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2019/20 Winter Mid-Week Street O Event No.4
Wednesday 12th February 2020

Organiser/planner - Neil Savage, Neiljohnsavage@gmail.com

Organiser’s Report

Managing to overcome cancelled flights from what was planned as a 2 night, but ended as a 4 night stay in Lisbon, I was still able to make, just, my orienteering organiser debut, hosting event no. 4 of the 2020 winter series in Maldon. By now, thankfully, the storm clouds had passed and the weather was surprisingly pleasant....perhaps the calm before storm Dennis. And yet, with the Ciara very much behind us, there was still a danger to fences in Maldon, not from gusts and gales, however, but from a number of orienteers, who I overheard were so desperate to find controls, they took to traversing 6ft high wooden panels!

A well done to the Long course winner on the night, Kevin Machin and to a joint second of David Lumby and couple, Simon and Lorraine Baker. A special mention also to Roy Read, who had it not been for a couple of incorrect answers, actually run the fastest by nearly 5minutes! To the short course and it was a tight between David Game (1st), Tim Brockington (2nd) and Rachel Barford (3rd), but well done David for picking up first place. A great effort from everyone though.

It was a huge relief to have everyone back in the Blue Boar both safe and with smiles on their faces, and I did get the sense that everyone had enjoyed what I hope was a diverse set of questions/controls. I am actually still relatively new to orienteering, so I now appreciate just how much work does go into these events, but I did really enjoy putting the courses together.

A massive thank you to Mark, my partner in crime on the night and a thank you to both Chris and Julie Laver, for all their support.

Finally, I am running the London Marathon in April in support of a great charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind. To obtain my place I do have to raise £2,000, so if anyone would like to donate, then please find link below.


Many thanks,

Neil Savage

Long Course - Fastest Times
PosNameClubClassMinSecPenalty (Mins)
1Kevin MachinSOS141921M6049000
2Simon/L BakerMECM55/W6050000
3David LumbySOS193157M55 50000
4Paul BeckettHAVOCM5551220
5Roy ReadMECM50542210
6Guy LidburyHAVOC254941M5054275
7Allen SmallsCHACM5056005
8Colin WestSOS362262M6556150
9Lyn WestSOS362261W6558330
10Douglas McturkSOS472253M2159075
11Jackie SibthorpSOS176263W5063320
12A. Armstrong/K. GardM4567560
13C Johnson/R Abbott/ I LaunderMECM55/M55/W5069005
14J Pettifer/L PettiferMECM70/W7070000
15L Higgs/G AbbottMECW55/M5575005
16Tim HullSOS940947M7080335
17John AllenSOS157077M70 832210
18Dean SimmonsMIHHHM21910810
19Chris ChildsSOS467191M70 911415
20S. Waller-Toyne/A. RegentSOS762642W55/M5593250
21John AdamsMIHHHM65971410
Short Course - Fastest Times
PosNameClubClassMinSecPenalty (Mins)
1David GameMECM7047220
2Tim BrockingtonSSM6049545
3Rachel BarfordSOS461841W5550300
4Veronica MachinSOS141922W5558350
5Paul LakeMIHHHM6059065
6Fay SmallsCHACW4563300
7Donna/Max FisherW55/M21894510
League Positions - Long Course after 4 rounds
PosNameClub95-Col96-Dan97-Hal98-MalTop 4Runs
1Alan SmallsCHAC945990613044
2David LumbySOS966372733044
3Lyn WestSOS1001001003003
4Kevin MachinSOS757269822984
5Roy ReadMEC827669632904
6John AllenSOS698072592804
7Chris Childs **SOS757275542764
8Lyn Higgs.MEC767158492544
9Gary AbbottMEC767158492544
10Rachel AbbottMEC727155532514
11John Pettifer.MEC676936642364
12Lorna PettiferMEC676936642363
13Jackie Sibthorp **SOS7979702283
14Melissa DowellCHAC6871581973
15Neil Savage **SOS6750671843
16Colin WestSOS90781682
17Tim HullSOS100611612
18Natalie LaunderMEC72711432
19Elspeth MissenSOS67721392
20Guy LidburyHAVOC76631392
21Steven PartridgeSOS69681372
22Paul BeckettHAVOC66711372
23John AdamsMIHHH74451192
24Ian LaunderMEC55531082
25Nick PughSOS93931
26Dean SimmonsCCC5331842
27Richard RuleSS74741
28Simon BakerMEC73731
29Lorraine BakerMEC73731
30Fay SmallsCHAC65651
31John CarterMEC61611
32Callum TurnerSOS60601
33Katie MartinSOS55551
34Adam WillisSuffoc53531
35Chris JohnsonMEC53531
36Mark HullInd50501
37Andy ArmstrongInd48481
38Kevin GardInd48481
39Doug McTurkSOS48481
40Dean PepperMIHHH45451
41David HurleyMEC39391
42Sarah ColbertMEC39391
43Sue Waller-ToyneSOS39391
44Andy RegentSOS39391
45Joe HarwoodInd34341
46Sheila BaldingInd31311
47Dave BaldingInd31311
League Positions - Short Course after 4 rounds
PosNameClub95-Col96-Dan97-Hal98-MalTop 4Runs
1Rachel BarfordSOS1009782923714
2Veronica MachinSOS736584793014
3Dave Game..MEC89981002873
4Roger GoodingSOS811001812
5Taylor GoodingSOS811001812
6Fay SmallsCHAC5265631803
7Tim BrockingtonSS100771772
8Paul LakeMIHHH66651312
9Martin PughSOS84841
10Emma MorumSOS66661
11Dale BennettHAVOC65651
12Geraldine SearsInd47471
13Margot LumbyIND39391
14Carol Hull.IND36361
15Jenny Allen..MIHHH36361
18Andy WhittakerInd33331
19Donna FisherInd30301
20Max FisherInd30301
* 5 minute penalty for each incorrect or missed control (included in overall recorded time)
** Organiser/Planners have best score replicated in league
Age/Gender handicaps applied to league. Details on the SOS web site - Stragglers League page
Multiple runners score based on lowest value handicap
League positions determined by the best 4 runs in the series

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