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Orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog and progress at your own pace.

These events are specifically aimed to introduce children and their parents to the sport. However all our events have courses suitable for all abilities - see elsewhere on our website for more details.

Saturday 16th June Admirals Park, Chelmsford Results
Saturday 21st July Castle Park, Colchester Results
Saturday 18th August Danbury Lakes Results League Scores
Saturday 22nd September Maldon Prominade Park Results League Scores


Four events for school age children held on Saturday afternoons with start times between 1pm - 2.30pm Parents and younger children are encouraged to give it a go!

Each competitor will locate as many controls in the time allowed (30 minutes) by deciding the quickest route. Points will be awarded for each control successfully located within the time limit.
Cloth badges will be awarded to all those who navigate to more than 25 controls accross the series.


Course registration is open from 1pm to 2.30pm most are based near to the park cafes but look out for the green SOS banner. Competitors will need to complete a registration form. They will receive a map with the course printed on it and an electronic timing chip. All children will need to bring a watch. Parents can talk through the course and can shadow (follow) inexperienced competitors around the course but please let children navigate themselves.


Controls punched after 30 minutes are not counted for purposes of the mini league and have been deducted from the overall score.
These controls will count towards the Explorer Challenge. Explorer Challenge Badges will be awarded for every 25 controls successfully located across the series.

Children Free

Participating Adults £3

Event 1 - Admirals Park - Results

PositionNameAgeClassClubScoreTimeAfter penalties
1Taylor GoodingW12SOS2000:27:3220
2Lulu Gooding +1W6IND2000:37:5016
3Clara Woods +1W5IND1200:33:0512
4Harry Fox +1M8IND1200:32:0511
5Oliver Fox +1M10IND1200:32:0211
6Sarah BrockIND1200:34:5910
7Lola Jewiss +1W10IND2101:08:0810
8Isabel Alexander +1W9IND900:30:109
9Gracie Alexander +1W7IND900:30:129
10Leo AlexanderM14IND900:30:089
11Arawwawala Family 4IND1300:49:128
12Tiggy Jewiss +1W8IND900:45:228
13Lemuel Owusu +1M8IND400:28:184

Event 2 - Castle Park - Results

PositionNameAgeClassClubScoreTimeAfter penalties
1Taylor GoodingW12SOS2100:14:4821
Dan AskewM45IND2100:19:0621
2Jenson SutherlandM5IND2100:24:2321
=Lacey SutherlandW6IND2100:24:2321
4Harry Johnson +2M8IND2100:28:0821
5Rory Fildes +1M10IND2100:28:3921
=Hamish Fildes +1M8IND2100:28:3921
7Gabrielle KemballW14IND2000:29:4820
=Clemence KemballM8IND2000:29:4820
9Edward Robinson +1M9IND2100:32:4019
=George Robinson +1M7IND2100:32:4019
11Dexter Bruce +2M7IND2100:34:5219
=Zenen Bruce +2M5IND2100:34:5219
13Edward Townrow & Brannon Heath +1IND1800:31:0017
14Libby, Alfie & ShaniaW9/8/5IND1600:27:0616
15Shaun Oliver & Dylan MooreM10IND1600:28:5316
16Lulu Gooding +1W6SOS1500:13:2315
17Zac & Oliver Brand +1M8IND1500:27:4315
18Michael Farrell +2M10IND1500:29:0315
19Oliver Davitt +2M6IND1400:28:1814
=Rhys Davitt +2M4IND1400:28:1814
21Ellie AskewW12IND1400:30:3614
22Millie SimpkinsW9IND2100:49:4213

Event 3 - Danbury Lakes Country Park - Results

PositionNameAgeClassClubScoreTimeAfter penalties
1Zachary Brand +1M8IND2000:25:2620
2Joe & Rose Andrews +2M10/W8IND1700:28:3417
3Harry Johnson +2M8IND1800:31:2917
4Daniel Evans +1M3IND1400:33:4012
5Oliver Brand +1M4IND1100:22:1311
6Thomas & Charlotte Kent +1M6/W8IND1200:36:3810

Event 4 - Maldon Promenade Park - Results

PositionNameAgeClassClubScoreTimeAfter penalties
1Taylor GoodingW12SOS2100:19:3421
2Lulu Gooding +1W6IND2100:22:2821
3Harry Johnson +2M8IND2100:25:5621
4Clara Woods+1W5IND2100:28:2621
5Joe & Rose Andrews +1M10IND2100:26:2820
6Charlie Maule-Lidbury +1M8HAVOC2100:33:2719
7Hugo Maule-Lidbury +1M6HAVOC2000:33:5219
8Beatrice & Angus Long +1W7IND2000:38:0416
9Elizabeth & Vanessa Rowland +1W6IND2000:38:0816
10Leon Fenwick +1W14IND1300:29:4613

League table after all four events

Taylor GoodingW12SOS623
Harry Johnson +2M8IND593
Lulu Gooding +1W6SOS523
Joe Andrews +2M10IND372
Rose Andrews +2W8IND372
Zac Brand +1M8IND352
Clara Woods +1W5IND332
Oliver Brand +1M4IND262
Jenson SutherlandM5IND211
Lacey SutherlandW6IND211
Rory Fildes +1M10IND211
Hamish Fildes +1M8IND211
Gabrielle KemballW14IND201
Clemence KemballM8IND201
Edward Robinson +1M9IND191
George Robinson +1M7IND191
Dexter Bruce +2M7IND191
Zenen Bruce +2M5IND191
Charlie Maule-Lidbury +1M8HAVOC191
Hugo Maule-Lidbury +1M6HAVOC191
Edward Townrow & Brannon Heath +1IND171
Libby, Alfie & ShaniaW9/8/5IND161
Shaun Oliver & Dylan MooreM10IND161
Beatrice Long +1W7IND161
Angus Long +1IND161
Elizabeth Rowland +1W6IND161
Vanessa Rowland +1W6IND161
Michael Farrell +2M10IND151
Oliver Davitt +2M6IND141
Rhys Davitt +2M4IND141
Ellie AskewW12IND141
Millie SimpkinsW9IND131
Leon Fenwick +1W14IND131
Daniel Evans +1M3IND121
Harry Fox +1M8IND111
Oliver Fox +1M10IND111
Thomas Kent +1M6IND101
Charlotte Kent +1W8IND101
Lola Jewiss +1W10IND101
Isabel Alexander +1W9IND91
Gracie Alexander +1W7IND91
Leo AlexanderM14IND91
Arawwawala Family 4IND81
Tiggy Jewiss +1W8IND81
Lemuel Owusu +1M8IND41

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