Risk Assessment Notes

Notes from John Collyer

1. Landowners/controllers are commonly requesting Risk Assessments at the application for permission stage (often up to 6 months in advance).

2. Some e.g. Colchester Borough Council have an enormous set of guidelines to cover every possible activity on their land. Don't be daunted by the wodge of paperwork, usually only a small amount applies to Orienteering.

3. John Collyer will be happy to provide the relevant guidance, but officials must understand and carry out what has been agreed. One EA club has already fallen foul of the reqirements of the FC, following a breakdown in communications between officials.

4. All three major officials should have copies of any RA requested by landowner/tenant.

5. Officials should realise that a RA needs to be built into the overall planning for the event at an early stage, and that they need to liaise on the salient points.