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SOS Summer League Event 2
Fordham Hall Estate
Wednesday 26th July 2017

Organiser/Planner - John Allen & Chris Childs jaysuk@btinternet.com

The Fordham Woodland Trust is well known to many and includes a permanent orienteering course (not used for this event) providing a good selection of terrain and route choice. There's excellent parking off Ponders Road with good space to set-up start-finish points. In planning we endeavoured to design the short course with safety in-mind although some trails had become overgrown and a few brambles were encountered. The long course being designed to suit more competent runners i.e. good stretches between controls and multiple route choices. It was a bit unfortunate that some 'travellers' had just set-up camp near one of the controls. An event planner met with them during setting-up and decided it was safe to proceed without alteration. No incidents or accidents involving first-aid were reported. The weather was a bit blustery with the odd smattering of rain and the ground underfoot mostly dry with only a short section muddying up slightly. The event was well supported with fifteen on the short course and fourteen on the long; ages ranged from mid-teens to over sixty five, proving this sport can be enjoyed by all especially with the handicap system in-place. The planners wish to thank all those who came and especially those who stayed and assisted in collecting the controls at the end; just before dusk! A few hardy types retired to the 'Shoulder of Mutton' Fordstreet for rehydration whereupon a full analysis and inquest took place.

Long Course - Fastest Times
1Chris SellensSOSM214020
2Allen SmallsCHACM454246
3Rupert RobinsonSOSM214647
4Nick PughSOSM655343
5Daisy PartridgeSOSW185754
6Chris PantonSuffocM405815
7Colin WestSOSM605900
8David SandersonSOSM556022
9David Lumby*SOSM5561125 mins
10Martin WalkerSOSM406519
11Kevin Machin*SOSM5568585 mins
12Lyn WestSOSW607830
13Dean Pepper*MIHHHM2178475 mins
14Andrew CordleSOSM658530
Short Course - Fastest Times
PosNameClubClass MinSecPenalties
1Oliver PrinceSOSM122901
2Steve PartridgeSOSM454055
3Rachel BarfordSOSW554525
4Catherine CurtisWAOCW504555
5Harry LumbyMIHHHM215418
6Liam FegartyWAOCM165547
7Lucy WalkerSOSW145819
8Malcolm StathamCHACM456200
9Sara Prince*SOSW4564445 mins
10Fay SmallsCHACW456845
11A Cork (etc)MIHHHM357000
12Paul FegartyWAOCM557640
13Jamie FegartyWAOCM127700
14Kevin DaleSuffocM559000
15Melaney DaleSuffocW559029
League Positions - Long Course after 2 rounds
* Includes 5 min penalty for each incorrect control
** Organiser/Planner has best score replicated in league
*** Includes 10 min penalty for punching controls in the incorrect order
Multiple runners score based on lowest value handicap
League positions determined by best 3 runs in the series
Zero league points for retirement
PosNameClubBroTop 3Runs
1Nick PughSOS1001002002
2Lyn WestSOS89831722
3Allen SmallsCHAC73941672
4Colin WestSOS81831642
5David LumbySOS74731472
6John Allen*SOS69691381
7Martin WalkerSOS65591242
8Daisy PartridgeSOS91911
9John WilliamsMDOC89891
10Chris SellensSOS85851
11Eddie BanksSOS84841
12Dean PepperMIHHH3844822
13David ReavesBDAC79791
14David RichesCLOK76761
15Janet HillSOS76761
16Rupert RobinsonSOS73731
17Daisy P/Charlotte FM' ESU69691
18David SandersonSOS69691
19Chris PantonSuffoc66661
20Kevin MachinSOS65651
21Andrew CordleSOS63631
22Thomas MartinSOS50501
23Catherine CurtisWAOC47471
24Mark/Will/HannahM' ESU47471
25Fay SmallsCHAC42421
26Mark Jackson34341
League Positions - Short Course after 2 rounds
PosNameClubBroTop 3Runs
1Steve Partridge**SOS58581161
2John CollyerSOS1001001
3Oliver PrinceSOS1001001
4Jenny CollyerSOS99991
5Nancy Powell DaviesSOS94941
6Melaney DaleSuffoc4939882
7Jamie FegartyWAOC3838762
8Rachel BarfordSOS71711
9Kevin DaleSuffoc3729662
10Catherine CurtisWAOC66661
11Lucy WalkerSOS54541
12Sara PrinceSOS47471
13Chris Childs/Peter SwanstonSOS45451
14Fay SmallsCHAC44441
15Liam FegartyWAOC43431
16Malcolm StathamCHAC38381
17Harry LumbyMIHHH37371
18Thomas WalkerSOS36361
19Paul FegartyWAOC34341
20A. Cork (etc)MIHHH32321

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