Mike's eNews - June 2015

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Mike's eNews - June 2015

Post by Administrator » Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:09 pm

Membership & Levy Fees 2017

The Board discussed this matter at the recent meeting and agreed that an EGM should be held in conjunction with the Club & Association Conference on Saturday 29 October 2016. The Conference presents the best opportunity to hold the EGM and ensure we have the 50 members in attendance that are required for the meeting to be quorate.

The late October date does make dealing with the commencement of the new membership year difficult as we start the renewals process with effect from 1 November but we believe it is feasible. We will still require any changes to club and association membership fees by 23 October which will be prior to the decision about British Orienteering membership fees being made.

The Board will agree the options to be presented to members in a discussion draft which will be a part of a period of consultation prior to the Board finally agreeing the proposal that will be put to members at the EGM.

The discussion draft is likely to include a number of options that help identify the preferred balance between raising membership fees and levy in order to produce the required increase in income.

The Board have agreed the consultation process:
1. Personal contact and discussion with each of the Chairs of the national associations, NIOA, SOA, WOA
2. Personal contact and discussion with the Chairs of the English associations probably in 2 or 3 conference calls with those unable to join any calls being picked up individually; the BSOA is not included as it is not affected by the membership and levy issue
3. Clubs will be engaged through eNews and direct email contact
4. Members will be engaged through a survey and direct emails
5. Summary of the consultation will be published

The Board will also be happy to consider alternatives to the options presented in the discussion draft if any are put forward during the consultation period. It is recognised however that some alternatives, however positively they are viewed, may be impractical to implement for the 2017 membership year. If this is the case such options may be considered for implementation in membership year 2018 or future years.

A schedule leading to the EGM was also produced:

Saturday, 18 June - Board meeting – agree consultation document
June - Consultation – Association Chairs
July - Consultation – Clubs & members
Friday, 19 August - Last day for written notification of EGM - [Clause 33 – 70 clear days before AGM]
Thursday, 8 September - Last date for agenda items [Clause 34.4- >= 50 clear days before AGM]
Saturday, 17 September - Board meeting – consider feedback; agree EGM proposal
Tuesday, 4 October - EGM Papers inc proxy papers to members
[Clause 33 - >=21 clear days prior to AGM - 3 days posting]
Friday, 7 October - Members need to receive agenda & papers [Clause 33 - >=21 clear days prior to AGM]
Saturday, 29 October - EGM

Links with Associations

Whist we are consulting with association chairs we will also take the opportunity to talk about the links between the Board and the associations. These links with associations are seen to be important and the membership & levy consultation process is a good time to review these links and see if we can further improve communications.

Coach Licencing Scheme

You should all be aware that a Coaching Licencing Scheme (CLS) exists. The purpose of the scheme is to make sure we have a list of active coaches who we can try and support. This support includes providing public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover specifically to protect licenced coaches during their coaching activities. Our CLS is recognised by SportsCoach UK and we are one of only a handful of sports that have a ‘certified’ scheme.

The term 'Licence to Coach' identifies those Orienteering Coaches meeting the following criteria:
· Current member of British Orienteering
· Demonstrated competence against the standards at the appropriate Coaching Award Level
· Signed to confirm acceptance of the British Orienteering Code of Conduct for Coaches
· Has an appropriate First Aid qualification

Note that there is no longer a need for a coach to hold a satisfactory criminal record check to be licenced. However, if an association, club or member is using a licenced coach, or any coach, to coach children or adults at risk you must check the criteria to see if the coach should be checked. The criteria can be found at https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/coach_support under the PVG Scheme (Scotland) and the DBS Disclosure Process (England & Wales). It is your responsibility to make sure a check is made if it is needed

We encourage associations, clubs and individual members to use only British Orienteering licenced orienteering coaches as these are the only coaches we can recommend and endorse.

POCs - Permanent Orienteering Courses

Just a reminder that the new permanent course system is live on the website at http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/pocs. For clubs who have POCs and have yet to nominate a POC manager you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible; there are a number of benefits that we hope will appeal:

1. Clubs can maintain up to date record of all POCs
2. Clubs can gain understanding of the level of use and participation of their POCs
3. Users who download maps can opt to provide contact details for follow up on orienteering opportunities near them
4. Planned national promotion of permanent orienteering courses will increase exposure of POCs

POC managers will gain the ability to edit existing POCs as well as upload new courses. To nominate a club POC manager please email info@britishorienteering.org.uk.

On Thursday 16 June we will be launching a new POC based at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This will be shortly after the British Sprint Championship and we hope it will help create a long lasting orienteering legacy in the Park.

Independent Director - Recruiting

You will be aware that we have places for 3 Independent Directors on the Board. One of our first Independent Directors, John Flook, has recently been re-appointed for another 3-year term. This leaves one vacant position that we are now recruiting for.

We have always recruited widely and are pleased to report that the Appointment Panel has always been in a position where it has been required to select from a list of suitable candidates. However, if you know people that might be interested in the role please encourage them to consider applying. The closing date is 27th June 2016 and the full advert is (or will be on Monday) available on the website as a news item.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the strategy for the development of orienteering in the UK at a key time in the history of the sport, engaging with a range of partners, funding bodies, a committed volunteer workforce and the grassroots membership.

To ensure that the strategic leadership of British Orienteering is equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet these challenges, we are seeking to appoint a candidate who is comfortable working at a strategic level alongside a mix of staff and volunteers.

No prior experience of orienteering is required, although knowledge or experience of the sports or outdoor activity sectors would be an advantage. Ideally the successful candidate should have experience in one or more of the following areas:

· Customer Care
· Marketing, particularly digital and/or social media
· Public and media relations

Candidates will be able to demonstrate:
· An impressive track record of success in the private, public and/or voluntary sector
· An understanding of the role of an Independent Director in promoting good governance.
· A good understanding of the role that sport plays in society
· Ability to think creatively and strategically; the skills to challenge current thinking at Board level
· A clear commitment to improving diversity and equality and understanding the needs of under-represented groups in sport
· A good understanding of the UK’s sporting landscape

British Orienteering has an absolute commitment to improving diversity and equality, and understanding the needs of groups under-represented in our sport. We are keen to achieve a more diverse Board of Directors and particularly welcome applications from members of under-represented groups.

As these appointments are for Independent Directors, candidates must not have been employed by British Orienteering, been Directors of British Orienteering, or have been involved in any national-level committee or group of British Orienteering in the ten years prior to their application.

The Board currently holds four full-day face-to-face Board meetings per year at the British Orienteering national office near Matlock, Derbyshire. Board teleconferences take place in between these, typically four times per year, generally on weekday evenings and lasting around an hour.

Individuals wishing to discuss the role further prior to application can contact the current Chair of British Orienteering, Judith Holt, at chair@britishorienteering.org.uk or the CEO, Mike Hamilton at mhamilton@britishorienteering.org.uk.

To obtain an application pack, please contact info@britishorienteering.org.uk. All applications must be received by 10am on Monday 27th June 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interviews which will take place in July.

Event Officials

Over the coming months there will be changes to the way we register and maintain our lists of event officials.

This is a part of our attempt to reduce the burocracy and simplify the work you and we need to do.

At the moment we maintain lists of ‘qualification’ and ‘licences’ that volunteers have. The way we use this means that we also record the courses or workshops that people attend. An example of the data we might hold for a member is:

Member - Qualifications - Licence
A - Event Safety Workshop - Event Organiser Grade C
B - Disclosure and Barring Scheme Enhanced Disclosure (DBS), Event Controller Grade B Course - Event Controller Grade B , Event Organiser Grade B
C - Event Controller Grade B Course, Event Safety Workshop - Event Controller Grade B

The colour Red signifies that the DBS has lapsed whilst Green text signifies the qualification or licence is valid.

We will continue to record workshops attended and qualifications but not Licences for event officials. This will be replaced by a system where a ‘tab’ called ‘My Volunteering’ will be displayed under a member’s login and in this will be listed the events/activities the member has been involved with and in what capacity.

This will mean that a member can always track the events they have been involved as an event official in. Additionally, if a club or association is looking for an event official, a controller for example, they will be able to search for all those members (in an area or club) that have already acted as a controller and at what events. This will give clubs and associations the information they require to select a person for a role. Note I use the word ‘select’ because it will be for the organising body be it club, association or British Orienteering to select an appropriate person for a role and take responsibility for that decision.

Whilst in some ways this is a small change it will simplify the administrative work that is required to support the current system. It will be more accurate as licences will not need updating all the time and the data entry and associated errors will be removed as the system will use the event registration information which hopefully is entered accurately by club and association members.

Best wishes,


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