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Regional Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating ESSOL
The Naze
Sunday 16th June 2019

Comments Par Times Results RouteGadget2 Ranking Schools

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Susan Waller-Toyne cheekymonkeysue@gmail.com

This was my first time as an organiser and I was grateful for all the support and help I got with this. Until now, I was unaware of how much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that an orienteering event can take place. I would like to thank Essex Wildlife Trust for kindly offering us space in their Visitor Centre and to thank the army of volunteers who came forward to help, which meant that the event ran smoothly. We had a previous SOS member, Derek Ladkin, turn up to take part in the event. Derek informed us he originally helped to map The Naze area. I’m not sure when the Naze was first mapped, (It’s SOS’s 51st anniversary this year), but looking at where the pillboxes are now resting on the beach I can imagine that The Naze looked very different when the first orienteering event took place here.

Controller - Clive Wilkinson (Suffolk Orienteering Club)

Thanks to SOS for putting on an excellent event. The Essex Wildlife Trust venue and café makes an excellent base and the Naze provides constrained but different styles of orienteering north and south of the centre. Thank you to Duncan for his well-planned courses and Sue for the efficient organising and lastly all those SOS members who helped behind the scenes.

Par Times

Course Time
Blue 53:54
Green 57:18
Light Green 49:50
Orange 29:09
Yellow 20:14
White 21:05



5.2km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Year
1st Matthew Clarke SUFFOC M18 35:56 Perse 13
2nd Douglas McTurk SOS M21 38:02    
3rd Conor O' Donovan WAOC M21 38:17    
4th David Williams HOC M55 40:06    
5th Russell Ladkin WAOC M50 41:05    
6th Tony Burton MV M55 41:59    
7th Guy Lidbury HAVOC M50 42:44    
8th Andrew Henderson WAOC M55 42:58    
9th Martin Walker SOS M45 44:09    
10th Philip Bartram NOR M45 44:40    
11th Kevin Machin SOS M55 47:10    
12th David Lumby SOS M55 47:25    
13th Gary Flynn HH M21 47:27    
14th Russell Peters WAOC M45 49:19    
15th David Sanderson SOS M55 49:25    
16th Steven Partridge SOS M50 50:12    
17th John Clarke SUFFOC M50 51:52    
18th Rachel McTurk SOS W21 56:50    
19th Ben Clarke SUFFOC M14 56:57 Perse 9
20th Rini Hoogkamer NOR M60 57:00    
21st Dale Bennett HAVOC M55 58:05    
22nd Barbara Griessner SLOW W45 62:45    
23rd Gillian Edgar HAVOC W50 64:15    
24th Mike Elliot MV M65 70:42    
m19 Donatas Tumaitis SLOW M35 41:02    
m9 Darren Cook SOS M45 42:27    
w24 Chris Panton SUFFOC M40 51:56    
m19 Colin Jackson HAVOC M60 64:42    


4.7km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Year
1st Roger Gooding SOS M40 36:18    
2nd Peter Warland SOS M50 38:08    
3rd Eddie Banks SOS M65 46:13    
4th Jeffrey Patteson SOS M40 48:24    
5th Richard Bonnett BAOC M60 51:17    
6th Lucy Walker SOS W16 54:17 CCHSG  
7th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W16 54:30 TLA 11
8th Jackie Sibthorp SOS W50 55:00    
9th James Kingdom SO M18 57:18 Farlingaye 12
10th Ian Smith WAOC M60 58:35    
11th Peter Cheetham RAFO M60 59:35    
12th Charlotte Cheetham RAFO W55 60:28    
13th Ray Kingdom SO M60 60:37    
14th Jean-Pierre Carraud SOS M50 64:25    
15th Christine Hough IND W35 69:54    
16th Geraldine Russell SOS W75 96:21    
m19 Derry Kelleher NOR M70 74:34    

Light Green

3.1km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Year
1st Oliver Prince SOS M14 22:41    
2nd Thomas Martin IND M14 27:54 Hedingham 9
3rd Matthew Wadey SOS M18 29:36 KEGS 11
4th Andy Gass IND M70 35:34    
5th Rachel Barford SOS W55 39:33    
6th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W16 40:14 Stowmarket High 10
7th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M60 46:25    
8th Joaquin Fillola IND M40 47:52    
9th Sharon Warland SOS W50 49:50    
10th John Harris WAOC M70 51:45    
11th Andrew Cordle SOS M65 52:33    
12th Leanne Bailey NOR W40 66:23    
13th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 79:22    
14th Derek Ladkin IND M85 95:42    
w7 Ben Partridge SOS M14 32:52 Hedingham 8
m10-11 m14-17 Robin Campbell CHIG M80 133:49    
m10-11 m14-17 Ruby Campbell CHIG W80 140:40    


2.2km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Year
1st Taylor Gooding SOS W12 17:34 Notley High 7
2nd Thomas Walker SOS M12 25:40 Ramsey 7
3rd Amelie Patteson SOS W12 29:09 Ramsey 7
4th Sara Prince SOS W45 30:41    
5th Janie Horton   W14 32:04 Brentwood School 9
6th Gary Dearmer SOS M60 40:37    


1.8km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Year
1st Abigail Prince SOS W12 13:29 St Andrews  
2nd Zac Appell IND   14:08 Bardnardiston 7
n/c Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M10 15:09 Charkwell Hall 3
3rd Jay Appell IND   16:45 Bardnardiston 7
4th Hebe Darwin WAOC W12 17:26 Perse Prep 6
5th James Clarke IND   18:32 Barnardiston 3
6th Hubert Hao IND   19:41 Bardnardiston 7
7th Jake Horton IND M12 21:55 Brentwood School 7
8th William Vendy IND   26:31 Bardnardiston 7
9th Sophie Hough + 1   W10 47:38    
10th Sophie Hough + 1   W10 48:05    
11th Veronika Panton IND W35 59:43    


1.3km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time School Year
1st Ben Martin   M10 8:21 St Andrews 6
2nd Hugo Maule-Lidbury + 1 HAVOC M6 9:03 Chalkwell Hall 1
3rd Alex Darwin WAOC M10 10:46 Perse Prep 4
4th Lulu Gooding + 1 SOS W10 11:21   2
5th Rosella Kilfoyle IND   11:44 Bardnardiston 5
6th V Tam IND   12:05 Bardnardiston 7
7th Amelie & Tracy Maule-Lidbury HAVOC W5 12:17 Chalkwell Hall R
8th Ollie Vendy IND   14:06 Bardnardiston 4
9th Marco Lueng IND   15:21 Bardnardiston 6
10th Edward White IND   19:09 Bardnardiston 2
11th Alexander Al'Rawi IND   21:05 Bardnardiston 5
m5 Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M10 9:06 CHalkwell Hall 3
m7 Thomas Newton IND   13:05 Bardnardiston 6


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