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Orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog and progress at your own pace.

These events are specifically aimed to introduce children and their parents to the sport. However all our events have courses suitable for all abilities - see elsewhere on our website for more details.

Saturday 18th June Great Notley Country Park - Results
Saturday 9th July Maldon Prominade Park - Results
Saturday 16th July Castle Park, Colchester - Results
Saturday 23rd July Great Notley Country Park - Results
Saturday 10th September Castle Park, Colchester- Results
Saturday 17th September Maldon Prominade Park - Results - Table


Six events for school age children held on Saturday afternoons with start times between 1pm - 2.30pm Parents and younger children are encouraged to give it a go!

Each competitor will locate as many controls in the time allowed (30 minutes) by deciding the quickest route. Points will be awarded for each control successfully located but points will be deducted for each minute over.


Course registration is open from 1pm to 2.30pm most are based near to the park cafes but look out for the green SOS banner. Competitors will need to complete a registration form. They will receive a map with the course printed on it and an electronic timing chip. All children will need to bring a watch. Parents can talk through the course and can shadow (follow) inexperienced competitors around the course but please let children navigate themselves.

Children Free

Participating Adults £3

Event 6 - Maldon Prominade Park - 17/9/2016 - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Luke CooperSOS00:16:2121021
2Oliver PrinceSOS00:17:4121021
3Emma Bowie-BrittonSOS00:18:5821021
4Dan DearmerSOS00:21:5821021
5Jessica MillsSOS00:22:1221021
6Theo WilliamsSOS01:19:4419019
7Stephanie CooperSOS00:23:5617017
8Ted Jennings +1IND00:25:0717215
9Austin & Ethan Gardiner +1IND00:28:3617215
10Mayukha RodrigoSOS00:28:5114014
11Lucy & Toby Halewood +1IND00:29:3415114
12Janie HortonSOS00:28:1513013
13Sophie & Connie ShannonIND00:29:0112111
14Christine BarkerIND00:23:4410010
15Corbyn Hamilton-MillerSOS00:15:00808

Event 5 - Castle Park, Colchester - 10/9/2016 - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Adam & Dalidu EsmailIND00:18:2821021
2Phillipa & Ian ParkerIND00:20:1621021*
3Daniel DearmerSOS00:25:4121021
4Jake & Ethan MolloyIND00:33:4321021
5Lisa JamesIND00:13:5620020
6Christina & Antonio Poplauschi*IND01:26:3620020
7Dale Morum +2SOS00:27:1820020
8Jack, Jamie & Luice ParkerIND00:23:2919019
9Erin, Becca, Oscar & Steve* PellsIND00:25:2919019
10Corbyn Hamilton-Miller +1IND00:27:3218018
11Millie MorganIND00:27:4518018
12Jane & Matthew ChalmersIND00:17:5517017
13Kieran StarckeyIND00:28:5816016
14Melissa Aylott +1IND00:29:15606
15Savannah & AbbiIND00:12:02505

Event 4 - Notley Country Park - 23/7/2016 - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Emma Bowie-BrittonSOS0:42:3921714
2Daniel DearmerSOS0:31:4214014
3Ben PartridgeSOS0:42:5621813
4Abigail Prince +1SOS0:28:3911011
5Russell CansellIND1:03:41211110
6Calum HinesIND1:03:4321129
7Corbyn Hamilton-MillerIND0:34:351037
8Dillon & Cameron Howard +2 (Julie & Brian)IND0:42:44936
9Lucy Cansell IND1:05:5617116
10Bethan Hanes IND1:13:2719136
11Abbie Lamb IND0:39:08716
12Katie Bowie-Britton SOS1:08:011385
13Isaac & Jacob Strafford IND1:00:13615
14Angela & Fiona Heugh +1 IND1:06:0915105
15Tim, Jo, Kate & Rosie Sutton/ Kanoh & Josh ReynoldsIND1:28:331055
16Emily GyppsIND0:10:26404
17Stephen & Finlay Sullivan IND0:50:31844
18Rachel Lowe & Jamie Lovelock IND0:51:18404
19Amelie Patteson 0:36:41404
20Sophie WhitingIND0:34:07211
21Ruby HartIND0:34:43211
22Zavier & RileyIND0:24:18000
23Roman Millar & Zac MercerIND0:27:11000

Controls punched after 30 minutes are not counted for purposes of the mini league and have been deducted from the overall score. These controls will count towards the Explorer Challenge. Explorer Challenge Badges will be awarded for every 25 controls successfully located across the series.

Event 3 - Castle Park, Colchester - 16/7/2016 - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Oliver PrinceSOS22:4021021
2Jessica CoverdaleIND30:2021021
3Natalie & Selvina RamsamyIND25:3121021
4Natalia, Nina & Naomi AllahVerdyIND25:3121021
5Reggie MorrisonIND25:4819019
6Alfie MiltonIND25:4919019
7Archie MiltonIND25:5919019
8Corbyn Hamilton-Miller +1IND31:0218018
9Jan SpaldingIND21:5217017
10Aidan De Silva +1IND32:0917017
11Mark Bennett +1IND32:1017017
12Ozcan Rasih +1IND32:1517017
13Anya SpaldingIND21:5016017
14Sofia BuleandraIND27:0516016
15Eliza VernitskiIND32:3716016
16Daniel DearmerSOS20:4015015
17Amy Bennett, Leah Scotting, Charlotte Eade & Erin +1IND21:0910010
18Suki WuIND34:2811110
19Ivan Ping WuIND34:2811110
20Kieran ColeyIND46:0412210
21Evan WadeIND19:25606
22Eleanor & Amelia Suen +1IND12:20404
23Tia Bullock

Event 2 - Maldon Promenade Park - 9/7/2016 - Results

PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Daisy Chappell +1IND00:29:4017017
2Alfie & Billy CharltonIND00:31:4117017
3Amelie Patterson +1IND00:32:3716016
4Alex & Michael Wilson +1IND00:37:5119316
5Dale Morum +2SOS00:30:5516115
6William Wilson +1IND00:38:3619415
7Tonphai DinnesIND00:42:5517215
8Maysa DinnesIND00:43:4817215
9Faye MacKenzieIND00:43:5017215
10Daisy & Freddie Rutherford +1IND00:36:4015213
11Josh & Joey Colyer +2IND00:40:1215213
12Corbyn Hamilton-MillerIND00:30:3912012
13Nathan, Alfie & Lily Dennis +2IND00:38:3216511
14Sibel Smailoua & Rotinda DarmusIND00:29:0510010
15Ruby Quantrill +1IND01:06:2719910
16Willow & Morgan Bayford +1IND01:19:261798
17Corey Henry & Arron BelliniIND00:11:15606
18Liam Hogger, Josh Sutherland & Gabriel CiniglioIND00:14:06404

Event 1 - Notley Country Park - 18/06/2016 - Results


PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Oliver PrinceSOS00:27:5521021
2Daniel DearmerSOS00:30:4810010
3Lucy, Eve, Jade, Megan DunkinIND00:42:561349
4Maddie, Isabelle, Bruno NoahIND00:40:471239
5Noah Jones +1IND00:51:341569
6Isabella Welldon +2IND01:15:0921129
7Corbyn Hamilton-MillerIND00:33:17918
8Jamie, Dylan, Max MunroIND00:37:411138
9Freddie, Scott, Leon, Ashton MarfuttIND00:37:321138
10Elisha Doolan & Abigail PrinceIND/SOS00:21:45707
11Demi Pearce +4IND01:21:17945
12Eliza Pearce +4IND01:21:15945


PositionNameClubRaceTimeControlsPenalty (-)Score
1Richard BonnettSOS00:27:2721021

Points table after 6 events

PositionNameClubTotal TimeScoreRuns
1Oliver PrinceSOS00:40:21422*
2Daniel DearmerSOS00:47:39422*
3Corbyn Hamilton-MillerSOS00:58:34362*
4Dale MorumSOS00:58:13352
5Emma Bowie-BrittonSOS01:01:37352
6Luke CooperSOS00:16:21211
7Adam EsmailIND00:18:28211
=Dalidu EsmailIND00:18:28211
9Phillipa ParkerIND00:20:16211
10Jessica MillsSOS00:22:12211
11Natalie RamsamyIND00:25:31211
=Selvina RamsamyIND00:25:31211
=Natalia AllahVerdyIND00:25:31211
=Nina AllahVerdyIND00:25:31211
=Naomi AllahVerdyIND00:25:31211
16Jessica CoverdaleIND00:30:20211
17Jake MolloyIND00:33:43211
=Ethan MolloyIND00:33:43211
19Lisa JamesIND00:13:56201
20Christina PoplauschiIND00:26:36201
21Amelie PattersonIND01:09:18202
22Theo WilliamsSOS00:19:44191
23Jack ParkerIND00:23:29191
=Jamie ParkerIND00:23:29191
=Luice ParkerIND00:23:29191
26Erin PellsIND00:25:29191
=Becca PellsIND00:25:29191
=Oscar PellsIND00:25:29191
29Reggie MorrisonIND00:25:48191
30Alfie MiltonIND00:25:49191
31Archie MiltonIND00:25:59191
32Millie MorganIND00:27:45181
33Abigail PrinceSOS00:50:24182
34Jane ChalmersIND00:17:55171
=Matthew ChalmersIND00:17:55171
36Jan SpaldingIND00:21:52171
37Stephanie CooperSOS00:23:56171
38Ted JenningsIND00:25:07171
39Daisy ChappellIND00:29:40171
40Alfie CharltonIND00:31:41171
=Billy CharltonIND00:31:41171
42Aidan De SilvaIND00:32:09171
43Mark BennettIND00:32:10171
44Ozcan RasihIND00:32:15171
45Anya SpaldingIND00:21:50161
46Sofia BuleandraIND00:27:05161
47Kieran StarckeyIND00:28:58161
48Eliza VernitskiIND00:32:37161
=Michael WilsonIND00:32:37161
50Alex WilsonIND00:37:51161
51Austin GardinerIND00:28:36151
=Ethan GardinerIND00:28:36151
52William WilsonIND00:38:36151
53Tonphai DinnesIND00:42:55151
54Maysa DinnesIND00:43:48151
55Faye MacKenzieIND00:43:50151
56Mayukha RodrigoSOS00:28:51141
57Lucy HalewoodIND00:29:34141
=Toby HalewoodIND00:29:34141
58Janie HortonSOS00:28:15131
59Daisy RutherfordIND00:36:40131
=Freddie RutherfordIND00:36:40131
60Josh ColyerIND00:40:12131
=Joey ColyerIND00:40:12131
62Ben PartridgeSOS00:42:56131
63Sophie ShannonIND00:29:01111
=Connie ShannonIND00:29:01111
65Nathan DennisIND00:38:32111
=Alfie DennisIND00:38:32111
=Lily DennisIND00:38:32111
68Amy BennettIND00:21:09101
69Leah ScottingIND00:21:09101
70Charlotte EadeIND00:21:09101
72Christine BarkerIND00:23:44101
73Sibel SmailouaIND00:29:05101
=Rotinda DarmusIND00:29:05101
75Suki WuIND00:34:28101
=Ivan Ping WuIND00:34:28101
77Kieran ColeyIND00:46:04101
78Russell CancellSOS01:03:41101
79Ruby QuantrillIND01:06:27101
80Maddie NoahIND00:40:4791
=Isabelle NoahIND00:40:4791
=Bruno NoahIND00:40:4791
83Lucy DunkinIND00:42:5691
=Eve DunkinIND00:42:5691
=Jade DunkinIND00:42:5691
=Megan DunkinIND00:42:5691
87Noah JonesIND00:51:3491
88Calum HinesSOS01:03:4391
89Isabella WelldonIND01:15:0991
90Freddie MarfuttIND00:37:3281
=Scott MarfuttIND00:37:3281
=Leon MarfuttIND00:37:3281
=Ashton MarfuttIND00:37:3281
94Jamie MunroIND00:37:4181
=Dylan MunroIND00:37:4181
=Max MunroIND00:37:4181
97Willow BayfordIND01:19:2681
=Morgan BayfordIND01:19:2681
99Elisha DoolanIND00:21:4571
100Corey HenryIND00:11:1561
=Arron BelliniIND00:11:1561
102Evan WadeIND00:19:2561
103Melissa AylottIND00:29:1561
104Abbie LambIND00:39:0861
105Dillon HowardIND00:42:4461
106Cameron HowardIND00:42:4461
107Lucy CansellIND01:05:5661
108Bethan HanesIND01:13:2761
109Savannah IND00:12:0251
111Isaac StraffordIND01:00:1351
=Jacob StraffordIND01:00:1351
113Angela HeughIND01:06:0951
=Fiona HeughIND01:06:0951
115Katie Bowie-BrittonSOS01:08:0151
116Demi PearceIND01:21:1551
=Eliza PearceIND01:21:1551
118Kanoh ReynoldsIND01:28:3351
=Josh ReynoldsIND01:28:3351
=Tim Sutton IND01:28:3351
=Rosie SuttonIND01:28:3351
=Jo SuttonIND01:28:3351
=Kate SuttonIND01:28:3351
124Emily GyppsIND00:10:2641
125Eleanor SuenIND00:12:2041
=Amelia SuenIND00:12:2041
127Gabriel CiniglioIND00:14:0641
=Liam HoggerIND00:14:0641
=Josh SutherlandIND00:14:0641
130Sophie WhitingIND00:34:0741
131Ruby HartIND00:34:4341
132Stephen SullivanIND00:50:3141
=Finlay SullivanIND00:50:3141
134Rachel LoweIND00:51:1841
=Jamie LovelockIND00:51:1841
*Total of best 2 runs to count for league table

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