Mike’s eNews Febuary 2016

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Mike’s eNews Febuary 2016

Post by Administrator » Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:37 pm

Insurance & Event Officials

Several people have, very understandably, raised the matter of event officials not having attended an Event Safety Workshop, the recent rule changes, and insurance.

The situation has now been resolved with the following outcome:

· During 2016 all events must have the safety and risk management checked and signed off by a person who has attended an Event Safety Workshop
· Clubs should continue to provide workshops for event officials and potential volunteers as a matter of urgency
· By 1 Jan 2017 people organising, planning and controlling all events must have attended an Event Safety Workshop
· From 1 Jan 2017 insurance cover will be at risk if event officials have not attended a Workshop

There are also a number of other stipulations that you should be aware of:

· The Risk Assessment/Mitigation for an event should be published at the event – probably at the registration desk.
· The Risk Assessment/Mitigation should also be a part of the ‘bulletin’ at major events from 1 Jan 2017.
· Still under discussion with the insurers are the possible requirement to publish the risk assessment with the event details on the promotional websites (often the club and British Orienteering websites) and on the entries website. These possible requirements are being pursued as a means to ensure entrants are aware of the risks associated with a particular event before they enter. I’ll keep you updated regarding this possible requirement.

A news item about this matter will be posted next week to try to make sure that people are aware of these changes.

We will get the rules on the website updated as soon as we are able but there is a process to go through that is unlikely to be quick. In reality this is an example of an insurance matter that, like legal and Health & Safety matters, is externally driven and as such probably needs to lie outside the rules so that changes can be made more speedily.

Advice from Ernie Williams who sits on Events & Competitions Committee with responsibility for event officials is:

· to get as many Event Officials who have not attended a ES&W Workshop to do so as soon as is possible this year, particularly for Events at all Levels that are already scheduled for this year, and for future years;
· to ensure without fail that there is a fully completed and unique to the specific Event signed and dated Risk Assessment, and that this should also be displayed at Registration alongside the Accident and Emergency availability, and with text directions and map to the nearest Hospital A&E Department or Urgent Care Centre or Minor Injuries Unit;
· if a Level D Organiser/Planner has not yet attended an ES&W Workshop then they must be mentored/advised by a British Orienteering Graded and Qualified Controller or Coach who has attended a ES&W Workshop, and who will be responsible for overseeing the Event preparations and signing-off the Risk Assessment on behalf of the Organiser/Planner, the host Club, and British Orienteering - should the Event Organiser and/or Planner for a Level C Event have not yet attended a ES&W Workshop then the appointed qualified Graded Controller will have the responsibility to ensure that all of the above in (ii) and (iii) is checked and undertaken on behalf of British Orienteering.

If you remember, last year Regional Associations were circulated and informed of these imminent changes to Appendix C, the need for ES&W Workshops to be held as a priority, and also requested that they let Ernie know of Courses/Workshops held June 2014 to June 2015 and also Courses/Workshops being arranged for June 2015 to end 2016 – up to last week, 7 of the 12 Associations had replied to Ernie, some in more detail than others.

For those interested in this topic, a little background.

The rule changes that were published at the end of last year included a requirement for all event officials to have attended an Event Safety Workshop. This change has caught a number of people by surprise.

Firstly, an apology from me; I had been fully aware of the rule changes as they were presented for adoption to the Board by the Events & Competitions Committee. I was also in on-going negotiations with our insurers about this very same issue at the time of the Board meeting. Unfortunately, I failed to put two and two together which resulted in the Board adopting the rule changes stipulating that from the 1 Jan 2016 all event officials must have attended a Workshop. My fault for not picking up the potential conflict.

As you should know our insurers have required that we move towards a position of being able to demonstrate all our ‘event officials’ (controller, organiser, planner – mapper I’ll deal with later) are trained and competent since they are so important in ensuring events are staged with managed risk etc.

At one point the insurers were requiring this immediately – that is 2013; I argued that it was impossible for us to put this in place immediately. They accepted this on the basis that training should start asap (as it did, with the Event Safety Workshops) and that we move to their preferred position as quickly as possible. We then changed insurers and the negotiations started again, trying to determine when these changes could feasibly be implemented. This position was finally resolved only a week ago – prior to that we were unclear about the requirements that were to apply in 2016.

Whilst I would argue that the attendance of event officials at an Event Safety Workshop is appropriate from a British Orienteering perspective I must stress that this requirement is not one that was initiated by British Orienteering. It has been insurance driven and associated with providing insurance cover for events/members at a reasonable cost.

It’s also worth noting that the insurers want us to move to a position where significant event officials are ‘qualified’, that is there is a mechanism for checking the knowledge and competence of officials and, if necessary, preventing officials that have not demonstrated their competence from practicing. Personally, I understand this and am sympathetic to it but appreciate on a pragmatic level that this position will cause us many problems and probably reduce the number of event officials we can use and consequently the number of events that are organised. The alternative, if there is one, may be to accept that the cost of insurance is going to rise, possibly steeply.

Mappers were of major concern to our previous insurers as they related a ‘poor’ or ‘bad’ map as potentially being a major risk. I argued this position on the basis that many maps do not involve dangerous or risky areas but the insurers continued to have issue with this position – it remained unresolved. Fortunately, our current insurers have not yet brought the need for the competence of mappers to the table to be dealt with.

Mapping & OS

Just a reminder really. I received a note from OS this week stating:

It is almost a year ago OS rebranded its logo and there was a requirement that Partners needed to change to the new logo. A year was given for this to be implemented and I am pleased that most Partners have changed from the old logo to the new.

This is just a reminder that any logo changes MUST be actioned by the 9th February 2016. If you use the OS logo in any way can you please ensure you are using the new one, which you can see below.

Provided you have followed the eNews articles on this topic over the last year you will be up to date but if you have missed the discussion it is important that you look at the following link:
[urlhttps://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/index.ph ... nce_survey[/url]

Board / Association Meeting

The meeting is scheduled to take place in a week’s time on Saturday 13 February 2016, 11:00 to 16:00 in the Bertha Wright room, Carrs Lane, Birmingham.

The Board are very keen to hear what attendees have to say about the future of orienteering in the UK and of British Orienteering. The discussion draft ‘Overview of Our Vision & Strategic Plan’ has taken considerable time to develop to a stage where we have some principles we would like the views of attendees on. We’ve already consulted on our vision for the sport and are reaching the stage when it will be beneficial to consult widely with our associations, clubs and members, but before we do this we would like to hear the views of attendees.

We are not seeking a consolidated view from associations at this stage – far from it, we know it will take considerable time for associations and clubs to schedule a discussion into meetings. There will be time for that later; at the meeting we will be wanting personal, initial views based on the wide experience attendees have of orienteering and from their involvement at association level.

The Agenda for the meeting is:

Intro & background to the Vision & Strategic Plan
Attendees views on the discussion draft
Communications between Associations, Board, steering groups/committees and staff
A Q&A opportunity for attendees to raise any queries or matters with the Board
Value of a regular (annual) meeting between Associations & Board?

The Chair, Martin Ward, representatives of the Board and I am looking forward to meeting with attendees and listening to their views which are important to us.

A couple of associations have not responded to the invite and we’ll be communicating with them up as soon as possible.

Government Strategy for Sport

Just a reminder that it has been published and is worth a read.

You can find the strategy and a brief note about it in the news section of our website or the full strategy here.

Funding British Orienteering

The Board meeting last week spent time discussing the future funding of British Orienteering. It became very clear during the discussion that we need to communicate with associations, clubs and members extensively to discuss the role and responsibilities of British Orienteering. Once these discussions have progressed a wider discussion about how British Orienteering develops and is funded will need to follow.

At this stage I’m not going to commence the discussion just to prepare the ground and warn you that there will be another eNews shortly after next week’s meeting between Association and Board representatives that will focus on these important matters.

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