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Regional Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL
Broaks Wood
Sunday 9th December 2018

Comments Par Times Results RouteGadget2 Ranking

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Nancy Powell Davies powell.davies@btinternet.com

What a wonderful bunch of people our SOS members are! For a change I had a good number of offers of help and those that turned up flexibly filled all the gaps and helped in all sorts of ways that they hadn't been signed up for. Special mention must be made of Rory Ledwith, a sports volunteer who had hardly heard of orienteering before Sunday but did most of the data input for the SI and ran a creditable time on an orange course.

Thank you to everyone who turned up. Broaks is one of our more interesting areas and I understand the brambles weren't so high as often. And the sun shone! Earlier in the week the forecast was dismal but, so long as you were out of the wind, it was a nice day. I hope you all enjoyed your time.

I have two items of lost property retrieved from the car park: One sock and one glove! Please let me know if you are missing either of these.

Controller - Kevin Machin

A big thank you to all those who turned out and made it a terrific event. A special thanks to all the helpers who did a fantastic job and especially to Nancy who, as usual, seemed to organise the event without drawing breath. As far as I could see, everything ran smoothly. A special thank you to Tony Biggs who stepped in early on to help get the computers talking to each other. I would like to congratulate Alex for producing some challenging courses in what is after all a small area. He used the contrasting areas NE and SW to the full and also managed to keep the juniors on their toes. The sedge was definitely crossable if not truly runnable, the bramble was largely avoided and the sticky muddy paths could be left well alone on the longer courses. One experienced senior orienteer said that this was the best blue course he had ever run on in Broaks. After the rapid leaf fall of the last four weeks, there were a few paths that needed some clearing on the shorter courses – hopefully that kept them fair. Thanks also to Julie also for her help with Alex in the early gloom.

Well done to all and thank you runners for your kind and encouraging comments.

Par Times

Short Green84:09
Light green40:14



6.4km 85m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Chris Sellens SOS M21 45:10    
2nd Thomas Bartram NOR M18 54:31    
3rd Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 56:14    
4th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 61:19    
5th William Bartram NOR M14 62:36    
6th Bert Park SUFFOC M50 62:45    
7th Daisy Partridge SOS W18 64:44 Hedingham 13
8th Philip Bartram NOR M45 67:37    
9th Callum Turner SOS M18 68:13    
10th Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M14 68:48 Farlingaye 9
11th David Cronk WAOC M55 73:42    
12th Martin Walker SOS M45 76:30    
13th David Lumby SOS M55 76:37    
14th Martin Sellens SOS M65 80:31    
15th Robin Bourne WAOC M55 87:45    
16th Louise Walker SUFFOC W50 89:38    
17th Robin Weed SUFFOC M50 103:27    
18th Katharine Bartram NOR W45 113:41    
19th James Trevelyan SOS M40 121:48    
m20 Darren Cook SOS M45 57:31    
m20 Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 79:13    


4.6km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Nicholas Pugh SOS M65 51:56    
2nd Steven Partridge SOS M45 52:40    
3rd Lisa James SOC W50 55:24    
4th Maja Forsberg WAOC W40 59:26    
5th Edwin Banks SOS M65 61:05    
6th Chris Childs SOS M70 68:57    
7th Lucy Walker SOS W16 71:55 CCHSG 10
8th Harriet Millward WAOC W45 77:20    
9th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W16 82:35 TLA 11
10th Colin Jackson HAVOC M55 90:29    
11th Ceri Renouf SOS W45 91:06    
12th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 108:20    
13th Rodney Freeburn NOR M80 110:43    
14th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 116:09    
15th Rachel Thomas SMOC W60 131:12    

Short Green

3.5km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 56:06 Farlingaye 7
2nd John Russell SOS M75 60:34    
3rd Rachel Barford SOS W55 71:35    
4th John Starkey SOS M75 75:37    
5th Rich Kerswell WAOC M50 80:59    
6th John Harris WAOC M70 86:52    

Light Green

3.1km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Oliver Prince SOS M12 26:49 Hedingham 8
2nd Stephan Pugh IND M21 30:47    
3rd Richard Wilkes Amy Olive HAVOC M35 56:59    
4th Ben Partridge SOS M14 72:29 Hedingham 8


3.4km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Thomas Martin IND M14 35:43 Hedingham 9
2nd Sophie Kerswell WAOC W12 40:12 Stephen Perse 8
3rd Alan Steventon IND M75 50:37    
4th Rory Ledwith IND M40 60:46    
5th Luke Lawrence IND M16 65:55 Moulsham 10
6th Thomas Walker SOS M12 72:32 Ramsey Academy 7
7th Toni Peters IND W40 75:49    
n/c Amelie & Jeffrey Patteson SOS W12 82:47   7
8th Heather Trevelyan IND W14 115:59 Brentwood 10
m4 m13 Gary Dearmer SOS M55 100:49    


2.1km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Taylor Gooding SOS W12 22:03 Notley 7
n/c Ben Martin IND M10 23:48 St Andrews 6
2nd Amelie Patteson SOS W12 33:08 Ramsey Academy 7
3rd James Clarke SOS M10 34:56 Barnardiston 4
4th Louis Peters CHIG M14 39:46 Bishop Stortford 9
5th Persephone Peters CHIG W6 53:20 Henham and Ugley 2
6th Cecilia Forsberg   W6 58:46 St Johns 3
7th Felix Forsberg WAOC M10 59:46 St Johns 6
8th Eleanor Kerswell WAOC W10 64:44 Stephen Perse 6
9th Lucy Trevelyan IND W10 81:37 Brentwood 6
w13 Jemima Borrill WAOC W14 42:16 Stephen Perse Senior 9


1.9km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Name School Year
1st Lulu Gooding+1 IND W7 17:15 Notley Green 2
2nd Ben Martin IND M10 19:19 St Andrews 6
3rd Edward White IND M10 25:38 Barnardiston 3
4th Alexander AlRawi   M10 30:26 Barnardiston Y5
5th Hilary Beatrice Sellens SOS W60 35:16    
m6 Hubert Hao IND M12 21:47 Barnardiston Y7

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