59
21st Will Hooton SUFFOC M21 111:34
22nd Stevie Harrison IND W40 188:57
m16 Kurt Bullock SUFFOC M35 97:56


Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Richard Bonnett SOS M60 36:18
2nd Peter Warland SOS M50 37:08
3rd Chris Childs SOS M65 43:07
4th Daisy Partridge SOS/ Hedingham/Yr11 W16 44:31
5th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 46:16
6th Ian Smith WAOC M60 48:46
7th David Sanderson SOS M55 49:23
8th Philip Bartram NOR M40 50:35
9th Darren Cook SOS M45 51:19
10th Simon Hooton SUFFOC M60 52:33
11th Paul Langston HH M60 52:42
12th Luke Cooper SOS/Brentwood School/yr12 M16 53:14
13th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 53:44
14th Chris Burgues HAVOC M60 54:23
15th Dale Bennett HAVOC M50 55:30
16th Ann Mills SOS W40 57:38
17th Debbie Charlton SMOC W55 58:00
18th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 63:39
19th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 67:55
20th Sharon Warland SOS W50 71:56
21st Oscar Ford IND M21 76:00
22nd Janet Biggs HAVOC W60 81:03
23rd Colin Butler SUFFOC M65 81:05
24th Elspeth Missen SOS W50 93:25
25th Matthew Coates 93:28
m6-9 Tony Lee HAVOC M45 82:25
w6 Geraldine Russell SOS W70 100:51

Short Green

Pos Name School Age Class Time
n/c Sam Parkinson Farlingaye/yr13 M18 34:34
1st Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 36:55
2nd William Bartram NOR M12 37:59
3rd Steven Partridge SOS M45 48:39
4th Sue Hooton SUFFOC W50 50:19
5th Alan Alford SOS M60 52:03
6th Alison Cowe WAOC W40 64:44
7th John Webb SUFFOC M80 66:50
8th John Mills SOS M40 76:14
9th Ros James SMOC W55 77:24
10th Anne Power LOK W80 101:41
11th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 111:18

Light Green

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Thomas Martin SOS/ Hedingham/Yr7 M12 40:00
2nd Emile Zsak WAOC/Chesterton CC/yr8 M14 46:40
3rd Sam Parkinson Farlingaye/Yr13 M18 52:14
4th Martin Walker SOS M40 59:34
5th Lucy Warland SOS/Thurston CC/yr8 W14 60:40
6th Andy Gass IND M65 64:08
7th Tegan Frampton HH W12 65:19
8th Ben Clarke SUFFOC/Barnariston/yr7 M12 71:03
9th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS/Brentwood School/yr9 W14 71:31
10th Amelia Martin Whiteley+1 Lawford Primary/Yr6 W11 80:09
m7-8 Julie Pringle SOS W50 71:31


Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Lucy Walker SOS W14 34:24
2nd Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS/TLA W14 45:05
3rd Dan Dearmer SOS//Yr11 M14 58:09
4th Evelyn Joannah Whiteley IND 74:02
5th June Webb SUFFOC W80 77:37
6th Harry Salmon IND M6 94:10
7th Heidi/Maddie Vickers IND W9 95:59
8th Aileen Butler SUFFOC W65 117:35
m4 Thomas Turner SOS/Ramsey Academy/yr9 M14 63:43
m4 Gary Dearmer SOS M55 71:52


Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Jamie Hartnup SOS/ St Andrews School/Yr6 M10 12:39
2nd Craig Carter SUFFOC/Copleston High/yr7 M12 12:57
3rd Ben Clarke SUFFOC/Barnadiston/yr7 M12 13:24
4th Amy Skeet SOS/Ramsey Academy/yr7 W11 14:21
5th Stephanie Cooper SOS/Brentwood School/yr8 W12 15:06
6th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC/Stowmarket High/yr8 W12 16:31
7th Theo Williams SOS/Brentwood School/yr8 M12 17:00
8th Katie Bowie-Britton SOS/Brentwood School/yr8 W12 18:54
9th Sarah Prior SOS/Brentwood School/yr8 W12 19:13
10th Heather Trevelyan SOS/Brentwood School/yr8 W12 19:55
11th Mayukha Rodrigo SOS/Brentwood School/yr8 M12 21:17
12th Thomas Walker +1 SOS M10 23:11
13th Janie Horton SOS/Brentwood School/yr7 W12 25:12
14th Ben Partridge SOS/St Andrews M12 25:46


Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Thomas Walker SOS M10 9:07
2nd Ryan Carter + 1 SUFFOC/Broke Hall/yr4 M10 11:53
3rd Elijah Kelsey +1 SOS/St Andrews/yr3 M8 12:03
4th Benjamin Martin SOS/St Andrews/yr4 M8 12:59
5th Corbyn Hamilton-Miller +1 SOS/St Andrews/yr3 M8 13:05
6th Jake Horton SOS/Brentwood School/yr5 M9 13:13
7th Amelie Patteson SOS/St Andrews/yr5 W10 13:29
8th Abigail Prince SOS/St Andrews/yr3 W8 13:31
9th Isaac Rosewell + 1 IND M5 14:04
10th Eleanor Fretten IND W60 18:55
11th Tallulah Kelsey + 1 SOS/St Andrews/yr6 W10 19:35
12th Emma Rosewell+1 IND W4 25:28


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