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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL and EAL
Brandon Country Park
Sunday 27th November 2016
Final Results

Comments Par Times String Course Final Results Split Times RouteGadget2 Ranking

Officials' Comments

Organisers - David Lumby, david.lumby@thomasmiller.com & Chris Childs, christopher.childs@tiscali.co.uk

Quite a task SOS organising an event in Norfolk and difficult to recruit volunteers, so our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to ensure a successful event with over 200 participants. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event in no small measure due to the expertise and hard work of John and Jenny in planning the course. Their advice with the help of Sarah Mansel to us as organisers was also much appreciated. The weather was mostly kind to us and the autumn colours in Brandon Forest was quite spectacular. The string course was also popular with our younger competitors and of course many appreciated the cakes tea and cheerful greeting by Julie to complete the day at the cake stand.

Planners - John & Jenny Collyer

Coming back to Brandon (mapping and planning for JK86, the odd "Badge" event and the permanent course) we were happy to find that the SW area had been extensively thinned and brashed recently (no chance for the dreaded bracken and brambles to develop). Along with other thinning and the better northern part near the Country Park, we felt we were able to put on some courses with reasonable challenges and interest for Thetford Forest plantations. We hope you agree.

Thanks to Sarah Mansell as Controller for her attention to detail.

Controller - Sarah Mansel (SUFFOC)

I enjoyed working with John and Jenny again with roles reversed from our last collaboration. Their extensive experience made my job easier and the low number of controls meant I was able to visit them all on the morning of the event. That wasn't helped of course by a mechanical failure of my bike, but at least I had already visited the furthest controls. In the early stages of planning we only disputed one control - #130 - where I had found a much more distinctive tree than was marked on the original map.

When I checked all the controls in the morning - finding out that #129 had been programmed as a clear box was alarming, as that was late on my route. The control was changed, but of course there was not enough time to visit all the controls again to check if any others had the same problem! I was relieved when the first few runners returned with full complements of controls.

Chris worked hard in preparation for the day, and the event went well on the day assisted by David. There were minor worries about fitting all the cars in, but we seemed to manage okay. At the end of the day there was a concern about a possible missing runner, but unfounded; possibly due to confusion with misspelt data entered.

I think that the majority of participants enjoyed their run and the weather was reasonable for the time of year. Thanks to SOS and all the helpers who made the event a success.

Colour Coded Award Par Times

Course Time
Brown 75:32
Blue 67:26
Green 59:52
Short Green 62:46
Light Green 64:06
Orange 49:35
Yellow 19:38
White 39:09

String Course

n/cBen PartridgeM10SOS04:15
1.Oliver PrinceM10SOS04:36
2.Theo Steventon-BarnesM10SUFFOC05:02
3.Abigail PrinceW10SOS05:25
4.Hebe DarwinW9 /td>WAOC06:17
5.Alex DarwinM6WAOC07:09
6.Alesha LoweW12SUFFOC08:22
7.Poppy NewtonW9St Andrew's11:31
8.Seren DaviesW411:54
9.Dale Morum +2M2SOS12:07
10.Isaac RosewellM514:56
11.Henry Cowely+1M218:36
12.Emma Rosewell +1W322:14

Final Results


9.0km 90m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Chris Sellens IND M21 50:21
2nd James Haynes WAOC M21 52:08
3rd Tim Harrison SUFFOC/Perse/13 M18 54:03
4th Tom Dobra UBOC M21 54:38
5th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 60:52
6th Robert Frost NOR M45 60:54
7th Richard Crabb RAFO M21 61:15
8th Gjermund Vingerhagen WAOC M35 61:48
9th Sean Blanchflower WAOC M40 62:46
10th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 65:45
11th Mark Adams HH M50 66:13
12th Daniel Cowley NOR M35 68:41
13th Oliver Tomlinson SMOC M21 69:18
14th William Ames IND M21 69:33
15th Brian Cowe WAOC M40 70:39
16th Ella Gilbert NOR W18 71:32
17th Brough Scott NOR M40 76:01
18th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 79:22
19th Mike Bennett HH M60 79:37
20th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 83:37
m5 Katerina Skarkova NOR W18 74:17


7.3km 75m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Robert Campbell WAOC M50 44:57
2nd Dil Wetherill WAOC M50 48:57
3rd John Ward NOR M45 53:00
4th Matthew Clarke SUFFOC/Perse/11 M16 54:23
5th Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 54:28
6th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 55:08
7th David Cronk WAOC M55 55:19
8th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 57:01
9th Rini Hoogkamer NOR M55 58:04
10th Peter Haynes WAOC M55 60:19
11th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W35 60:23
12th Jon Chandler LOK M45 61:41
13th Kevin Smith NOR M60 61:57
14th Robert McNab RAFO M50 63:03
15th Philip Hague WAOC M45 63:05
16th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M60 63:19
17th Paul Price NOR M50 63:22
18th Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 63:40
19th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 64:52
20th Jacob Sharpe HH M40 65:19
21st Peter Duthie WAOC M55 65:54
22nd Philip Halford SUFFOC M60 66:08
23rd John Clarke SUFFOC M45 66:33
24th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 67:17
25th Edward Benfold Ind M18 68:09
26th Freya Askham SMOC W40 69:40
27th Peter Woods WAOC M55 70:09
28th Alan Spidy NOR M50 70:56
29th Adam Waller-Toyne SOS M50 71:19
30th Alice Hodkinson WAOC W45 71:22
31st David Vinsen NOR M50 74:07
32nd Rakesh Chandraker WAOC M50 74:08
33rd Philip Bartram NOR M40 75:19
34th Josh Partridge SOS M18 75:20
35th Ian Shephard NOR M60 75:41
36th Ann Mills SOS W40 78:21
37th Mark Glover SMOC M35 79:13
38th Peter Waldron NOR M60 79:29
39th Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 80:21
40th David Humphrey WAOC M50 84:15
41st Katharine Bartram NOR W40 85:20
42nd William Morgan NOR M65 87:54
43rd Mark Benfold Ind M50 103:27
44th Caroline Louth WAOC W55 124:26


5.0km 45m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Peter Warland SOS M50 36:33
2nd Mick Liston NOR M65 39:55
3rd Daisy Partridge SOS/Hedingham/11 W16 40:25
4th Paul Beecher WAOC M35 41:27
5th Sam Parkinson SUFFOC/Farlingaye/13 M18 42:27
6th Peter Carlill NOR M55 43:18
7th Louise Walker SUFFOC W50 44:42
8th Janet Cronk WAOC W55 46:48
9th Ben Hammond SUFFOC/Hartismere/12 M16 47:41
10th Tim Pribul CHIG M65 47:58
11th Mark Fowler NOR M45 48:23
12th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 48:52
13th Derry Kelleher NOR M65 49:18
14th Kathy Haynes SLOW W55 50:11
15th Camilla Darwin WAOC W45 51:32
16th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC/County Upper/13 W18 51:39
17th Bob Hill RAFO M60 52:05
18th Lucy Fryer AROS W21 53:41
19th Martin Walker SOS M40 54:54
20th Sue Woods WAOC W55 55:42
21st Ian Smith WAOC M60 56:49
22nd Dean Blackburn NOR M45 57:07
23rd Helen Nisbet SMOC W55 59:09
24th Ann Harris SMOC W60 59:28
25th Jamie Austin NOR M35 59:51
26th Peter Gay SUFFOC M70 59:52
27th Alison Crab RAFO W35 59:53
28th Bill Butcher NOR M65 60:02
29th Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W50 60:24
30th Geoff Pye SOS M60 60:55
31st Jonathan Houseago SUFFOC M55 61:55
32nd Laurie Rudling NOR M65 62:21
33rd Rachel Thomas SMOC W60 65:00
34th Colin Butler SUFFOC M65 65:16
35th Alison Cowe WAOC W40 68:48
36th Bernice Benfold Ind W50 69:28
37th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 70:17
38th Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 70:46
39th Helen Hague WAOC W45 72:24
40th Ian Wilson SAX M65 73:51
41st Oliver Hague WAOC M18 76:55
42nd Keith & Sandra Fulcher NOR 78:26
43rd Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 79:22
44th Andrew Cordle SOS M65 80:18
45th Robin Campbell CHIG M75 80:42
46th Alexander Ware SOS M21 80:45
47th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 82:01
48th Maria Marshall WAOC W60 90:40
49th Paul Garton NOR M65 103:07
50th Pauline Smith NOR W55 105:01
51st Paulo Costa NOR M40 105:34
52nd Ian & Alison Cowe Ind M65 123:05

Short Green

3.9km 35m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 41:07
2nd Simon Bowie-Britton SOS M40 43:21
3rd Philipa Murphy Ind M40 44:00
4th John Mills SOS M40 44:10
5th John Russell SOS M75 45:10
6th Richard Hammond SUFFOC M50 46:44
7th Cath Kent SOS W25 47:02
8th David Frampton HH M45 50:31
9th Ros James SMOC W55 55:54
10th Michael Dudley WAOC M80 56:26
11th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 57:03
12th Tegan Frampton HH W12 60:15
13th John Harris WAOC M70 62:46
14th Barbara George NOR W80 63:30
15th Chris Gay SUFFOC W65 65:32
16th Juliette Butcher NOR W65 65:49
17th Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 67:18
18th Geraldine Russell SOS W70 67:56
19th Peter Leverington NOR M80 68:04
20th Ray Horne Ind M60 71:10
21st Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 72:31
22nd Pat Bedder NOR W70 74:59
23rd Martin Brown Ind M45 75:31
24th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 81:29
25th Simona Poskute Ind 90:25
26th Sue Vine NOR W75 108:05

Light Green

3.9km 35m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st James Price NOR/Norwich School/9 M14 38:15
2nd Emile Zsak WAOC/Chesterton CommunityCollege/9 M14 40:18
3rd Abi Duncan SOS/Hedingham/11 W16 44:11
4th William Chandler LOK M14 45:31
5th Jean-Pierre Carraud Ind M45 46:52
6th Alex Winn Ind M11 47:02
n/c Ben Clarke + Sebastian Gurteen SUFFOC M12 56:44
7th Stevie Harrison Ind W40 62:06
8th Morven + Ian Renfrew NOR/Norwich School/10 W14 64:06
9th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 64:14
10th Christine Carlill Ind W55 66:22
11th Emma + Kevin + Dale Morum SOS 74:56
12th Eleanor Low WAOC W12 76:00
13th Gerard Winn Ind M45 84:48
14th Manda McNab RAFO W50 91:07
m10 Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/Farlingaye M12 41:12
m7-9 Peter Bates Ind M60 117:15


3.0km 15m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/Farlingaye/7 M12 20:06
2nd William Bartram NOR M12 23:52
3rd Jack Hammond SUFFOC/Hartismere/9 M14 25:35
4th Sharon Warland SOS W50 34:37
5th Tom + Graham Davenport Ind M10 36:05
6th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS/Brentwood/Y9 W14 41:40
7th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS/TLA/9 W14 44:49
8th Priscilla Chen-Chandler LOK W45 49:35
9th Lucy Walker SOS/CCHSG/8 W14 49:53
10th Georgie + Nicky Nicholls NOR W16 54:40
11th Jack + June Davenport Ind M5 54:58
12th Julie Price + Peter Wrightson NOR W50 55:34
13th Aileen Butler SUFFOC W65 59:07
14th Ben Clarke SUFFOC/Barnardiston/7 M12 61:57
15th Milly Askham SMOC W12 64:22
16th Eilidh Renfrew NOR W12 90:36


2.2km 10m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Oliver Prince SOS/St Andrews/6 M10 11:36
2nd Wlliam Hicks Barnardiston/8 M13 12:54
3rd Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC/St Marys/5 M10 14:46
4th Dominic Brown Barnardiston/8 M13 17:19
5th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC/Stowmarket/8 W12 19:10
6th Edward Hicks Barnardiston/7 M12 19:33
7th Hebe Darwin WAOC/Perse/4 W10 19:38
8th Kate Bowie-Britton SOS/Brentwood/Y8 W12 21:30
9th Ben Partridge SOS/St Andrews School/6 M12 22:41
n/c Thomas Walker + 1 SOS/St Andrews/5 M10 22:58
10th Alastair Brown Barnardiston/6 M11 23:29
11th Alice Hopewell-Plant Barnardiston/5 W10 28:28
12th Sebastian Gurteen Barnardiston/7 M12 32:31
n/c Amelie Patteson St Andrews/5 W10 34:37
13th Henry + Ben Cowley NOR M21 62:14
m1 Judah Ames Ind M21 57:55


1.8km 10m

Pos Name School Age Class Time
1st Thomas Walker St Andrews/5 M10 10:38
2nd Abigail Prince SOS/St Andrews/3 W8 12:41
3rd Amelie Patteson St Andrews/5 W10 13:42
4th Alexander Darwin + 1 WAOC/Perse/2 M10 14:08
5th Poppy Newton St Andrews/4 W10 17:42
n/c Seren Davies Ind W4 21:33
6th Lottie Plant Barnardiston/5 W10 24:03
7th Seren Davies+1 Ind W4 27:19
8th Isaac + Emma Rosewell Ind 39:09




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