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2019/20 Winter Mid-Week O’ Event No.2
The Cricketers Arms, Danbury
Wednesday 4th December 2019

Organiser - Jackie Sibthorp, Jackie_sibthorp@hotmail.com

Thank you to everyone who came along to the first orienteering event which I have organised, and the second event of the SOS Winter Series 2019/20. It was a lovely crisp & frosty evening as we gathered at The Cricketers Arms in Danbury, before setting off to find fire hydrants around the streets & trails of Danbury.

Most people managed OK – there were a few problems at the end with several people missing out the last hydrant, which was just before you returned to the pub, at the bottom of the hill. Apologies to Roy & Allen who got ‘told off’ at the Private gate on the long course – even though I had received permission from the householders to use the lane (no penalties incurred here)!

The other problem was hydrant number 8 on the short course, and 6 on the long course – which turned out to have 3 signs – all with different numbers!

Well done to Roy Read and Guy Lidbury who were the first men home on the long course, and Lyn Higgs & Melissa Dowell who were the first ladies. And Well Done to Tim Brockington & Taylor Gooding, who were the first male & female competitors on the short course.

It was a great turn-out of 31 competitors, thank you all for coming and I hope you all enjoyed your evening, including the drinks in the pub after the event.

Thanks to Chris for the support he gave me in organising my first event, and Alan for his assistance with the organising.

Long Course - Fastest Times
1Roy ReadMECM504920
2Guy LidburyHAVOCM504925
3Richard RuleSSM505020
4Steven PartridgeSOSM505440
5Kevin MachinSOSM555530
6Lyn HiggsMECW555630
7Melissa DowellCHACW505630
8Gary AbbottMECM505630
9Paul BeckettHAVOCM5560105
10David LumbySOSM55631010
11Alan SmallsCHACM50632020
12Lyn WestSOSW65640
13Neil SavageSOSM3566105
14Mark HullM3566105
15John AllenSOSM70670
16Rachel AbbottMECW506855
17Natalie LaunderMECW506855
18John PettiferMECM707030
19Lorna PettiferMECW507030
20Elspeth MissenSOSW507220
21Chris ChildsSOSM7075155
22Joe HarwoodM401004030
Short Course - Fastest Times
1Tim BrockingtonSSM603125
2Roger GoodingSOSM4531305
3Taylor Gooding SOSW1231305
4Rachel BarfordSOSW553915
5Dave GameMECM703918
6Emma MorumSOSW214050
7Dale BennettHAVOCM5543405
8Veronica MachinSOSW55584010
9Fay SmallsCHACW45624810
League Positions - Long Course after 2 rounds
PosNameClubColDanTop 4Runs
1David LumbySOS96631592
2Roy ReadMEC82761582
3Jackie Sibthorp **SOS79791582
4Alan SmallsCHAC94591532
5John AllenSOS69801492
6Lyn Higgs.MEC76711472
7Gary AbbottMEC76711472
8Kevin MachinSOS75721472
9Chris Childs **SOS72721442
10Rachel AbbottMEC72711432
12Natalie LaunderMEC72711432
13Melissa DowellCHAC68711392
11John Pettifer.MEC67691362
14Lorna PettiferMEC67691362
15Neil SavageSOS67501172
16Tim HullSOS1001001
17Lyn WestSOS1001001
18Nick PughSOS93931
19Guy LidburyHAVOC76761
20John AdamsMIHHH74741
21Richard RuleSS74741
22Steven PartridgeSOS69691
23Elspeth MissenSOS67671
24Paul BeckettHAVOC66661
25Fay SmallsCHAC65651
26Mark Hull50501
27Dean PepperMIHHH45451
28Joe Harwood34341
League Positions - Short Course after 2 rounds
PosNameClubColDanTop 4Runs
1Rachel BarfordMEC100971972
2Dave GameMEC89981872
3Veronica MachinSOS14192273651382
4Tim BrockingtonSS1001001
5Martin PughSOS84841
6Roger GoodingSOS20524481811
7Taylor GoodingSOS85116381811
8Paul LakeMIHHH66661
9Emma MorumSOS37473366661
10Dale BennettHAVOC65651
11Fay SmallsCHAC52521
12Margot LumbyIND39391
13Carol HullIND36361
14Jenny AllenMIHHH36361
* 5 minute penalty for each incorrect or missed control (included in overall recorded time)
** Organiser/Planners have best score replicated in league
Age/Gender handicaps applied to league. Details on the SOS web site - Stragglers League page
Multiple runners score based on lowest value handicap
League positions determined by the best 4 runs in the series

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