Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Qualifying Round 2022Entries Close Soon!

Posted: Tue 4 Jan 2022

We need you! as a team member to represent SOS in the Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Qualifying Round for 2022.

The qualifying Round is to be held on 13th February 2022 for our club’s associated region of the East Anglian Orienteering Association (EAOA). The venue will be Mildenhall North hosted by the West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC).

SOS as a small club (membership less than 125) fall within the Trophy Club rules and guidelines for this competition available here and therefore we will be competing for the Trophy against other small clubs in our region in this qualifying round. The competition is open to all Club members across all age categories and the more members that attend helps with the overall ranking.

Final details have now been published and are available on the WAOC website

Team Entries are organised by Club Captains for these events. SOS will also subsidise all Entry Fees by 50%. Club members wishing to participate who have not already contacted me, please email Jean Pierre Carraud the following details and those of any family member that they are acting on behalf of.

Full Name
BOF Number
BOF Age Category
SI Ident (Dibber) Number (if you do not have a dibber you will be provided with a Club Dibber)