SOS Juniors League

SOS Junior Trophies

SOS Junior Trophies

Last updated: Tue 28 Nov 2023

The league uses the same scoring system as the SOS Junior Club Champs. Any SOS Junior member will be included. Just run your preferred course and our scoring system will work out the overall placings. The top three in each calendar year receive a trophy.

You need to be a club member on the day so don't forget to renew your membership or join. It's easy to join and SOS are not charging a junior membership fee in 2022 so it's just the £5 British Orienteering fee to pay. Visit;


The 2023 season started with Danbury and will include any SOS level C or above events. Top 3 scores will count. Trophies for top 3 places will be awarded at the end of the year.

Danbury Harwich Writtle Chalkney Baddow Total
Lulu Gooding4210089231
Oliver Prince 100 100 200
Finn Gooding 95 100 195
Thomas Wood 73 89 162
Hannah Hogben6477141
Abigail Prince 68 68
Lucy Walker 53 53
Amelie Patteson5252
Joshua Owen 45


The 2022 season starts with Writtle Forest. Any full SOS event that takes place in 2022 counts towards the league. The top 3 scores will count. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Final positions for the year. Well done to all who scored points. There will be a trophy award ceremony shortly. Details soon.

Name Class Writtle Hockley Col Urban Highwoods HatfieldHylands


Taylor GoodingW168893100281
Lucy Walker W20 62 100 100 262
Amelie PattesonW16801005870250
Abigail PrinceW14708484238
Lulu GoodingW10648783234
Thomas WoodM14958247224
Oliver Prince M16 100 100 200
Sophie TaylorW104074114
Maisie Waller-ToyneW208282
Ben Martin M14 70 70
Ben PartridgeM185454
Joshua OwenM165353


2021 SOS Junior League Championships results

The Rules

Fixtures to be Level C (regional) or above SOS fixtures during the calendar year.

Any under 21 member of SOS who runs a course unshadowed will be eligible for the league.

Pairs of equal ability will be accepted on white and yellow only with a reduction in points applied.

Any suitable course may be run as weighting is given to technical difficulty of course as well as age and gender. First runs only count.

Scores will accumulate throughout the year with the best 3 counting towards your final position.

Related/accompanying adults who wish to run the same course as the junior must start at least 15 mins after the junior.

Trophy awards for 1st,2nd and 3rd place will be given at the end of the year