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Regional (Level C) event incorporating ESSOL
Highwoods Country Park
Sunday 17th June 2018
Provisional Results

Comments Naughty Numbers Results RouteGadget2 Ranking Schools

Officials' Comments

Organisers - Eddie Banks & Steven Partridge, banksy.eddie@gmail.com

Eddie Banks -

The organisation for Highwoods was shared between Steven Partridge and myself, given that I could not commit to being in Colchester this weekend. As it turned out it was a pleasure for me to be able to relax on the registration desk and then test out the green course as Steven took the reins as ‘organiser on the day’ and the team of dedicated volunteer helpers made everything run smoothly. Thank you to Chris and Colin for ensuring such good courses.

We had about 120 participants, which I think is about par for an event in June. It was also the culmination of the ESSOL series, so medals were presented to the children. Julie Laver deserves huge recognition for her organisation of this throughout the year.

The use of the gym at Highwoods Leisureworld hugely simplified the organiser’s task, solving at a stroke the requirements for parking, toilets, power, tables & chairs and shelter. Thank you to Jon and Paul at the sports centre for their support.

Thank you also to the staff at Highwoods Country Park for their continuing support and encouragement to orienteering.

Planner - Chris Childs

In spite of some hectic early morning reinstatement of the controls following overnight vandalism we just about managed to get the event started on time. The weather was good and I think most people enjoyed the courses including a few first timers who managed pretty well. Never the less some more experienced competitors missed controls showing High Woods should not be underestimated. Some areas are quite tricky.

Thanks for all the help, in particular – Steve for his guidance in planning the White and Yellow courses, the smiley faces were a great success with the younger competitors, Kevin for the enormous number of map changes, Andrew for guiding me through the complexities of the computer system, Eddie for his overall management of the event, and Colin for his support and hard work as Controller.

Controller - Colin West

The event was planned well by Chris, who sought advice on his draft courses and implemented several modifications to deliver appropriate and enjoyable runs. Chris also arranged for dozens of map corrections which helped a lot.

Control 109 caused some unresolved discussion - is there a qualifier description for ‘centre of’ when the control site is within a tree? Or if it’s not N, S, E, or W side, where else is it?

Four controls were vandalised overnight, three needing fresh stakes and kites - fortunately no SI boxes were lost.

The vegetation was in full flush, with possible route choice including battling long grass.

Highwoods is apparently simple terrain, but the vegetation needs focus from the runner or errors can creep in. In addition to losing time from being lost, there were a number of mispunches or missed controls - there was always a challenge to be faced.

Thanks to Eddie and his assistants for enabling a successful event.

Naughty Numbers

Josh Partridge1:00
Ben Partridge1:21
Oliver Prince & Team Frank1:27
Thomas Walker1:31
Alesha Lowe1:32
Rosanna Taylor1:37
Abigail Prince1:40
Isaac Rosewell2:45
Sophie Taylor2:56
Gemma Rosewell4:25
James Clarke5:08
Oliver Prince0:59(n/c 2nd run)




Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 72:33    
2nd Darren Cook SOS M45 76:29    
3rd Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M40 77:57    
4th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 84:39    
5th Guy Lidbury HAVOC M45 87:34    
6th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 91:28    
7th Clive Tant SOS M60 95:40    
8th Urszula Kruczkowska IND W21 186:07    
9th Krzysztof Ziomek IND M35 186:11    
w17 Kevin Machin SOS M55 96:32    



Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 64:14    
2nd Michael Bickle WAOC M70 65:24    
3rd Lorant Farkas WAOC M40 65:30    
4th John Clarke SUFFOC M50 69:40    
5th Shane Muggeridge HAVOC M20 71:29    
6th David Sanderson SOS M55 72:09    
7th Dale Bennett HAVOC M50 88:07    
8th Helen Bickle WAOC W35 89:45    
9th Kurt Bullock SUFFOC M40 93:57    
10th Lyn West SOS W60 105:33    
m11 Chris Panton SUFFOC M40 59:27    
w24 David Lumby SOS M55 72:10    
m11 Gavin Avey-Hebditch WSX M55 89:34    



Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M14 42:23 Farlinghaye 8
2nd Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 46:11    
3rd Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W35 48:09    
4th Jeffrey Patteson SOS M40 53:35    
5th Martin Walker SOS M45 54:31    
6th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 57:06    
7th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W16 58:34 Thomas Lord Audley 10
8th Chris Burgues HAVOC M60 64:59    
9th Jackie Sibthorp MEC W50 65:07    
10th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 67:02    
11th Simon Bowie-Britton SOS M45 67:54    
12th J P Carraud SOS M45 68:14    
13th Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 72:38    
14th Christine Hough IND W35 75:10    
15th Colin Jackson HAVOC M55 78:21    
16th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 79:39    
n/c John Allen SOS M65 81:19    
17th Jack Hammond SUFFOC M16 83:12 Hartismere 10
18th Andrew Cordle SOS M65 88:19    
19th Lucy Walker SOS W16 95:57 Colchester County High 9
20th Ceri Renouf SOS W45 97:08    
m10 Edwin Banks SOS M65 55:28    
w17 Noreen Ives WAOC W65 75:18    
m15 Paul Butt SUFFOC M50 76:52    

Short Green


Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Jim Prowting TVOC M70 43:25    
2nd John Collyer SOS M70 43:43    
3rd Jenny Collyer SOS W70 51:39    
4th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 52:09    
5th Hazel Bickle WAOC W65 57:58    
6th Chris Morley WAOC M75 59:55    
7th Jennifer Taylor CHIG W75 62:34    
8th David Game MEC M65 71:15    
9th Anne Power LOK W85 83:09    
m5 Samuel Ferguson SOS M14 69:20    

Light Green


Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Oliver Prince SOS M12 32:19 Hedingham 7
2nd Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 37:40    
3rd Thomas Martin SOS M12 39:30 Hedingham 8
4th Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 42:27 St Mary's Woodbridge 6
5th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS W16 54:55 Brentwood 10
6th Matthew Wadey SOS M16 56:48 KEGS 10
7th Tim Hull IND M70 64:05    
8th Katie Martin SOS W40 64:06    
n/c Max Shone IND M10 77:55    
n/c Edward Shone IND M10 78:13    
9th Bob Willis + 2 IND   91:07    



Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Ava, Emily & Neil Bailey IND   37:35    
2nd Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W14 41:09 Stowmarket High 9
3rd Ben Clarke SUFFOC M14 41:26 Barnardiston 8
4th Jane Patteson SOS W40 41:52    
5th Kate Bowie-Britton SOS W14 45:39 Brentwood 9
6th Jessica Mills SOS W16 47:39 Brentwood 10
n/c Morgan Plant SUFFOC M16 52:02 Barnardiston 10
7th Ben Partridge SOS M14 55:09 Hedingham 7
n/c Bethany Taylor +1 SOS W12 56:08    
8th Gary Dearmer SOS M55 56:41    
9th Morum family SOS W21 72:11    
10th Rai Rosh IND M21 81:17    



Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Thomas Walker SOS M12 18:03 St Andrews 6
2nd Morgan Plant SUFFOC M16 18:32 Barnardiston 10
3rd Hebe Darwin WAOC W12 20:13 Perse Prep 5
4th Mayukha Rodrigo SOS M16 20:53 Brentwood 9
5th Abigail Prince SOS W10 22:07 St Andrews 4
6th Joshua Elsworth SOS M12 22:33 Brentwood 7
7th Pranita Arun Prasadh SOS W14 24:50 Brentwood 8
8th Sam Lee SOS M14 25:11 Brentwood 9
9th Alice Hopewell-Plant SUFFOC W12 25:34 Barnardiston 6
10th Sebastian Gurteen IND M14 26:20 Barnardiston 8
11th Jenson Martell SOS M12 26:27 Brentwood 7
12th Matthew Trevelyan SOS M12 27:16 Brentwood 7
13th Amelie Patteson SOS W12 27:41 St Andrews 6
14th Edward Hicks IND M14 28:28 Barnardiston 8
n/c Lottie Plant SUFFOC W12 28:54 Barnardiston 6
n/c Ayush Jain + 1 SOS M12 32:18 Brentwood 7
15th Rosanna Taylor +1 SOS W10 35:34   4
16th Janie Horton SOS W14 36:45 Brentwood 8
17th Jemima Borrill WAOC W14 38:30 Perse 8
18th Jemima Mamelok SOS W12 40:59 Brentwood 7
19th Charlotte Banks + Sarah Brock IND   41:54    
20th Adnam Yaqub SOS M14 57:34 Brentwood 7
rtd Veronika Panton IND W35      
m13 Evie Jarman SOS W12 42:44 Brentwood 7
m1-12 Salman Yaqub SOS M14 53:24 Brentwood 7



Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Jake Horton SOS M12 13:55 Brentwood 6
2nd Benjamin Martin SOS M10 15:51 St Andrews 5
3rd Isaac Rosewell + 1 SUFFOC M10 16:44    
4th James Clarke IND M8 17:21 Barnardiston 3
n/c Lucy Trevelyan + 1 SOS W10 18:02 Brentwood 7
5th Emma Rosewell + 1 SUFFOC W10 19:27    
6th Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M8 19:57 Chalkwell Hall 2
7th Lottie Plant SUFFOC W12 26:06 Barnardiston 6
n/c Sophia Taylor +1 SOS W10 30:25    
8th Hugo + Amelie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M6 43:14    
9th Sophie Hough IND W10 53:58    


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