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Scores Events Rules FAQ

Stragglers League

Compare your League position with your national ranking against other Stragglers here.

Latest Scores

1(1)Jenny Collyer1008910082100989910010096928459912
2(3)John Collyer80999170838710087741008310057712
3(2)Oliver Prince100997380969793915768
4(4)Lyn West89100839772708888847268969356313
5(7)Nicholas Pugh90927486897910096799456110
6(5)Ian Hargreaves100908990871005566
7(6)Richard Bonnett9868100928010070845548
8(8)Edwin Banks7599977281848690658754310
9(9)Colin West9183807091757590745109
10(10)Darren Cook788081818086995077
11(11)David Lumby7677877676644566
12(14)Martin Walker7768685576747561627844810
13(12)Geraldine Russell837858747371674467
14(13)Callum Turner6885747174734456
15(15)Christopher Childs637174698853714367
16(16)Maisie Waller-Toyne7662546274746473544239
17(25)Daisy Partridge861007677834225
18(17)Geoff Pye69746965726560664158
19(18)Lucy Walker5481737152604441734129
20(19)Jean-Pierre Carraud2674481003355386337493838911
21(20)Susan Waller-Toyne635952736168513767
22(21)Jeffrey Patteson465157584367445755604961575636014
23(22)Thomas Martin81727677483545
24(23)Simon Bowie-Britton575551446244566352495434711
25(24)Emma Bowie-Britton4761505644626057483469
26(26)Kevin Machin767095913324
27(27)Lucy Fryer454850595834593197
28(28)John Russell766071963034
29(29)Adam Waller-Toyne75485358612955
30(33)Steven Partridge64374069742845
31(34)Duncan Harrison895167742814
32(30)Peter Warland83100912743
33(31)Karen Ezard9861792383
34(32)David Sanderson7372732183
35(35)Philippa Murphy7080532033
36(36)Ann Mills5982612023
37(43)John Starkey7061651963
38(37)Rachel Barford5761611793
39(38)Clive Tant96791752
40(39)Ceri Renouf5765441663
41(40)John Mills4471481633
42(41)Martin Sellens77851622
43(42)Sharon Warland4947461423
44(44)Alan Alford74531272
45(45)Andrew Cordle69511202
46(46)John Taylor2838461123
46(46)Elspeth Missen55571122
48(48)Chris Sellens97971
49(49)Hilary Sellens91911
50(50)Katie Martin4247892
51(57)Jane Patteson4543882
52(51)Alex Ware3945842
53(52)Tracey Barker75751
54(53)Richard Barker67671
55(54)Nina Tant64641
56(55)Nancy Powell Davies54541
57(56)Patrick Burgess50501
58(58)Matthew Wadey44441
59(59)Julie Laver43431
60(60)Veronica Machin37371

Qualifying Events

123 Sep 2007 SOS HatfieldResults Calculation
214 Oct 2007 NOC BlidworthResults Calculation
311 Nov 2007 SOS the Naze (Score)Results Calculation
418 Nov 2007 CHIG EppingResults Calculation
525 Nov 2007 SUFFOC TanghamResults Calculation
62 Dec 2007 HAVOC Weald Park Results Calculation
71 Jan 2008 SOS Broaks (Score)Results Calculation
86 Jan 2008 SUFFOC KnettishallResults Calculation
913 Jan 2008 EAOA BrandonResults Calculation
1027 Jan 2008 CUOC BroomhillResults Calculation
113 Feb 2008 SOS ChalkneyResults Calculation
1210 Feb 2008 HAVOC Langdon HillsResults Calculation
1316 Feb 2008 NOR HockhamResults Calculation
1417 Feb 2008 SUFFOC Kings ForestResults Calculation
1524 Feb 2008 WAOC Croxton HeathResults Calculation
1616 Mar 2008 SOS HockleyResults Calculation
176 Apr 2008 HAVOC Bedfords ParkResults Calculation
1827 Apr 2008 WAOC Chicksands (Sprint)Results Calculation
1910 May 2008 SOS Castle Park (Sprint)Results Calculation
2015 Jun 2008 SOS WivenhoeResults Calculation
2121 Sep 2008 SOS Danbury (Score)Details Calculation
2228 Sep 2008 HAVOC Epping SWResults Calculation
2312 Oct 2008 SOS Hatfield ForestResults Calculation
2419 Oct 2008 OD Sutton ParkResults Calculation
252 Nov 2008 WAOC Warden WarrenResults Calculation
269 Nov 2008 SOS BaddowResults Calculation
2716 Nov 2008 NOR LynfordResults Calculation
2823 Nov 2008 SUFFOC RendleshamResults Calculation
2929 Nov 2008 WAOC Rowney (Night)Results Calculation
3030 Nov 2008 WAOC RowneyResults Calculation
3113 Dec 2008 HAVOC Thorndon Park SouthResults Calculation
321 Jan 2009 SOS WivenhoeResults Calculation
3318 Jan 2009 SUFFOC Sutton CommonResults Calculation
348 Feb 2009 WAOC CroxtonResults Calculation
3514 Feb 2009 HAVOC Harts WoodResults Calculation
3615 Feb 2009 SMOC SilverstoneResults Calculation
3722 Feb 2009 SUFFOC KnettishallResults Calculation
388 Mar 2009 WAOC Rowney WarrenResults Calculation
3922 Mar 2009 SOS HockleyResults Calculation
4029 Mar 2009 SAX Millbank and Whitley WoodResults Calculation
4119 Apr 2009 HAVOC Belhus WoodsResults Calculation
4217 May 2009 SOS HighwoodsResults Calculation
4331 May 2009 WAOC CambridgeResults Calculation
447 Jun 2009 SUFFOC Nowton ParkResults Calculation
4514 Jun 2009 SOS WivenhoeResults Calculation
4626 Jul 2009 HAVOC Epping SWResults Calculation
4712 Sep 2009 SLOW London (City)Results Calculation
4813 Sep 2009 SOS Roman ValleyResults Calculation
4911 Oct 2009 SOS Hatfield ForestResults Calculation
5017 Oct 2009 CUOC Cambridge (City)Results Calculation
5118 Oct 2009 LEI Fineshade (CompassSport Trophy)Results Calculation
5225 Oct 2009 WAOC MildenhallResults Calculation
538 Nov 2009 SUFFOC IckworthResults Calculation
5422 Nov 2009 CHIG Epping EResults Calculation
5529 Nov 2009 SOS BroaksResults Calculation
566 Dec 2009 HAVOC Langdon HillsResults Calculation
5724 Jan 2010 EAOA Shouldham Warren - CompassSport Trophy HeatResults Calculation
5830 Jan 2010 CUOC BrandonResults Calculation
597 Feb 2010 SOS ChalkneyResults Calculation
6013 Feb 2010 SUFFOC Kings ForestResults Calculation
6114 Feb 2010 NOR LynfordResults Calculation
6221 Feb 2010HAVOC Epping SWResults Calculation
6328 Feb 2010 NOR Cockley Cley *Re-arranged fixture*Results Calculation
6414 Mar 2010 SOS Donnylands & MiddlewickResults Calculation
6528 Mar 2010 CHIG Epping SResults Calculation
6618 Apr 2010 HAVOC Belhus WoodsResults Calculation
6725 Apr 2010 SUFFOC IckworthResults Calculation
689 May 2010 SOS DanburyResults Calculation
6920 Jun 2010 SOS WivenhoeResults Calculation
7012 Sep 2010 SOS HockleyResults Calculation
7118 Sep 2010 SLOW City of LondonResults Calculation
7226 Sep 2010 HAVOC Thorndon NResults Calculation
733 Oct 2010 SUFFOC Haughley ParkResults Calculation
7410 Oct 2010 SOS Baddow RidgeResults Calculation
7523 Oct 2010 SMOC Milton KeynesResults Calculation
7631 Oct 2010 WAOC MildenhallResults Calculation
777 Nov 2010 SUFFOC West HarlingResults Calculation
7814 Nov 2010 NOR Swaffham HeathResults Calculation
7921 Nov 2010 CHIG Broxbourne, Hoddesdon Park WoodsResults Calculation
8028 Nov 2010 SOS Hatfield Forest WestResults Calculation
811 Jan 2011 SOS Fordham Hall EstateResults Calculation
829 Jan 2011 SUFFOC Knettishall HeathResults Calculation
8316 Jan 2011 MV RanmoreResults Calculation
8423 Jan 2011 HH AshridgeResults Calculation
8529 Jan 2011 CUOC High LodgeResults Calculation
8630 Jan 2011 WAOC CroxtonResults Calculation
8713 Feb 2011 SOS Writtle forestResults Calculation
8819 Feb 2011 NOR FelbriggResults Calculation
8920 Feb 2011 NOR Sheringham & WeybourneResults Calculation
906 Mar 2011 HAVOC Epping SWResults Calculation
9120 Mar 2011 CHIG Wanstead ParkResults Calculation
9227 Mar 2011 SOS Hylands ParkResults Calculation
9316 Apr 2011 WAOC Cambridge UrbanResults Calculation
9422 May 2011 SOS HighwoodsResults Calculation
954 Sep 2011 SUFFOC Haughley ParkResults Calculation
9610 Sep 2011 SLOW London City (Urban)Results Calculation
9711 Sep 2011 SOS DanburyResults Calculation
982 Oct 2011 SUFFOC 100 Acre WalksResults Calculation
999 Oct 2011 SOS The BroaksResults Calculation
10022 Oct 2011 CUOC Cambridge city (Urban)Results Calculation
10130 Oct 2011 HAVOC Thorndon SouthResults Calculation
10213 Nov 2011 SUFFOC Kings ForestResults Calculation
10320 Nov 2011 CHIG EppingResults Calculation
10427 Nov 2011 SOS Pods and Conyfield WoodsResults Calculation
1058 Jan 2012 HAVOC Langdon HillsResults Calculation
10615 Jan 2012 NOR LynfordResults Calculation
10722 Jan 2012 HH Northaw Great WoodResults Calculation
10812 Feb 2012 CHIG ClayburyResults Calculation
10919 Feb 2012 EAOA ThetfordResults Calculation
11026 Feb 2012 SUFFOC West HarlingResults Calculation
1114 Mar 2012 SMOC Holcote & Reynolds WoodsResults Calculation
11218 Mar 2012 SOS Hockley WoodsResults Calculation
1131 Apr 2012 CHIG HainaultResults Calculation
11415 Apr 2012 Westfield Stratford (Score)Results Calculation
11521 Apr 2012 WAOC Huntingdon Town RaceResults Calculation
11622 Apr 2012 HAVOC Thorndon NResults Calculation
11713 May 2012 SOS Hylands ParkResults Calculation
11820 May 2012 SUFFOC Chantry and Gippeswick ParkResults Calculation
11910 Jun 2012 HAVOC Langdon Hills (Score)Results Calculation
12017 Jun 2012 SOS Hatfield Forest South & Wall WoodResults Calculation
1219 Sep 2012 HAVOC Weald ParkResults Calculation
12216 Sep 2012 WAOC Mildenhall SResults Calculation
12323 Sep 2012 CHIG EppingResults Calculation
1247 Oct 2012 SOS Chalkney WoodsResults Calculation
12514 Oct 2012 SUFFOC IckworthResults Calculation
12621 Oct 2012 WAOC Mildenhall NResults Calculation
12728 Oct 2012 HAVOC Epping SWResults Calculation
1284 Nov 2012 NOR Shouldham WarrenResults Calculation
12911 Nov 2012 SOS Wivenhoe Park and WoodsResults Calculation
13018 Nov 2012 SUFFOC West HarlingResults Calculation
1316 Jan 2013 HAVOC Belhus WoodsResults Calculation
13220 Jan 2013 SUFFOC Daisy's WoodResults Calculation
13327 Jan 2013 SOS Pods & Conyfield WoodsResults Calculation
13409 Feb 2013 CUOC Thetford Results Calculation
13510 Feb 2013 WAOC Thetford Results Calculation
13617 Feb 2013SLOW CompassSport Trophy HeatResults Calculation
13724 Feb 2013HH Egypt Wood & Burnham BeechesResults Calculation
1383 Mar 2013CHIG Wormley WoodsResults Calculation
13910 Mar 2013WAOC Chicksands WoodResults Calculation
14017 Mar 2013SOS Writtle ForestResults Calculation
14124 Mar 2013NOR Lynford ForestResults Calculation
14228 Apr 2013HAVOC Langdon HillsResults Calculation
14319 May 2013SOS The NazeResults Calculation
14416 Jun 2013SOS HighwoodsResults Calculation
14522 Sep 2013SLOW London CityResults Calculation
14629 Sep 2013SUFFOC HaughleyResults Calculation
1476 Oct 2013SOS The BroaksResults Calculation
14820 Oct 2013CompassSport Trophy FinalResults Calculation
14926 Oct 2013CUOC Cambridge City RaceResults Calculation
15027 Oct 2013WAOC BrandonResults Calculation
15103 Nov 2013SUFFOC Kings ForestResults Calculation
15217 Nov 2013HAVOC Epping SWResults Calculation
15324 Nov 2013SOS Wivenhoe ParkResults Calculation
1541 Dec 2013SUFFOC Knettishall HeathResults Calculation
1558 Dec 2013WAOC Mildenhall SouthResults Calculation
15615 Dec 2013NOR HockhamResults Calculation
15719 Jan 2014SOS FordhamResults Calculation
1589 Feb 2014WAOC Warren WoodResults Calculation
15916 Feb 2014CHIG CompassSport Trophy HeatResults Calculation
16023 Feb 2014SUFFOC Tunstall ForestResults Calculation
1612 Mar 2014HAVOC Thorndon ParkResults Calculation
1629 Mar 2014SOS Hatfield ForestResults Calculation
16316 Mar 2014WAOC Rowney WarrenResults Calculation
16423 Mar 2014SMOC RushmereResults Calculation
16530 Mar 2014NOR Swaffham HeathResults Calculation
1665 Apr 2014WAOC Ely City RaceResults Calculation
16711 May 2014HAVOC Hadleigh CPResults Calculation
16818 May 2014SOS Danbury CommonResults Calculation
1698 Jun 2014SUFFOC Nowton ParkResults Calculation
17015 Jun 2014SOS WivenhoeResults Calculation
17128 Jun 2014HAVOC Thorndon SouthResults Calculation
17214 Sep 2014HAVOC Weald CPResults Calculation
17321 Sep 2014SLOW London CityResults Calculation
17428 Sep 2014SUFFOC IckworthResults Calculation
17512 Oct 2014SOS Broaks WoodResults Calculation
1762 Nov 2014WAOC Mildenhall NorthResults Calculation
1779 Nov 2014HAVOC Langdon HillsResults Calculation
17822 Nov 2014SOS Colchester UrbanResults Calculation
17923 Nov 2014CHIG Epping NWResults Calculation
18030 Nov 2014SUFFOC West HarlingResults Calculation
18111 Jan 2015HAVOC Belhus WoodsResults Calculation
18218 Jan 2015SOS Pods WoodResults Calculation
18325 Jan 2015SUFFOC Knettishall HeathResults Calculation
18431 Jan 2015CUOC Santon DownhamResults Calculation
1851 Feb 2015WAOC CroxtonResults Calculation
1861 Mar 2015CHIG Wormley WoodsResults Calculation
18715 Mar 2015GO CompassSport Trophy HeatResults Calculation
18822 Mar 2015SOS Writtle Forest Results Calculation
18912 Apr 2015HAVOC Epping SW Results Calculation
19017 May 2015SOS Hylands Park Results Calculation
19114 Jun 2015SOS High WoodsResults Calculation
19212 Sep 2015SLOW London CityResults Calculation
19327 Sep 2015HAVOC Thorndon SResults Calculation
1944 Oct 2015SUFFOC RendleshamResults Calculation
19511 Oct 2015SOS Baddow RidgeResults Calculation
19624 Oct 2015CUOC Cambridge City RaceResults Calculation
19722 Nov 2015SUFFOC Kings Forest EResults Calculation
19829 Nov 2015SOS ChalkneyResults Calculation
1996 Dec 2015WAOC Rowney WarrenResults Calculation
20013 Dec 2015NOR LynfordResults Calculation
20110 Jan 2016SOS Hilly FieldsResults Calculation
20217 Jan 2016CHIG EppingResults Calculation
20324 Jan 2016HAVOC HornchurchResults Calculation
20414 Feb 2016SUFFOC Tunstall EA ChampsResults Calculation
2056 Mar 2016NOR HockhamResults Calculation
20613 Mar 2016SOS BroaksResults Calculation
2077 May 2016DrongO Cambridge SprintResults Calculation
2088 May 2016EAOA Hatfield ForestResults Calculation
20915 May 2016HAVOC Thorndon NResults Calculation
21019 Jun 2016SOS DanburyResults Calculation
21125 Sep 2016SUFFOC IckworthResults Calculation
2122 Oct 2016HAVOC epping SWResults Calculation
2139 Oct 2016SOS High WoodsResults Calculation
21416 Oct 2016SYO CST FinalResults Calculation
2156 Nov 016WAOC MildenhallResults Calculation
21613 Nov 2016SUFFOC Kings ForestResults Calculation
21727 Nov 2016SOS BrandonResults Calculation
21811 Dec 2016NOR SandringhamResults Calculation
2198 Jan 2017CHIG EppingResults Calculation
22015 Jan 2017SUFFOC Daisy's WoodResults Calculation
22129 Jan 2017SOS Pod's WoodResults Calculation
2224 Feb 2017CUOC ThetfordResults Calculation
2235 Feb 2017WAOC Thetford WarrenResults Calculation
22419 Feb 2017SOS DanburyResults Calculation
22526 Feb 2017SUFFOC KnettishallResults Calculation
2262 Apr 2017SOS WrittleResults Calculation
22722 Apr 2017WAOC Royston Urban Results Calculation
22814 May 2017HAVOC HorndonResults Calculation
22920 May 2017SOS Maldon UltrasprintResults Calculation
23021 May 2017SOS Colchester UrbanResults Calculation
23118 Jun 2017SOS WivenhoeResults Calculation
23217 Sep 2017SOS HockleyResults Calculation
23324 Sep 2017HAVOC Weald ParkResults Calculation
2348 Oct 2017SUFFOC Kings ForestResults Calculation
23529 Oct 2017WAOC BrandonResults Calculation
2365 Nov 2017HAVOC Langdon HillsResults Calculation
23719 Nov 2017WAOC MildenhallResults Calculation
23826 Nov 2017SOS Hylands ParkResults Calculation
2393 Dec 2017SUFFOC West HarlingResults Calculation
24010 Dec 2017NOR LynfordResults Calculation
24121 Jan 2018HAVOC Harts WoodResults Calculation
24228 Jan 2018SOS Baddow RidgeResults Calculation
24325 Feb 2018SUFFOC TunstallResults Calculation
24411 Mar 2018CompassSport Trophy HeatResults Calculation
24525 Mar 2018SOS WrittleResults Calculation
24629 Apr 2018HAVOC Hadleigh ParkResults Calculation
24713 May 2018SOS DanburyResults Calculation
24817 Jun 2018SOS HighwoodsResults Calculation
24923 Sep 2018SUFFOC IckworthResults Calculation
25030 Sep 2018HAVOC Thorndon SResults Calculation
25114 Oct 2018SOS ChalkneyResults Calculation
25228 Oct 2018WAOC High AshResults Calculation
04 Nov 2018SUFFOC Kings ForestDetails
11 Nov 2018NOR LynfordDetails
18 Nov 2018HAVOC Epping SWDetails
25 Nov 2018WAOC Rowney WarrenDetails
09 Dec 2018SOS Broaks

The Calculation link takes you to the spreadsheet used to calculate the scores, so you can check that I've got them right.

the list of events can be made shorter or longer. If you think I've missed a good one or that some are inappropriate, let me know on this general purpose Feedback Form.


Points will be allocated to all Stragglers running unaccompanied on technically hard courses at Stragglers' and nearby events. Your 6 best scores in the last year will determine your position in the table.

For cross-country events, points will be calculated as follows - for all TD4 (Light Green, J/W4) and above courses, calculate every Straggler's corrected time per km as follows - divide the time from the results by the corrected course length (= length + (10*climb)) then multiply by an age class speed factor. the fastest corrected time per km is awarded 100 points, everyone else scores points in proportion.

At relay events, the calculation is as above, with the total time taken by the team being multiplied by the sum of the age class speed factors.

For score events, points will be calculated as follows - for the premier score course, calculate every Straggler's corrected points as follows - score from results (before any handicap adjustment) multiplied by an age class speed factor. the highest points score is awarded 100 points, everyone else scores points in proportion.


Which events will be included?

these are selected by the co-ordinator with advice from the Club Committees and members. Any reasonably local event attracting with a fair sprinkling of Stragglers will qualify. Some smaller events will be included to encourage participation, as will the CompassSport Trophy Final. The JK, British Champs and Scottish/Welsh/Lakes/White Rose multi-day day events won't normally be included, despite their popularity with Stragglers. This is a local league for local people!

Isn't the points calculation complicated?

No. Its just based on your running speed with a handicap for your age and sex. Have a look at the spreadsheets used to calculate the results. Let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Where do the age/sex class speed ratios come from?

They are based on the running speeds used for calculating course length ratios in the 2011 British Orienteering Rules and Guidelines.

The factors are -

2008, 2009, and 2010 events used these factors, derived from winning times in World Masters events -

2007 events used these ratios -

Why aren't the Junior courses included?

It is difficult to fairly handicap across different technical difficulties. Juniors already have their own league.

Don't those running the easier/shorter courses have an advantage?

Almost all events included are on areas where Light Green should be as technically hard as Brown. Shorter courses tend to have more controls per km, which would have an opposite effect to being able to run faster for a shorter distance.


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