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Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating the Regional round of the Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield competitions, SWELL and HAVOC Club Championships
Hockley Woods
Sunday 31st March 2019
Final Results

Par Times Final Results RouteGadget2 Ranking YBT Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Julie Laver julieannlaver@btinternet.com

Organising an event for SOS always restores my faith in human nature. Of course there are the usual anxieties before the event that everything is in place and you have not forgotten anything (in this case the kitchen roll for the cake stall) but on the day helpers materialise out of the morning mists - even with the hour time change - and get to work. Once they are there the jobs just seem to get done with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Yes there were a few on the day hiccups but they were quickly sorted out. Sally and Eddie sorted the misplaced controls and most runners on the affected courses did not seem to notice this!

And the runners who were happy to give up their maps due to unexpectedly large number of entries on the Green and Short Green courses are to be congratulated for their good natured attitude (hi-res images of these maps can be downloaded here - Green, Short Green). Even the weather was good and the forest with wood anemones in flower a lovely place to be.

A big thank you to all the helpers who made the event go so smoothly from my point of view. Well done to Eddie in his first planning role. I heard some very favourable comments from returning runners. Thank you to Sally (and Clive) for their time and guidance. Thanks to the staff at Belchamps Scout Centre for their help and use of facilities.

And lastly well done to the clubs who came and took part in the Yvette Baker trophy and Shield Competitions. We had 3 teams competing in each. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Lost Property

Some safety glasses were found. Contact the Organiser.

Planner - Eddie Banks

Hockley Woods was at it’s best yesterday with the trees starting to come into leaf and wood anenome in bloom. The overcast conditions added to the technical difficulty of what is a small but quite complex area. The SWELL event led me to squeeze a brown course out of this quite compact area, and that seemed to work reasonably well. I tried to make best use of the runnable areas and encourage participants away from the paths where possible. I’ll be interested to see the uploads on Routegadget.

I enjoyed trying my hand at planning a regional event for the first time and was pleased to see good numbers for all courses. The planning resources on the BOF website by Barry Elkington were extremely useful. I’d like to thank participants for their kind comments and the coaching, help and encouragement I received from Sally and Julie during the whole process. Also thanks to Rod Mansell for providing the computer code for the YBT scoreboard.

My apologies to any early longer course competitor who was affected by my switching controls 139 and 149 during the early morning set-up; (maybe I can blame the hour less sleep!). Thanks to Alex Ware for drawing our attention to this so it could be rectified.

Controller - Sally Wilkinson (SUFFOC)

It was a pleasure to be the controller for Eddie on his first planning of a Level C event. I hope you agree that he created some interesting courses which were both challenging and enjoyable. I know from personal past experience that Hockley Wood can easily confuse as there are so many paths and features that can be mistaken for others if the compass is not consulted regularly! I will be very interested to see the par times on each course as juniors and adults alike that I spoke to had taken longer than they would usually expect on many of the courses.

Thank you also to Julie for her excellent organising. She is always so calm and today was she instrumental in ensuring that everyone got a run in spite of the higher than expected turn out by requesting maps for recycling. Thank you if you gave up your map – I know SOS will make these available on the web site to download. However, it was lovely to see orienteers from outside of East Anglia – I hope the area met expectations.

Lastly, I would like to apologise for not spotting the mis location of controls 149 and 139. This is my second event as a controller and I am definitely still learning! As one kind orienteer said, I saw the number I wanted to see – how right she was! Checking them one after the other definitely contributed – next time I will include in my checks looking at the number on the tape which is what I know some orienteers did when visiting the control and helped them solve the conundrum!

Par Times

Course Time
Blue 81:50
Brown 96:12
Green 58:59
Light Green 53:13
Orange 50:59
Short Green 53:27
White 40:36
Yellow 31:57




7.3km 65m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st David Dixon HH M45 54:33  
2nd Ian Ditchfield MV M60 57:59 +3:26
3rd Andrew Evans DFOK M60 58:21 +3:48
4th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M60 59:59 +5:26
5th Mick Smith HH M70 62:37 +8:04
6th Andrew Henderson WAOC M55 63:52 +9:19
7th Andrew Pitcher DFOK M55 63:54 +9:21
8th Mark Glaisher SAX M65 65:32 +10:59
9th Daisy Partridge SOS W20 67:37 +13:04
10th Kevin Machin SOS M55 70:53 +16:20
11th Rebecca Dal Bon SLOW W21 71:42 +17:09
12th Neil Speers DFOK M50 71:44 +17:11
13th Stu Levene HH M50 72:46 +18:13
14th Rod Harrington DFOK M50 73:34 +19:01
15th Jim Prowting TVOC M70 76:10 +21:37
16th Shane Muggeridge HAVOC M21 76:56 +22:23
17th Sarah Howes SAX W60 76:57 +22:24
18th Nigel Low WAOC M45 78:03 +23:30
19th Rob Enderby HAVOC M50 82:07 +27:34
20th Adam Leaf HH M55 84:33 +30:00
21st Kevin Parkes HH M60 85:19 +30:46
22nd David Sanderson SOS M55 86:12 +31:39
23rd Katharine Bartram NOR W45 86:54 +32:21
24th Rachel McTurk SOS W21 87:59 +33:26
25th Mike Turner SO M65 97:15 +42:42
26th Dorien James SMOC M55 101:38 +47:05
27th Gergely Farago HH M45 105:33 +51:00
28th Dale Bennett HAVOC M55 105:40 +51:07
29th Susan Brown HH W21 106:12 +51:39
30th Stewart Mills HAVOC M55 107:50 +53:17
31st Nina Tant SOS W21 117:09 +62:36
w11 Guy Lidbury HAVOC M50 52:40  
m14-19 Sheralee Bailey DFOK W45 59:53  



9.2km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 64:08  
2nd Ian Hargreaves SOS M40 65:55 +1:47
3rd Oliver O'Brien SLOW M35 66:38 +2:30
4th Peter Helme WAOC M45 67:47 +3:39
5th Tom Dobra DRONGO M21 67:53 +3:45
6th Antoine Pesenti DFOK M45 70:12 +6:04
7th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 70:26 +6:18
8th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 71:42 +7:34
9th Kevin Fielding HH M50 72:33 +8:25
10th Gareth Radcliffe BAOC M35 74:45 +10:37
11th Donatas Tumaitis SLOW M35 78:21 +14:13
12th Douglas McTurk SOS M21 78:44 +14:36
13th Conor O'Donovan IND M21 78:57 +14:49
14th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M55 79:32 +15:24
15th Mike Bennett HH M65 82:00 +17:52
16th Ben Bardsley HH M45 84:57 +20:49
17th Ben Lonsdale RAFO M35 85:19 +21:11
18th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 94:13 +30:05
19th Ben Bethell NOR M40 98:04 +33:56
disq m1-26 Darren Cook SOS M45 73:10  



5km 50m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Angus Harrington HH M18 30:49  
2nd Alex Wetherill WAOC M16 33:38 +2:49
3rd Steven Denby NOR M18 35:20 +4:31
4th Matthew Clarke SUFFOC M18 36:49 +6:00
5th Josh M'Caw HH M18 38:22 +7:33
6th Hannah Freeman HH W16 40:18 +9:29
7th Chloe Cracknell SUFFOC W18 42:15 +11:26
8th Richard Freeman HH M55 43:45 +12:56
9th Maxime Pesenti DFOK M16 45:20 +14:31
10th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M65 46:54 +16:05
11th Richard Bonnett BAOC M60 46:55 +16:06
12th Alexander Fielding HH M16 47:21 +16:32
13th Ffion Bricknell SAX W16 48:12 +17:23
14th Sam Hague WAOC M18 48:15 +17:26
15th James Price NOR M16 48:34 +17:45
16th Keith Bennett DFOK M45 49:34 +18:45
17th John Clarke SUFFOC M50 51:15 +20:26
18th Edward Low WAOC M18 51:50 +21:01
19th Ian Smith WAOC M60 53:11 +22:22
20th Russell Peters WAOC M40 53:12 +22:23
21st Chris Shaw HAVOC M70 53:18 +22:29
22nd Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 53:56 +23:07
23rd Gillian Hanson HH W50 54:05 +23:16
24th Steven Partridge SOS M50 54:59 +24:10
25th Graham Batty HAVOC M60 55:43 +24:54
26th Jack Hammond SUFFOC M16 56:49 +26:00
27th Geoff Goodwin DFOK M65 57:20 +26:31
28th Martin Cook SMOC M60 57:43 +26:54
29th William Bartram NOR M16 58:19 +27:30
30th Camilla Darwin WAOC W50 58:50 +28:01
31st John Collyer SOS M70 58:59 +28:10
32nd Alan Bowers HH M45 59:27 +28:38
33rd Colin West SOS M60 59:36 +28:47
34th Gavin Avey-Hebditch   M60 60:46 +29:57
35th Neil Bricknell SAX M50 62:49 +32:00
36th Gillian Bowers HH W45 63:03 +32:14
37th Mike Elliot MV M65 66:29 +35:40
38th Colin Jackson HAVOC M60 66:55 +36:06
39th Geoff Pye SOS M60 68:04 +37:15
40th Mark Thompson TVOC M60 68:24 +37:35
41st Philip Hague WAOC M50 69:07 +38:18
42nd Gavin Williams IND M21 70:46 +39:57
43rd Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 71:04 +40:15
44th Janet Cronk WAOC W60 72:56 +42:07
45th Peter Riches TVOC M65 76:18 +45:29
46th Emese Svab HH W45 76:46 +45:57
47th David Lefevre DFOK M60 77:27 +46:38
48th Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 77:59 +47:10
49th Janet Biggs HAVOC W65 79:32 +48:43
50th Ruth Rhodes SO W75 82:22 +51:33
51st Helen Hague WAOC W50 85:28 +54:39
52nd Anthony Biggs HAVOC M70 86:53 +56:04
53rd Derek Jenner CHIG M65 88:01 +57:12
54th Alexander Ware SOS M21 88:07 +57:18
55th Alan Alford SOS M60 94:00 +63:11
56th Jean Fitzgerald SAX W65 98:28 +67:39
57th Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 102:23 +71:34
58th Rich Kerswell WAOC M50 103:10 +72:21
59th Lyn West SOS W65 103:45 +72:56
60th Francis Ronnau-Bradbeer DFOK M60 159:35 +128:46
m12 Elspeth Missen SOS W60 89:19  

Light Green


3.9km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Thonas Bartram NOR M18 25:05  
2nd Oliver Prince SOS M14 28:47 +3:42
3rd Matthew Dixon HH M18 30:48 +5:43
4th Tegan Frampton HH W14 33:26 +8:21
5th Francesca Bayne HH W16 47:01 +21:56
6th Colin Merry DFOK M65 47:03 +21:58
7th Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M14 47:04 +21:59
8th Roger Gooding SOS M45 47:28 +22:23
9th Sophie Kerswell WAOC W14 53:13 +28:08
10th Dominic Bowers HH M16 55:15 +30:10
11th Daniel Hague WAOC M16 57:06 +32:01
12th Alison Cracknell SUFFOC W50 69:29 +44:24
13th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W16 70:41 +45:36
14th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W16 83:40 +58:35
15th Alexandra Radcliffe IND W40 121:20 +96:15
w14 Matthew Bethel NOR M14 55:03  
m11 Emma Bowie-Britton SOS W18 85:22  



2.9km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Patrick Thomas NOR M18 25:39  
2nd Robin Blake HH M14 29:35 +3:56
3rd Luke Fox NOR M16 30:13 +4:34
4th Taylor Gooding SOS W12 31:43 +6:04
5th Ben Partridge SOS M14 32:35 +6:56
6th Vadim Pesenti DFOK M12 33:40 +8:01
n/c Abigail Prince SOS W12 35:37  
7th Neil Bailey IND M45 37:11 +11:32
8th Hebe Darwin WAOC W12 38:54 +13:15
9th Hanga Farago HH W14 39:36 +13:57
10th Charlie Dixon HH M14 43:29 +17:50
11th Sarah Dixon HH W45 43:49 +18:10
12th Rosemary Brotchie IND W40 49:27 +23:48
13th Madeleine Pitcher DFOK W14 50:59 +25:20
14th Richard Fuller IND M50 52:17 +26:38
15th Sara Prince SOS W45 52:51 +27:12
16th Daniel Ronnau-Bradbeer DFOK M16 54:06 +28:27
17th Tullio Acanfora IND M16 54:36 +28:57
18th Olivia Radcliffe IND W12 55:56 +30:17
19th Janie Horton SOS W14 56:19 +30:40
20th David Low WAOC M12 60:00 +34:21
21st Jack Dunning WAOC M14 64:05 +38:26
22nd= Joaquib Fillola Caraballo IND M40 77:40 +52:01
22nd= Daniel Swallow IND M35 77:40 +52:01
m7 Emily Morse IND W21 62:31  
rtd Oliver Bardsley HH M14    
rtd Jemima Borrill WAOC W14    

Short Green


3.4km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st James Blake HH M45 34:40  
2nd David Frampton HH M45 35:01 +0:21
3rd Jason Dunning WAOC M40 38:46 +4:06
4th Simon Bowie-Britton SOS M45 41:52 +7:12
5th Philip Bartram NOR M45 43:11 +8:31
6th John Russell SOS M75 43:53 +9:13
7th Noreen Ives WAOC W65 45:15 +10:35
8th Heather Bayne HH W50 48:45 +14:05
9th Rachel Barford SOS W55 49:48 +15:08
10th Hannah Nesbit HH W45 51:19 +16:39
11th Judith Wetherill WAOC W50 52:07 +17:27
12th Rosie Merry DFOK W55 52:12 +17:32
13th Jenny Collyer SOS W70 53:27 +18:47
14th Paul Price NOR M55 56:13 +21:33
15th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M60 56:45 +22:05
16th Andy Gass IND M70 62:50 +28:10
17th Frances Goldingay HH W70 63:51 +29:11
18th Ros West CHIG W70 68:50 +34:10
19th Ros James SMOC W55 72:14 +37:34
20th Jennifer Taylor CHIG W75 72:43 +38:03
21st Anne Power LOK W85 76:35 +41:55
22nd Geraldine Russell SOS W75 79:24 +44:44
23rd Penny Parkes HH W60 85:49 +51:09
24th Emma Johnson SOS W21 106:49 +72:09
m5-12 Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W85 65:45  
w10 Andrew Cordle SOS M65 78:15  



1.5km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Hugo Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M7 11:30  
2nd Lulu Gooding +1 SOS W10 13:11 +1:41
3rd Csongor Farago HH M10 18:53 +7:23
4th Tunde Farago HH W10 20:16 +8:46
5th Jake Bennett DFOK M10 20:21 +8:51
6th Rebekah Dunning WAOC W4 29:09 +17:39
7th Kieran Brown + 1 HH M2 40:36 +29:06



2.2km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Eleanor Kerswell WAOC W12 19:54  
2nd Thomas Botchie IND M10 20:05 +0:11
3rd Rory Nesbit HH M12 20:20 +0:26
4th Bors Farago HH M10 21:34 +1:40
5th Alexander Helme WAOC M12 22:04 +2:10
6th Louis Peters WAOC M14 22:46 +2:52
7th Harriet Brotchie HH W14 24:46 +4:52
8th Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M10 26:44 +6:50
9th Luke Bennett DFOK M12 29:41 +9:47
10th Abigail Prince SOS W12 30:28 +10:34
11th Henry Helme + 1 WAOC M10 31:57 +12:03
12th Isabel Reavell + 1 WAOC W7 32:18 +12:24
13th Marcus Richardson NOR M10 34:13 +14:19
14th Christopher Binns NOR M12 36:25 +16:31
15th Sean O'Malley NOR M12 44:25 +24:31
16th James Clarke SUFFOC M10 57:34 +37:40
17th Persephone Peters + 1 WAOC W6 59:15 +39:21
18th Alexander Darwin WAOC M10 68:34 +48:40
19th Wiliam Reavell WAOC M10 69:43 +49:49
20th Imogen James NOR W14 90:42 +70:48
21st Eliza Prior NOR W14 94:42 +74:48

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