Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield Junior Competitions 2024Junior Call-Up to Represent SOS

Posted: Sun 10 Mar 2024

The Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield is the premier junior inter-club competition for English and Welsh clubs.

The competitions are named after Britain's first World Orienteering Champion Yvette Baker, who won Gold in the Short Distance event at the World Championships in Scotland in 1999. It is suitable for any juniors who can complete a yellow or harder course. Pairs are permitted on the yellow course, but shadowing is not allowed. The hardest course available is green and competitors may need to drop from their usual level to easier courses, so that we can spread the team's talent.

The East Anglian regional heat will be held on Sunday 21st April 2024 at Ickworth Park in Suffolk, hosted and coordinated by the East Anglian Orienteering Association (EAOA) . The final could be held anywhere in England / Wales, but this year is due to be held on Sunday 7th July 2024 near Potter's Bar, so is rather more convenient than usual.

If your junior(s) is available on these dates and would like to enter, please email the Club's Captain Jean-Pierre Carraud (JP) by Thursday 28th March, so that we can assess whether there are sufficient juniors available to form a team.

Please Note: Marc Owen, a SOS Club Parent, will be helping and assisting the Club's Captain by following up on correspondence and coordinating with parents of those that have shown an interest in taking part. An email will also be going out to all club members with juniors from the Club Captain relating to this competition shortly.