SOS Juniors Club Championships

Last updated: Wed 15 Dec 2021

This is an annual competition which takes place alongside the Club Champs at one of our neighbouring club's events. A trophy is awarded to the most successful club junior based on a special scoring system, which means juniors of all ages and experience on different courses can compete against each other.

Abigail, Winner of 2020 Junior Champs

Abigail, Winner of 2020 Junior Champs


Our Club Junior Championships were held at our event at Highwoods Country park on 27th September and due to current restrictions we were unable to hold an awards ceremony there so we hand the Winner’s trophy, medals and other awards out at a recent coaching session – suitably socially distanced of course!

All our club juniors were eligible as long as they went round unaccompanied. It took much head scratching to formulate the results using the same formula used for the club championships but with additional weighting to accommodate the range of ages and courses ran.

Congratulations to Abigail Prince who is our new champion and thanks to everyone who took part.

2020 SOS Junior Club Championships results

The Rules

The min/km for corrected course length will be calculated and the age class factor applied as for the Stragglers League but a course factor will also be applied. This is because the technical difficulty of the courses are different.

White Yellow Orange Light Green Green
1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4

For cross-country events, points will be calculated as follows - for all TD4 (Light Green, J/W4) and above courses, calculate every Straggler's corrected time per km as follows - divide the time from the results by the corrected course length (= length + (10*climb)) then multiply by an age class speed factor. the fastest corrected time per km is awarded 100 points, everyone else scores points in proportion.

The factors are -

12 14 16 18 20 21 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75
M 70 80 84 90 92 100 92 89 86 82 77 70 64 57 50
W 62 65 67 70 71 82 71 69 67 63 58 53 48 42 35

0.1k added for every 10m climb to course length

So for a blue course 7.1k, 70m climb if you ran it in 55.26 it would be

7.1+0.7 = 7.8



Then for a W18 426x70=29820x1.4= 41748

Assuming blue and green have same weighting as same TD.

What I don’t understand is why M factors are higher than W. Surely they should be lower or M running same time as w will always get more points.


The 2019 Club Championships took place on Sunday December 1st at SUFFOC Daisy’s Wood event. A good number of Stragglers turned out to run and enjoy the interesting courses planned by Martin. Oliver won the Junior class convincingly ahead of his sister Abigail and Taylor Gooding, last year’s champion in 3rd place. Well done to you all. Thanks to SUFFOC for hosting the event and to Andrew Cordle for coping with the complexities of the scoring system.

2019 SOS Junior Club Championships results

CourseLengthClimbLen adj climbTech factorAdj Length
Light Green4km35m4.351.35.655
CourseNameClassTimeLengthSpeed Factormin/kmAdj min/kmPoints
GreenOliver PrinceM1400:35:337.078600:05:0200:04:19100
YellowAbigail PrinceW1200:23:192.9156100:08:0000:04:5388
Light GreenTaylor GoodingW1200:48:285.6556100:08:3400:05:1482
OrangeAmelie PattesonW1200:49:274.746100:10:2600:06:2267
OrangeBen PartridgeM1400:38:364.748600:08:0900:07:0061
OrangeJanie HortonW1401:04:374.746600:13:3800:09:0048
OrangeThomas WalkerM1401:20:134.748600:16:5500:14:3329