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Regional Colour coded event (Level C) incorporating EAL
Writtle Forest
Sunday 2nd February 2020

Comments Par Times Results Splits RouteGadget2 Ranking

Officials' Comments

Organiser - Lyn West lynwestghh@gmail.com

The event seemed to go well with many complementary comments about the woods and John and Jenny's courses. It was the first outing for the SOS tent, generator and SI kit so plenty of room for error. In the end the only glitch here was the one control box with the wrong internal time mentioned below. It was left to the toilet to malfunction. My apologies for the inconvenience. The toilet company have issued a refund.

Special thanks to Mr Smith at Entire Farm who opened the parking around the fishing lake for us. We lost our usual parking in November when the bulk of the planning was done. It was a bit of a scramble to find anywhere useable for parking without excessive walks. My thanks to Eddie Banks for securing the replacement parking.

Thank you to Lord Petre for permission to use his glorious woods. As always he was incredibly welcoming and helpful.

A huge thank you to my band of helpers who ensured the smooth running of the event and to you all for coming.

Planners - John and Jenny Collyer (SOS)

Writtle is certainly an unusual forest, untouched by modern forestry practice it has large swathes of mature standard trees and coppices, leaf-strewn ground cover with little undergrowth to slow progress, very few paths, but a multitude of ditches and streams for navigation, and last but not least, the remains of WW2 training in the multitude of craters to tease at the end of the technical courses. It was a pleasure to get to know these woods and the devising of courses was easy with excellent runnability in all directions.

We would like to thank all those who helped us in the forest and make the event so successful.

Janet our Controller who carefully scrutinised our suggestions, particularly with the needs of the junior courses in an area with so few distinct paths.

Clive Tant for helping to check controls and replacing a unit in the forest when it became clear that the timing was set incorrectly.

Various club members who willingly collected in controls at the finish of the event.

And lastly, all those who took the time to come and find us and say what enjoyable courses they had run.

Controller - Janet Biggs (HAVOC)

Thankfully we were blessed with a dry day after a damp start for those of us who were setting up and checking the controls. It was a pity the heavy overnight rain left some standing water and a few extra ponds. There were a few slips and slides but thankfully no serious injuries.

The courses were ably planned by John and Jenny Collyer who made my work easy and a joy to do. We were concerned about the two most junior courses, White and Yellow, because of the lack of suitable paths. We spent a lot of time checking and rechecking. Fortunately all the youngsters successfully completed their course. It is unfortunate that there were so few competitors on these courses, particularly on the White. One problem which we did not spot until competitors on those courses began to download is that one control box, 102, had the wrong time on its internal clock. So, although competitors received the correct overall time for their course their split times were rather odd. This has been manually corrected although the leg times into 102 and out to the next control may be out by a few seconds.

As controller, it is pleasing to see that the majority of competitors completed their course and most people seem to have enjoyed the very good open forest with little or no undergrowth. A few people did mis-punch but, all for different reasons, which to me, means individual errors rather than planning oversights. We received a lot of compliments about the courses and thank you to everyone who took part and especially to those who gave us feedback.

On behalf of the competitors, thanks to Lyn and her team for organising and sorting out the car parking after the original car parks were unusable. And, of course, to John and Jenny for planning and Clive for helping me check controls on the day.

Par Times

Brown 77:44 (Winner + 50%)
Blue 73:35 (Winner + 50%)
Green 60:24 (Winner + 50%)
Short Green 62:34 (50% of competitors)
Light Green 62:32 (50% of competitors)
Orange 54:24 (50% of competitors)
Yellow 32:32 (50% of competitors)
White 31:24 (100% of competitors)




9km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Richard Collyer GO M45 51:49  
2nd Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M21 56:50 +5:01
3rd Simon Errington HH M55 61:36 +9:47
4th Tom Beskeen WAOC M35 62:41 +10:52
5th Ian Jones NGOC M50 65:24 +13:35
6th Darren Cook SOS M45 65:43 +13:54
7th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M60 66:13 +14:24
8th David Dixon HH M45 67:07 +15:18
9th Steve Hinshelwood WAOC M55 69:12 +17:23
10th Ben Bethell NOR M40 69:30 +17:41
11th Andrew Evans DFOK M65 69:44 +17:55
12th Robin Bishop TVOC M50 70:29 +18:40
13th Douglas McTurk SOS M21 71:42 +19:53
14th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 72:04 +20:15
15th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 73:04 +21:15
16th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M55 76:46 +24:57
Brown standard time 77:44
17th Jacob Sharpe HH M45 78:19 +26:30
18th Hannah Newton IND W21 86:21 +34:32



7.1km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Dil Wetherill WAOC M55 49:03  
2nd Kostya Lutsenko CHIG M45 49:11 +0:08
3rd Alun Jones TVOC M65 50:04 +1:01
4th Guy Lidbury HAVOC M50 50:52 +1:49
5th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 51:27 +2:24
6th Jon Chandler LOK M50 52:16 +3:13
7th Chris Rampton WAOC M55 53:33 +4:30
8th Chloe Cracknell SUFFOC W20 54:29 +5:26
9th Sebastien Flesch HH M50 54:34 +5:31
10th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 55:26 +6:23
11th David Hodson HH M55 56:10 +7:07
12th Michael Bickle WAOC M70 57:29 +8:26
13th Nina Tant SOS W21 57:31 +8:28
14th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 57:35 +8:32
15th Neil Speers DFOK M50 61:20 +12:17
16th Roger Parker NOR M60 62:42 +13:39
17th Ronan Cleary LOK M60 63:00 +13:57
18th Roger Gooding SOS M45 63:17 +14:14
19th Helen Errington HH W55 63:49 +14:46
20th John Clarke SUFFOC M50 63:50 +14:47
21st Iain Stemp WAOC M55 66:29 +17:26
22nd Kevin Parkes HH M60 66:46 +17:43
23rd Ian Byford HH M60 66:59 +17:56
24th Rich Kerswell WAOC M55 67:21 +18:18
25th Adam Willis SUFFOC M21 67:25 +18:22
26th Martin Walker SOS M45 67:32 +18:29
27th Philippa Allen CHIG W40 68:47 +19:44
28th Helen Chiswell DVO W40 69:21 +20:18
29th James Trevelyan SOS M40 70:08 +21:05
30th Shane Muggeridge HAVOC M21 70:31 +21:28
31st Todd C. Rae SMOC M55 71:37 +22:34
32nd Paul Rushmer SMOC M55 72:19 +23:16
33rd Russell Peters WAOC M40 72:23 +23:20
Blue standard time 73:35
34th Mark Collins DFOK M60 74:58 +25:55
35th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W18 76:56 +27:53
36th Sam Hague WAOC M18 77:57 +28:54
37th David Sanderson SOS M55 78:09 +29:06
38th Emma Jarrett WAOC W40 79:57 +30:54
39th Jean-Pierre Carraud SOS M50 80:15 +31:12
40th Dale Bennett HAVOC M55 80:25 +31:22
41st Helen Bickle WAOC W35 84:11 +35:08
42nd David Float HAVOC M50 91:40 +42:37
43rd Rod Mansel SUFFOC M60 91:50 +42:47
44th Lucy Walker SOS W18 92:01 +42:58
45th Heidi Lloyd TVOC W40 98:47 +49:44
46th Stewart Mills HAVOC M55 99:47 +50:44
47th Paul Sheldrake NOR M45 125:25 +76:22
  Dave Ryder SN M55 m17  
  Rini Hoogkamer NOR M60 w20  
  Sandra Dutkiewicz WAOC W21 m8-11 m15-23  



5.1km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Ben Gostick HH M16 33:26  
2nd Paul Langston HH M65 42:24 +8:58
3rd Richard Bonnett BAOC M65 43:45 +10:19
4th Freya Askham SMOC W45 44:41 +11:15
5th Alison Saunders HH W60 45:08 +11:42
6th Chris Shaw HAVOC M70 45:18 +11:52
7th Camilla Darwin WAOC W50 45:49 +12:23
8th Keith Bennett DFOK M45 46:13 +12:47
9th Ben Clarke SUFFOC M16 46:21 +12:55
10th Kate Brett BAOC W55 46:26 +13:00
11th Katie Sellens IND W21 46:37 +13:11
12th LouiseWalker SUFFOC W55 47:21 +13:55
13th Adam Leaf HH M55 49:51 +16:25
14th Vlad Lutsenko CHIG M18 50:43 +17:17
15th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 51:30 +18:04
16th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M65 51:44 +18:18
17th Julie Cleary LOK W55 53:15 +19:49
18th Sue Hartley WAOC W60 53:17 +19:51
19th Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W55 53:57 +20:31
20th Graham Peter Batty HAVOC M60 54:05 +20:39
21st Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W55 55:15 +21:49
22nd Janet Cronk WAOC W60 55:34 +22:08
23rd Matthew Wadey SOS M18 55:38 +22:12
24th Philip Hague WAOC M50 55:46 +22:20
25th Eddie Banks SOS M65 56:56 +23:30
26th Bruce Marshall WAOC M65 57:07 +23:41
27th Colin Jackson HAVOC M60 58:06 +24:40
28th Stuart Hatfield WAOC M35 58:20 +24:54
29th Neil Gostick HH M55 58:30 +25:04
30th Viv Hodson HH W55 59:32 +26:06
31st Milly Askham SMOC W16 60:24 +26:58
Green standard time 60:24
32nd Peter Riches TVOC M70 61:14 +27:48
33rd Debbie Charlton SMOC W60 61:37 +28:11
34th Thomas Martin SOS M16 63:31 +30:05
35th Peter Lund WAOC M60 64:14 +30:48
36th Julie Collins DFOK W60 64:24 +30:58
37th John Mills SOS M45 65:00 +31:34
38th Simon Bowie-Britton SOS M45 65:52 +32:26
39th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W16 66:21 +32:55
40th Chris Childs SOS M70 66:48 +33:22
41st Andrew Leedham LOC M55 67:00 +33:34
42nd Ann Mills SOS W45 68:12 +34:46
43rd Eliza Hermann HH W55 70:35 +37:09
44th Charles Taylor-Keane SMOC M65 70:46 +37:20
45th Barbara Beckett HAVOC W65 72:07 +38:41
46th Ceri Renouf SOS W45 74:56 +41:30
47th Steve Kemp HAVOC M60 74:57 +41:31
48th David Lefevre DFOK M60 78:51 +45:25
49th Hannah Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC W45 79:02 +45:36
50th Andy Brame IND M45 83:33 +50:07
51st Robin Defoe HAVOC M65 84:44 +51:18
52nd Paul Ellis IND M40 93:25 +59:59
53rd Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W55 95:06 +61:40
54th Francis Ronnau-Bradbeer DFOK M60 95:49 +62:23
55th Elspeth Missen SOS W60 97:51 +64:25
56th Claire Clarke SUFFOC W50 102:51 +69:25
  Steven Partridge SOS M50 w16  
  Geoff Goodwin DFOK M65 m12  
  Karen Ezard SOS W60 w11  
  Jackie Sibthorp SOS W50 w17  
  Helen Hague WAOC W50 m13  

Short Green


3.7km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Andrew Henderson WAOC M55 28:55  
2nd David Saunders HH M60 36:44 +7:49
3rd David Norman CHIG M60 44:46 +15:51
4th Iain Ambler CHIG M45 44:48 +15:53
5th Noreen Ives WAOC W65 45:43 +16:48
6th Ann Harris SMOC W65 47:03 +18:08
7th Margaret Jones NGOC W50 51:42 +22:47
8th Geraldine Russell SOS W75 54:25 +25:30
9th John Russell SOS M75 57:27 +28:32
10th James Freeke IND M21 62:34 +33:39
Short Green standard time 62:34
11th Ieva Nauduzaite IND W21 62:40 +33:45
12th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M60 64:49 +35:54
13th Rosie Merry DFOK W55 66:21 +37:26
14th Hazel Bickle WAOC W65 66:28 +37:33
15th Alison Cracknell SUFFOC W50 68:59 +40:04
16th Rachel McTurk SOS W21 71:43 +42:48
17th Maria Marshall WAOC W65 91:55 +63:00
18th Penny Parkes HH W60 93:57 +65:02
19th Susan Rae SMOC W70 112:09 +83:14
20th Emma Morum SOS W21 152:57 +124:02

Light Green


4km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M14 36:10  
2nd Taylor Gooding SOS W14 38:03 +1:53
3rd Matthew Bethell NOR M14 44:33 +8:23
4th Hebe Darwin WAOC W14 44:52 +8:42
5th Ben Partridge SOS M16 51:04 +14:54
6th Emma Bowie-Britton SOS W18 55:01 +18:51
7th Colin Merry DFOK M65 62:32 +26:22
Light Green standard time 62:32
8th Rachel Barford SOS W55 64:27 +28:17
9th Glenn Horton SOS M55 65:30 +29:20
10th Charlie Dixon HH M16 66:32 +30:22
11th Heather Trevelyan IND W14 81:07 +44:57
12th Daniel Ronnau-Bradbeer DFOK M16 82:02 +45:52
13th Ana Goldberg IND W10 98:02 +61:52
  John Allen SOS M70 rtd  



2.6km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Katie Martin SOS W40 36:16  
2nd Matthew Trevelyan IND M12 36:59 +0:43
3rd Amelie Patteson SOS W14 46:45 +10:29
4th Thomas Walker SOS M14 47:05 +10:49
5th Julie Pringle SOS W50 48:05 +11:49
Orange standard time 54:24
n/c Richard Askham +1 SMOC M14 58:20  
6th Gary Dearmer SOS M60 62:42 +26:26
7th Janie Horton SOS W16 63:24 +27:08
8th Christopher Burton IND M65 68:32 +32:16
9th Eden Spackman NOR M12 68:59 +32:43
  Jasper Collyer GO M16 m8-10  



1.8km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M10 15:27  
2nd Patrick Gilmour IND   21:17 +5:50
3rd Alexander Darwin WAOC M10 21:24 +5:57
4th Winston Knight WAOC M12 24:38 +9:11
5th Louis Peters WAOC M14 25:21 +9:54
6th Rosa Ambler CHIG W10 28:19 +12:52
7th James Clarke SUFFOC M10 29:22 +13:55
8th Finn Mather NOR M10 32:32 +17:05
Yellow standard time 32:32
9th Kate Jarrett WAOC W12 32:37 +17:10
10th Edie Allen CHIG W10 38:56 +23:29
11th Donna Fisher IND   40:59 +25:32
12th Maximus Fisher IND   41:01 +25:34
13th George Smith +1 IND M4 58:39 +43:12
14th Persephone Peters +1 WAOC W10 65:49 +50:22
  Christine Des Clayes IND W65 m11  



1.3km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Hugo Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M8 12:31  
2nd Amelie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC W6 25:34 +13:03
3rd Wilf Allen CHIG M6 31:24 +18:53
White standard time 31:24


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