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Badge Events Stragglers Relays Club Championship Summer Series

Organisers' Manual - Event Notes

Badge Events

Badge Event, Hatfield Forest, September 2005 – Organiser’s feedback (Andrew Cordle)

Organiser was concerned that not enough helpers would be available. In the end, there were just enough and everybody had a run (except Sally, who didn’t want one). There was a shortage of helpers who were happy to man the download without supervision, and no-one available to supervise full time.

ePunching for the String course was very popular – we ran out of maps and certificates. I found some more maps in the Registration tent at the end of the event!

Start Officials didn’t get slips for all EODs, which made their job more difficult.

Late entries a week (or a bit less) before the event were handled well in terms of entry processing and map printing. We should encourage early late entries rather than late late entries.

Some people wanted to enter Colour Coded courses because they were cheaper, causing us to run out of Red maps.

Barnardiston had not booked their entries, so we had to recycle some maps. Some people used master maps?

Competitors either love or hate the 30-minute start time allocation slots.


Charge the same for Colour Coded courses as for Badge.
Allow/encourage pre-entry for all courses (£7/3, plus family rates).
Have three price bands for early entries(-2 weeks), late entries (-4 days, +£1), late late entries/EOD (+£2).
Give helpers a free run.
Consider accepting advance payments by bank transfer o using an entries service.

Have start lanes to marshal competitors during the busy hour (can combine groups of small courses into one lane).

Use SI for the String Course.

Identify people to be trained to supervise SI download and train them at Colour Coded events.

Stragglers' Relays

Stragglers Relays, Broaks, July 2006 - Organisers Feedback (Geraldine Russell)

Derek was the brains behind the orgaisation and I was just the navvy. I could not have done it without him and he had an excellent system. He said he was going to do things in readiness for next year's event so they may as well go on the website.

It all flowed really well and Sally and Thomas did a splendid job recording times, courses and teams. I can't think of anything that would have made things better. Oh just one thing - Registration should close prompt at 10.30 - there were too many alterations for me to do at the last minute.

And maybe if I had been given the trophy to hand out or at least been told of it's whereabouts beforehand that would have helped. It took a member of WAOC to tell me who she had given it back to.

Club Championship

The 2004 format, rules and handicaps are here.

The 2006 format, rules and handicaps are here.

Summer Series

From the SUFFOC website, March 2013

Here is the provisional program for this year’s Summer series. Only 4 events but the combined league with SOS will operate as last year - ie 6 events to count. I need at least on more set of volunteers to plan/organise an event. Sadly no new areas this year, but each map will be checked before the Summer and the areas have been chosen that offer a reasonable orienteering challenge.

22nd May Nowton Park (Sarah Mansel planner/organiser)
5th June Martlesham Heath (south end)
19th June Foxhall Woods (from Bell Lane) (Neil Carter planner/organiser)
3rd July Holywells & Landseer (Wilkinson family planner/organisers)
20th July possible date for a fifth event if anyone volunteers effort / area

As some of the courses were a bit long last year (several people were out for well over the hour and controls were often still being collected in the gloom at 9:30) I’m going to stipulate that the courses on offer will be
1) A yellow, TD 2, max length 2 km
2) A light green / short green, TD 3/4, max length 3.6 km

Planners will encouraged where possible to consider putting in more controls than distance this year, with plenty of changes of direction and loops.

We are also going to have to increase the fees to £3 for adults (juniors will remain £1) due to BOFs decision to impose a flat-rate levy across Cat B, Cat C and now Cat D events of £1 for seniors and 33p for juniors.

Please contact me if you wish to plan or assist at any of the events, or, just as importantly, offer the First Aid cover. We also could do with the services of an armchair controller for each event - to make sure that the courses are fair and above all safe.

Simon Peck
Series Co-ordinator
simon589@btinternet.com / 01473 461395

[Full details will appear on the club’s website [www.suffoc.co.uk] at least 10 days before each event.]


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