Mike’s eNews March 2016

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Mike’s eNews March 2016

Post by Administrator » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:14 pm

Mike’s eNews – 21 March 2016

AGM Proposal regarding membership fees and levy

If you haven’t done so already, please read the discussion so far which can be found here to appreciate some of the background to the proposal.

If you have views you would like to share about this proposal or matters related to the proposal please feel free to send them to feedback@britishorienteering.org.uk.

Please let us have your views either in person at the AGM or by email, it will help the Board understand the wider issues and develop a longer term strategy about how British Orienteering should be funded that members will support.

John Disley CBE, Vice President

I’m sure than most of you will be aware of that the funeral of our Vice President has taken place. John's funeral was mainly for family and Welsh friends in Snowdonia. He is now at rest in the cemetery of St. Julitta’s Church within sight of the Snowdon Horseshoe. During the last 10 years John was largely responsible for the restoration of this 13th century church that is situated close to the National Mountain Centre, where John was the first Chief Instructor in the 1950s.

You will see from the Personal Reflection of John Disley’s Contribution to British Orienteering, prepared by Chris James that John’s contribution to the development of orienteering in the UK was significant. You can read Chris' article in full at https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/ ... 7-3-16.pdf.

A memorial service for John will take place at 4pm on Thursday 21st April 2016 at All Hallows by the Tower, Bywayrd Street, London, EC3R 5BJ.

Email addresses

It’s been suggested that I ask clubs and associations to consider using generic email address for officers, I mean by that Chair@.... Or Secretary@..... Etc. Some of you already do but others use personal emails and of course when a person retires from office the email then goes to the wrong address and is not dealt with. One of our association officers has just circulated an email to find a large percentage being rejected because the email address no longer exists. Ideally, the club/association will remember to change the underlying address when the post holder changes – at the very least, the email will go to the old holder and should eventually reach its destination.

World Orienteering Day – Wednesday 11 May 2016

The first ever World Orienteering Day will be held on Wednesday May 11th 2016. All schools and O-clubs around the world are encouraged to participate.

The IOF are looking to set a new Guinness World Record of 250,000 young people participating in orienteering events simultaneously all over the world on this day.

You can read about it via the first World Orienteering Day newsletter which can be found at http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n01182714.

The logo was designed by 19-year-old Ade Anandra from Indonesia and there are further details on the IOF website

Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager

Permanent Orienteering Courses

As has been previously referenced we have been updating the permanent course portal on the website. There are three keys aims of the update:

· To provide British Orienteering, clubs and associations with a simple solution for sale and provision of permanent orienteering course maps
· To create a public friendly access point to find permanent orienteering courses across the UK
· To allow British Orienteering, clubs and associations to gain a better understanding of the level of participation occurring on permanent courses

We’ve worked with a small number of clubs to test the system and whilst there are still improvements to be made we would now like to ask clubs to nominate a permanent course manager who we can provide with access to edit the club’s permanent courses. Please email info@britishorienteering.org.uk with the name, email address and membership number of the person you would like to have this responsibility. From next year this position will be included on the club annual return in order to integrate this process with current practices.

Junior Development

After a recent meeting we’d like to ask clubs if they have things going on that juniors would be interested in, for example school or junior competitions/leagues, coaching sessions, work with schools. We know there is a lot going on and would like to find more material and links for the Schools page on the website. The material needs to be current but apart from that we’re happy to consider anything.

Major Events

Please note the following:

· Entries for the British Orienteering Sprint and Middle Championships 2016 are now open, for online entries go to: http://www.fabian4.co.uk/default.aspx?EventID=1469. For more information about the events http://www.britishsprintchamps.org.uk and http://www.britishmiddlechamps.org.uk

· Results for the first 2 UKOL competitions have been published, Individual and Club league results can be viewed at http://www.ukorienteeringleague.org.uk. Congratulations to Claire Ward and Graham Gristwood for retaining their titles of British Night Champions (M & W21L)
Event Officials

Just for clarification, my article in Focus regarding Event Volunteers was not clear about what we were expecting new volunteers to attend.

We would expect new event volunteers to attend the Event Safety Workshop but the other course mentioned that I referred to as ‘Planning Simple Courses Workshop’ is not intended to be ‘mandatory’ but will be offered to clubs as a resource if they wish to use it. We know several clubs already have good internal training workshops and materials and we want these clubs to continue to deliver workshops and training as they currently do. It is from clubs such as these that we have tried to pull together good practice for other clubs to benefit from – if they wish.

Best wishes,


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