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Winter Mid-Week Street O. Event No. 6
Wednesday 28th March 2018
Results and Final League Scores

Organiser/Planner - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

Having offered to put on a winter series event for SOS around Coggeshall I realised that it isn't quite so large as most other communities that have been used. My young grandson at 2 1/2 has become an expert at spotting fire hydrants as we mapped them on walks during his regular Friday visits. We even had a trip to the fire station where we were given print-outs of the maps they use from the cab of the fire engine itself. They weren't up to orienteering grade maps though. I've learnt a lot more as well, like the hydrants with 2 signs, those signs with a blank under the 'H' and the sign wrapped around its post which was hard to recognise. In case you didn't know, the upper number relates to the water pressure and the lower number the distance from the sign to the hydrant (generally in feet but they may be changing to metres).

Most of those on the Long course accepted the bait and took to the field paths. I had warned that there might be some mud but the morning's rain meant that the ford came as a relief.

My thanks also go to elder son Jeff for help with getting the map set up and suggesting courses and younger son Alan for testing the courses and suggesting some amendments, also for help on the night. Also thanks to Kevin and Chris for help and support and, of course, for everyone who came along without whom the whole exercise would have been a waste of time.

Coordinator - Chris Childs

We concluded the Winter Series with a great run through the fine old streets of Coggeshall. A very successful series thanks to the magnificent efforts of the Organisers, so my sincere thanks to all of them. It has been great fun and provided an opportunity for many runners to try orienteering for the first time. Congratulations must again go to Lyn West for topping the league on the Long course and to Lorna and John Pettifer for running away with the title on the Short Course.

Looking forward to the Summer Series.

Long Course - Fastest Times
1Lloyd GrayIndM213700
2Kevin GardMECM454200
3David LumbySOSM554300
4Adam Waller-ToyneSOSM504600
5Lyn Higgs/John CarterMECM604700
6John Adams *MIHHHM655100Incl 5 m
7Kevin Machin *SOSM555300Incl 5 m
8Christopher ChildsSOSM705500
9David GameMECM655700
10Eleanor Coulson/Lisa BurgessSOSW457700
11Diane Knights *MECW558100Incl 5 m
12Partridge Family *SOSM459200Incl 5 m
Short Course - Fastest Times
PosNameClubClass MinSecPenalty
1Lorna & John PettiferMECW552800
2Rachel BarfordSOS W553200
3Veronica MachinSOS W554200
4Rachel/Roy/Peter ReadIndM164200
5Myles & Hannah CoulsonMECM456400
League Positions - Long Course after 6 rounds
PosNameClubHigMalColWitSudCogTop 4Runs
1Lyn West **SOS100949995100 3945
2Colin West **SOS1001009786923895
3Roy ReadInd71999581903725
4David LumbySOS81908978953655
5M Dowell/J Carter/L HiggsMEC7280928468953556
6Christopher ChildsSOS637889701003515
7Kevin Machin **SOS69777376773375
8Kevin GardMEC 67678258873035
9David GameMEC67606879863005
10Adam Waller-ToyneSOS737065832914
11John Allen **SOS7979662243
12Janet HillSOS961001962
13Jackie SibthorpMEC5970631923
14John AdamsMIHHH76961722
15Sally & Clive WilkinsonSUFFOC80821622
16Dean PepperMIHHH5947471533
17Chris PantonSUFFOC75691442
18Alan SmallsSOS1001001
19John WilliamsMan Doc1001001
20Fran Norris & Jason BiltonCHAC93931
21Darren CookSOS92921
22Lloyd GrayInd85851
23Tim HullMIHHH84841
24Partridge FamilySOS3740772
25Lucy FryerAROS67671
26Diane KnightsSOS67671
27David SandersonSOS61611
28Eleanor Coulson/Lisa BurgessSOS61611
29J Goddard/Hilda O'KellySpringfield56561
30Olivia CollisonTiptree RR56561
31Paul ArnoldInd53531
32Katie RehalMEC53531
33Luke CollisonTiptree RR46461
34C Vernon/Anita LeaverMEC/TRR39391
35Alex WareSOS39391
League Positions - Short Course after 6 rounds
PosNameClubHigMalColWitSudCogTop 4Runs
1Lorna & John PettiferMEC81901001001001004006
2Rachel Barford **SOS10010073953684
3Veronica MachinSOS70685887722975
4Roy Peter & Rachel ReadInd574956502124
5Jenny Collyer**SOS1001002002
6Nancy Powell/Davies **SOS95951902
7John Collyer **SOS87871742
8Christopher ChildsSOS93931
9Eleanor EvansSOS86861
10Julie LaverSOS77771
11Suzanne KuyserSpringfield71711
12Emma MorumSOS61611
13Rachel Abbot/Natalie LaunderMEC56561
14Ivan SmithInd33331
15Miles & Hannah CoulsonMEC 32321
* 5 min penalty for each incorrect or missed control (included in overall recorded time)
** Organiser/Planners have best score replicated in league
*** 10 min penalty for punching controls in the incorrect order
Age/Gender handicaps applied to league. Multiple runners score based on lowest value handicap
League positions determined by best 4 runs in the series
Details of Age/Gender handicaps see SOS web site 'League' - bottom of page here

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