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Orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog and progress at your own pace.

These events are specifically aimed to introduce children and their parents to the sport. However all our events have courses suitable for all abilities - see elsewhere on our website for more details.

Saturday 24th June Great Notley Country Park - Results
Saturday 22nd July Castle Park, Colchester - Results
Saturday 29th July Maldon Prominade Park - Results
Saturday 19th August Danbury Country Park - Results, League Table


Six events for school age children held on Saturday afternoons with start times between 1pm - 2.30pm Parents and younger children are encouraged to give it a go!

Each competitor will locate as many controls in the time allowed (30 minutes) by deciding the quickest route. Points will be awarded for each control successfully located within the time limit.
Cloth badges will be awarded to all yhose who navigate to more than 25 controls accross the series.


Course registration is open from 1pm to 2.30pm most are based near to the park cafes but look out for the green SOS banner. Competitors will need to complete a registration form. They will receive a map with the course printed on it and an electronic timing chip. All children will need to bring a watch. Parents can talk through the course and can shadow (follow) inexperienced competitors around the course but please let children navigate themselves.


Controls punched after 30 minutes are not counted for purposes of the mini league and have been deducted from the overall score.
These controls will count towards the Explorer Challenge. Explorer Challenge Badges will be awarded for every 25 controls successfully located across the series.

Children Free

Participating Adults £3

Event 1 - Great Notley Country Park - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Evan Cook +1IND00:41:0514113
2Emily CookIND00:32:0913112
3Charlotte Cook +1SOS00:30:0512012
4Rebecca DaviesSOS00:46:2416511
5Kate Bowie-BrittonSOS00:23:2811011
6Damian & Oscar RzezawinskiIND00:34:2811011
7Oliver SavageIND00:37:211129

Event 2 - Castle Park - Community Games - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Jenson SutherlandIND00:21:0521021
=Lacey SutherlandIND00:21:0521021
3Imogen FulkerIND00:28:3321021
=Ben AbbotIND00:28:3321021
5Felix SzpakowskiIND00:29:4921021
6Joshua MeltonIND00:42:0921521
7Isaac FulkerIND00:28:4720020
8Logan HammondIND00:21:5119019
9Findley SeagerIND00:33:3919118
10Pru SeagerIND00:33:4219118
11Ollie HaddenIND00:42:0921516
12Joshua TheobaldIND00:42:1021516
13Ellie BarrellIND00:42:1420515
14Max TheobaldIND00:42:1621516
15Chloe MeltonIND00:42:3121516
16Blake Kingdon-JollyIND00:31:2015015
17Matthew SilterisIND00:31:2215015
18Project International Team 1IND00:39:2415312
19Frazer MallisonIND00:28:5810010
20Adam MallisonIND00:29:0310010
21Cydney MallisonIND00:29:1410010
22Project International Team 3IND00:39:3614410
23Project International Team 2IND00:44:1613310
24Esme ClowIND00:35:401239
25Ethan ClowIND00:35:411239
26Courtney LoweIND00:28:22707
27Nat GuyIND00:19:03606
28Alex GuyIND00:19:06606
29Malika PereraIND00:13:25101

Event 3 - Maldon Prominade Park - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Toby Goodall +3IND00:20:3321021
2Irene & Vodie Ilunga/Anne LuvunzuIND00:25:4121021
3Leo EdwardsIND00:28:1421021
4Nathan EdwardsIND00:28:1621021
5Heather TrevelyanIND00:29:1721021
6Lucy TrevelyanIND00:35:1821021
7Matthew TrevelyanIND00:35:2321021
8Evelyn & Amelia WhiteleyIND00:31:5420020
9Felicite Luvunzu/Che Zucconi/Celestin IllungaIND00:23:1019019
10Gloria & Ade Ajagbe/Korede ElekoIND00:31:1819019
11Lois JacobsIND00:30:2616016
12Theo JacobsIND00:30:1914014
13Jenn PetcheyIND00:30:2411011
14Rosie PetcheyIND00:30:2611011

Event 4 - Danbury Country Park - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Oliver PrinceSOS00:19:1121021
2Lewis & Justin Hook IND00:26:3421021
3Jenson SutherlandIND00:30:2019019
4Lacey SutherlandIND00:30:4019019
5Ian SimpkinsIND00:40:3215411
6Hannah BowdenIND01:20:4215510
7Sam BowdenIND01:20:001569
=Robert JuniperIND01:20:001569
9Edward JuniperIND01:20:281569
10Sophie MarshallIND00:48:23927
11Margaret Leonard +2IND01:14:361477
12Emily & Edward ClarkeIND00:43:34826
13Abigail PrinceSOS00:28:13404

League table after all four events

PositionNameClubTotal TimeScoreRuns
1Jenson SutherlandIND00:51:25402
2Lacey SutherlandIND00:51:45402
3Oliver PrinceSOS00:19:11211
4Toby Goodall +3IND00:20:33211
5Irene & Vodie Ilunga/Anne LuvunzuIND00:25:41211
6Lewis & Justin HookIND00:26:34211
7Leo EdwardsIND00:28:14211
8Nathan EdwardsIND00:28:16211
9Imogen FulkerIND00:28:33211
=Ben AbbotIND00:28:33211
11Heather TrevelyanIND00:29:17211
12Felix SzpakowskiIND00:29:49211
13Lucy TrevelyanIND00:35:18211
14Matthew TrevelyanIND00:35:23211
15Joshua MeltonIND00:42:09211
16Isaac FulkerIND00:28:47201
17Evelyn & Amelia WhiteleyIND00:31:54201
18Logan HammondIND00:21:51191
19Felicite Luvunzu/Che Zucconi/Celestin IllungaIND00:23:10191
20Gloria & Ade Ajagbe/Korede ElekoIND00:31:18191
21Findley SeagerIND00:33:39181
22Pru SeagerIND00:33:42181
23Lois JacobsIND00:30:26161
24Ollie HaddenIND00:42:09161
25Joshua TheobaldIND00:42:10161
26Max TheobaldIND00:42:16161
27Chloe MeltonIND00:42:31161
28Blake Kingdon-JollyIND00:31:20151
29Matthew SilterisIND00:31:22151
30Ellie BarrellIND00:42:14151
31Theo JacobsIND00:30:19141
32Evan Cook +1IND00:41:05131
33Charlotte Cook +1IND00:30:05121
34Emily CookIND00:32:09121
35Project International Team 1IND00:39:24121
36Kate Bowie-BrittonSOS00:23:28111
37Jenn PetcheyIND00:30:24111
38Rosie PetcheyIND00:30:26111
39Damian & Oscar RzezawinskiIND00:34:28111
40Ian SimpkinsIND00:40:32111
41Rebecca DaviesIND00:46:24111
42Frazer MallisonIND00:28:58101
43Adam MallisonIND00:29:03101
44Cydney MallisonIND00:29:14101
45Project International Team 3IND00:39:36101
46Project International Team 2IND00:44:16101
47Hannah BowdenIND01:20:42101
48Esme ClowIND00:35:4091
49Ethan ClowIND00:35:4191
50Oliver SavageIND00:37:2191
51Sam BowdenIND01:20:0091
=Robert JuniperIND01:20:0091
53Edward JuniperIND01:20:2891
54Courtney LoweIND00:28:2271
55Sophie MarshallIND00:48:2371
56Margaret Leonard +2IND01:14:3671
57Nat GuyIND00:19:0361
58Alex GuyIND00:19:0661
59Emily & Edward ClarkeIND00:43:3461
60Abigail PrinceSOS00:28:1341
61Malika PereraIND00:13:2511

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