Mike's eNews - July 2016

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Mike's eNews - July 2016

Post by Administrator » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:26 pm

Coaching Conference 2017

Outline details - book the date in your calendar NOW!

Date: 14th & 15th January 2017: 11am start Saturday, finish 5pm; Sunday 9am start, finish 1pm after lunch. CE, IV, Assessors have a session after lunch Sunday (finish approx. 4pm); if you wish to continue to be a Coach educator / Assessor / Internal verifier then you must attend this session. If you are interested in becoming a CE, IV or Assessor you are welcome to come along.
Location: Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Cheshire Campus in Crewe. This is convenient to the train station and several 'budget' hotels. Delegates should book their own accommodation for the conference.
Co-ordinator: Vicky Thornton
Theme, speakers & seminars / activities: this is currently being worked on and will be detailed in an article in the Autumn edition of 'Focus'.
Booking will be confirmed in the Autumn 'Focus'.
O maps will possibly be available of Crewe Park in advance for those who would like informal run in the park Saturday am.
Catering during the conference will be provided by MMU and included in the conference fee
Cost: this will be confirmed before bookings open.

Coach Licencing Scheme

After the article in eNews last month there are a couple of things to clarify:

1. Coach licencing will continue – the later article in the eNews about the change in system for event officials whereby some licencing schemes will be changed was only in reference to event officials. Licences to Coach will continue to be supported and is our way of ensuring that clubs and members know which coaches are maintaining their good practice and currency.

2. Continuous personal development or CPD is a critical part of maintaining a licence and coaches wanting to update their licence need to maintain a log book of their coaching related activities and need to communicate with their association coaching representative.
A list of association coaching reps can be found at https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/coach_support and a details about the log book and CPD can be found on the same page.

Recognised Centre Update

We are pleased to report that another outdoor centre has achieved British Orienteering Recognised Centre Status which brings the total number of centres that have completed the process to 5. Junior Choice Adventure’s Condover Hall site (located just to the South of Shrewsbury, joins East Lothian Council Outdoor Learning Service, Dolphin House Outdoor Centre (South Ayrshire), Kingswood Colomendy (near Mold) and Plas Y Brenin (in Snowdonia) in having demonstrated that have met the Recognised Centre criteria and as such as providing a positive first of experience for newcomers.

The Recognised Centre Map shows the locations of all the centres that have met the Recognised Centre Criteria (in green) along with another 9 centres that have signed up to the process (and are at various stages through it). One of the positive outcomes of the Recognised Centre scheme is that the Outdoor Centres are engaging with clubs and their local communities to contribute towards raising the profile of and increasing participation in orienteering. Examples of this include Recognised Centres hosting Teaching Orienteering courses, being involved in the organisation of inter-school competitions and signposting their customers to orienteering events and activities.

Developments in the Recognised Centre Scheme are now being reported to members through News Items, Social Media and Focus articles. If you are interested in finding out more about the Recognised Centre Scheme then please contact Dan Riley, National Participation Manager at driley@britishorienteering.org.uk

Dan Riley

Membership & Levy Fees 2017

The association chairs part of the consultation is almost complete and as anticipated polarised views have been received from some associations. The wider consultation will be progressing over the next week or so with a survey asking for the input of members. There will also be opportunity for clubs to make their views known directly to us.

Input so far is in favour of a ‘middle’ solution somewhere around the £7.50 senior membership and £1.75 levy but there are some wanting a lower membership/higher levy and others a higher membership/lower levy. Clearly we are not going to be able to please everyone!

As a part of the consultation, club and association chairs and secretaries will be invited to respond directly back to me once you have a representative view. An email about this will follow.

The Board will then discuss the input provided in time to produce a proposal for the EGM to be held in conjunction with the Club & Association Conference on Saturday 29 October 2016.

Just a reminder of the consultation process agreed by the Board:

1. Personal contact and discussion with each of the Chairs of the national associations, NIOA, SOA, WOA - completed

2. Personal contact and discussion with the Chairs of the English associations probably in 2 or 3 conference calls with those unable to join any calls being picked up individually; the BSOA is not included as it is not affected by the membership and levy issue - completed

3. Clubs will be engaged through eNews and direct email contact

4. Members will be engaged through a survey and direct emails

5. Summary of the consultation will be published

Links with Associations

Whilst we have been consulting with association chairs we have also taken the opportunity to talk about the links between the Board and the associations.

The Board have yet to discuss the feedback but it can be summed up as:

1. Associations appreciate the face to face visits by a Board member; they also appreciate the challenges on the time of directors and it is suggested that face to face visits could be 2 times a year if possible

2. Direct link with a specific director for other communications; providing associations with direct access to a Board member

3. Associations might value a Board/Assoc forum meeting once a year if there is a specific purpose and agenda

Once the Board have discussed this matter and come to an agreed position we will communicate with the association chairs and publish a document describing the links. We certainly all want links to be strong and effective.
POCs - Permanent Orienteering Courses

The new portal is live on the website at http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/pocs and is doing good business for a few clubs.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park POC has now been made available following the British Sprint Championships, read about the POC at London Sport piece https://londonsport.org/news/brand-new- ... mpic-park/.

If your club is interested and hasn’t signed up yet, please appoint a POC Manager and email info@britishorienteering.org.uk.

Independent Director - Recruiting

Recruiting a third and final independent director continues with short listing and interviews currently taking place. The list of applicants is strong and there is a considerable number to choose from, a good position to be in! We hope to be able to advise you of the appointment shortly along with the successful applicant’s background and what he or she will bring to the Board.

British Orienteering Website

Over the summer and into autumn there will be a number of changes made to the website.

The website will be split into a public facing website and a section for members. The public section will be less wordy and more attractive to a wider group of people whilst the members section will contain the resources etc for our volunteers such as coaches and event officials. Members will need to login to reach resources and volunteer support pages. If you or other members of your club are a current member and do not know your login details, please click on the ‘Forgotten login details’ on the home page of the website.

The website is currently very text orientated and we will be working to reduce this as much as we can.

The changes will include making some non-confidential data more open so that we can work more aggressively with a number of partners to promote orienteering events and activities.

As the changes take place I’ll be updating you.

Event Officials

A reminder to clubs and members about the Event Safety Workshop; attendance at a workshop will be mandatory for all Event Officials on 1st January. 2017.

Many clubs have been very active in helping their event officials meet this requirement and we hope that other clubs will offer courses local to members over the later parts of 2016.

Over the coming months there will be changes to the way we register and maintain our lists of event officials.

Consultations and Survey

Over the next few weeks there will be a number of surveys and consultations taking place including:

1. The next phase of the Membership & Levy Fee 2017 consultation

2. The wider consultation regarding our Strategic Plan

3. To increase our knowledge about the sporting/activity backgrounds to our regular orienteers and of our less frequent orienteers

I hope you will take part in these consultations as they are strongly influencing the future of orienteering in the UK. Please also encourage your members and less frequent participants to take part.

Many thanks for your support for this important work.

Images & Image Taking

I’m really sorry about the action taken this week to ban headcams for a short period. Several real problems have arisen but I hope to be able to provide new guidance over the next week.

I’m aware this is an area of concern to some of you and I’m dealing with it as a matter of priority. Almost certainly the new policy and guidance will be more relaxed and easier to ‘police’ but it will need clubs to ask your members if there are special circumstance surrounding the identity of their children and particularly if they are in a position of needing to maintain confidentiality of the children. For instance, if an adopted child is under a court protection order it will be important that a club is aware of this fact.

I’ll get back to you on this matter as quickly as I can.

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Re: Mike's eNews - July 2016

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