Mike's eNews - May 2015

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Mike's eNews - May 2015

Post by Administrator » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:27 pm

John Disley CBE, Vice President – A Fitting Tribute

A memorial service for John took place at 4pm on Thursday 21st April 2016 at All-Hallows-by-the-Tower, Bywayrd Street, London. Chris James a personal friend of John represented and spoke on behalf of orienteering.

A large congregation gathered at 4.00 pm within All Hallows-by-the-Tower Church to commemorate John’s life. The hymns and readings all reflected John’s life, starting in Wales and Shropshire and then later moving to Plas Y Brenin before settling in Surrey. The readings were given by Kate Disley, John’s younger daughter, Ken Jones and Emma Disley, John’s elder daughter. Three addresses covered the main phases of John’s career. Roger Orgill M.B.E. spoke of John, the mountaineer, Chris James spoke of John, the orienteer and then Hugh Brasher, son of the late Chris Brasher, spoke of John, the athlete & marathon founder. The Service was conducted by Revd Bertrand Olivier and the choir led by Stephen Cleobury C.B.E., John’s son-in-law, with Stephen Disley, John’s 8th cousin, playing the organ.

The Revd Bertrand Olivier explained that the church is indeed the church for the London Marathon where each year a service is conducted on the eve of the marathon to bless all the competitors. As a result of John’s gentle persuasion, the vicar is now a rather fitter person who took part in the race for the 12th time this year. It was most fitting that the farewell to John should be at the church were John & Sylvia had always been present for the service. The memorial service was followed by a reception at Trinity House situated nearby facing the Tower of London. Among the guests were former Olympic and Commonwealth athletes, including Sir Roger Bannister, a former President of British Orienteering, Bruce Tulloh, Steve Cram C.B.E., David Hemery C.B.E., Alan Pascoe M.B.E., and Lord Sebastian Coe, Valerie Winn, née Ball and, of course, John’s widow, Sylvia Disley, née Cheeseman. A number of members of British Orienteering! including Jennie Taylor, our Marketing Manager, standing in for Mike Hamilton, who was on holiday in the Far East, and members of Southern Navigators, the Club that John formed in 1965.

In his address Chris James covered many of the successes that John had achieved for orienteering. It started with his own series of events in Surrey from 1964, drawing together interested parties in England and founding Southern Navigators in 1965. In 1966 there was the English Orienteering Association and introducing of orienteering to the British Army as well as heading an English Team to participate in the first Orienteering World Championships in Finland. He initiated the Jan Kjellstrom Trophy in March 1967 and was instrumental in helping to form the British Orienteering Federation in June 1967. He became the first National Treasurer 1967-69, Chairman in 1969-72 and then, along with his close friend Chris Brasher and Bob Climie from Scotland, organised the World Championships in 1976 based upon Aviemore in the Highlands of Scotland. This was John’s crowning glory in orienteering before moving on to start the London Marathon on 29th March 1981 w! ith Chris Brasher. We will miss John and all that he has contributed to our great sport in the UK.

Chris James – E&CC Chair (E&CCchair@britishorienteering.org.uk) 30th April 2016

Membership fees and levy for 2017

You may have been wondering where the Board are in progressing this matter.

The Board held a meeting on Wednesday 6 April 2016 to discuss how this matter should be progressed. The minutes of the meeting have now been published for those interested.

In brief there was a discussion about whether holding an EGM is the best way forward and the when will be the most appropriate time to hold an EGM. The lead-in time required for a general meeting, for notifying the membership etc., makes this quite challenging. Potential opportunities to hold the EGM include during Croeso and the Compass Sport Cup Final. Ultimately it was agreed that the Club & Association Conference, to be held on Saturday 29 October 2016, is probably the most appropriate opportunity to stage the EGM.

Factors affecting this decision included:
· Needs to be time for a ‘proper’ consultation with members, clubs and associations.
· CSC is a ‘closed’ event and people often want to depart from the event fairly quickly, possibly using coaches for transport – not sure sufficient numbers would be prepared, or able, to stay for an AGM.
· Club & Association Conference could be thrown open to members, encouraging those interested to attend.
· Time is required to encourage more members to use their vote.

It was also agreed that there should be a wide consultation with association, clubs and members.

A small group was established to develop the options and supporting documents for the consultation in time for the Board to agree them at the June Board meeting. This group has met and papers are currently being prepared for the Board to discuss and agree prior to the consultation commencing.

POCs - Permanent Orienteering Courses

A brief reminder that the new permanent course system is live on the website, http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/pocs. For clubs who have yet to nominate a POC manager you are encouraged to do so; there are a number of benefits that we hope will appeal:
1. Clubs can maintain up to date record of all POCs
2. Clubs can gain understanding of the level of use and participation of their POCs
3. Users who download maps can opt to provide contact details for follow up on orienteering opportunities near them
4. Planned national promotion of permanent orienteering courses will increase exposure of POCs

POC managers will gain the ability to edit existing POCs as well as upload new courses, to nominate a club POC manager please email info@britishorienteering.org.uk.

World Orienteering Day – Wednesday 11 May 2016

The first ever World Orienteering Day was held on Wednesday 11th May 2016. National Federations were encouraged by the IOF to promote the Day to all their schools and clubs.

During the Day thousands of orienteering events took place across the world in celebration, including in the UK! The events took place in cities, parks, forests and in school yards. Most of the participants will have been young people and school children, but people of all ages have been encouraged to take part.

Here in the UK, 146 events took place across the country and we’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of you who took part in organising activities and events.

The aim of the day was to get as many people as possible orienteering across the world and help establish an “Official International Orienteering Federation Record” for the participation in World Orienteering Day.

For more information about World Orienteering Day visit: http://www.worldorienteeringday.com

Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager

Major Events

Sally Pygott our Major Events Manager departed for maternity leave slightly earlier than planned and she and husband, Mark, are now the proud parents to Oliver. In fact, Oliver was born during the JK, fitting timing! We’re looking forward to meeting Oliver sometime soon.

During Sally’s maternity leave we have taken a number of decisions to progress the work she was responsible for:

1. Derek Allison has agreed to provide some support and cover to the coordinators and organisers of the major events that British Orienteering is responsible for. Many, if not most of you know Derek and that he has a great deal of practical knowledge and experience of staging major events. We have agreed with Derek that we retain him for a number of days to provide this support but clearly his time is limited and he has other work that he must continue to deliver. If you are delivering one of our major events in the next couple of years and think you might like to make use of Derek’s support, please contact me directly at mhamilton@britishorienteering.org.uk

2. We have commissioned an event management company to stage a small number of events that might be attractive to the 16 to 35 age group. This is a pilot project and these events will be orienteering based but aimed at a non-orienteering market. We’ll keep you up to date as this project progresses.

While we are talking about major events, many thanks to those volunteers who have so successfully staged major events on behalf of British Orienteering during the last few months. We know how much work is involved and are very grateful, on behalf of our members, for the exceptional commitment and expertise you have shown in delivering these events.


Unfortunately, a recent major event has highlighted a couple of issues you need to be aware of and bring to the attention of your members.

1. Access: access agreements often have clauses and these sometimes need to be brought to the attention of people entering the events. One recent major event had a written condition related to no dogs being allowed. This was a fundamental clause in the agreement with the land owner due to there being sheep including very young lambs on his land and in proximity to the orienteering courses and parking areas.
This was made clear to participants in the event programme and promotional materials.
It is important that members respect such conditions of entry to events as failure to respect such condition will lose land owner trust and respect for orienteering and orienteers and ultimately is likely to lead to access for orienteering not being given.

2. Volunteers give of their time freely and almost entirely orienteering is based on volunteers delivering events. Verbal abuse to a volunteer is not acceptable neither is ignoring the instructions of a volunteer. There can be no excuse for this type of behaviour. British Orienteering has the policies and procedures in place to deal with such a situation but it is clearly far better if we do not have to resort to them. Please respect our volunteers in all circumstances; if a participant feels strongly about the behaviour of a volunteer, speak to the organiser or a senior volunteer at the event and let them deal with it diplomatically.

Best wishes,


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