New Year Novelty - Quiz-OSat 1 Jan

Local level event

Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Training events are non competitive and used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.

Terrain type: Urban & Parkland


Provisional Results

participant list 20211231_095959

PosFirst NameClassClubTimePointsNotes
1Douglas McTurkM21SOS00:53:2230
2Gary ChandlerM50Springfield Striders00:58:0330
3Kevin MachinM60SOS01:01:1030
4Paul BeckettM60HAVOC00:55:0228m2,20
5Stephen BorrillM50WAOC00:56:2228w20,w24
6Matthew WadeyM20SOS00:59:1928w10,w20
7Colin WestM65SOS01:02:3828m2,m20
8Steven PartridgeM50SOS01:03:0428m3,w7
9Tahlia, Lillia & Sam Haylock & Taylor GoodingW16/W14/W40/W16Tabor HS, SOS01:03:0027m3,m20
10Clive WilkinsonM60SUFFOC00:56:5426m2,w7,w20,w27
11Lynn Higgs & Keith ThomasW60/M65Mid Essex casuals00:58:0025w3, m6, m21
12David LumbyM60SOS01:01:3725m6,m21,m22
13Ian ByfordM60HH01:04:0525w20, m21,w26
14Rachel McTurkW21SOS01:04:3925m11,w26
15Abigail, Jonathan & Charlie WaldockW21/M21/M3b00:00:0023w27 (b=buggy)
16Sally WilkinsonW55SUFFOC00:59:4922w9,w26
17Tim HullM75SOS01:03:5322
18Jackie SibthorpW55SOS00:55:2621w7,w20
19William & Kingsley ReavellM12/M45WAOC00:58:5021
20John AllenM70SOS01:00:3720w2,w6,w10,w20,
21Lorna & John PettiferW55/M75Mid Essex casuals01:00:4320
22Calum MachinM2101:02:2820
23Christopher ChildsM70SOS01:04:0020
24Lyn WestW65SOS00:57:0719w21
25Richard BonnettM65BAOC00:57:4119
26Emma MorumW35SOS01:00:5319w3,,w20,w26
27Veronica MachinW60SOS01:04:2819
28Daniel & Alex EvansM10/M40SOS01:04:5019
29Harry & Melanie Greer-WalkerM12/W5000:00:0017w24
30Geraldine & John RussellW75/M80SOS01:03:0017
31Richard SirettM50Mid Essex casuals00:57:0016w11,w22
32Harry & David BriggsM10/M3001:05:0016w26
33David GameM70SOS01:05:0016w2,w12,w18,
34Wendy Smalley & Alan SibthorpW60/M60Mid Essex casuals00:00:0015
35Lulu Gooding, Liam & Lee HaylockW10/M12/M40SOS, Notley Gn Sch00:58:0015
36Anna, Ciaran & Ru NaughtonW21/M21/M1b01:00:0013w20,w27 (b=buggy)
37Alex Machin (2nd run)M40SOS00:40:0012
38Virginia WillisW45Mid Essex casuals01:03:1812w12,w18,w27
39Isabelle & Jenny ReavellW10/W40WAOC01:04:0512w18
40Barbara BeckettW65HAVOC00:55:5011w9,w26
41Nathan, Joshua & Eleanor EvansM6/M4/W35SOS01:00:0011w10
42Sophia & John TaylorW10/M40SOS00:57:0010
43Charlie & Stefanie BriggsM10/W3000:35:009w20,w26
44Carol Hull & Jenny AllenW75/W6501:14:068w27
45Ellen, Rosie, Rio, Lois & Alex MachinW5/W8/W7/W21/M35NATO00:38:006
DNSJulian CatmullM55Springfield Striders
DNSMelanie SirettW45Mid Essex casuals
DNSKate & Emma JarrettW14WAOC
DNSAllen SmallsM50Colchester Harriers AC
DNSFay SmallsW50
DNSJenny ChandlerW21Springfield Striders
DNSChristine MachinW21NATO
DNSRachel BarfordW60SOS


Planners Comments

Inspired by John & Jenny Collyer’s Sudbury Event from a few years back. I know I spent a lot of time Planning it, but all credit to Eddie Banks (SOS) for all his hard work in Organising it! That’s the second one we’ve done together now & like the first one we did, great to see the local Road Running Clubs giving the Orienteering Clubs a run for their money! I’m in the process of recce’ing a similar event for Braintree, so watch this space!

Roger Gooding (SOS)

Organisers Comments

It was good to see so many of you for our annual New Year Novelty event on what was more like a spring day than mid winter. We had 72 participants with ages ranging from 1 to 81!

Many thanks to Roger and his detailed perseverence for providing this challenge. He had conceived this over a year ago, but last year fell foul of lockdown rules. Two new sign posts and one felled tree during 2021 meant a little updating was needed. Several of you commented favourably on the variety of questions and had not imagined that there was such interesting art and history to be found on a modern Essex housing estate.

Eddie Banks (SOS)

Regarding the following Questions & Answers:

Q6. What is Cllr McEwan’s First Name? Gerard (At a glance it looks like Gerald, but it is actually Gerard! I’ve given both answers as I can’t read some of your handwriting, so you could have written either!)

Q7. How many Benches are in the Roundabout? 6 (Not 4!)

Q9. Dedicated to? John Ray (If you couldn’t see it, you were standing on the answer engraved on the floor!)

Q11. How old was Barry Wright when he died? 42 (A lot of you were looking for the answer on the Notice Board when the answer was on a Plaque beneath a tree to one side!)

Q20. What Colour is the Life Buoy Post to the South of the Two Ponds? Green (Some gave a different answer relating to the Life Buoy Post to the North!)

Q26. Inscription on the sculpture "The future is bright"

Q27. What Breed of Duck might live here? Wigeon (Mallard was a different road.)

(Full Question & Answer Sheet available on request)

Last updated: Tue 04 January, 2022


SOS New Year Novelty Score Quiz-O. Find features and answer as many questions as you can in 60 minutes.

Location Info

Near: Braintree
Lat,Lng: 51.85837,0.52433
OS Grid Ref: TL739207
Postcode: CM77 7US
What3Words: ///

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GoogleMap - OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

Great Notley behind Tesco in green area to north.

Park in Tesco Car Park (3 hour limit).

Map / Terrain

The course is mainly urban, but includes several (possibly muddy) green spaces.

Course Information

The format will be maximum 60 minute score orienteering with a total of 28 controls. Controls will be varied features and participants must answer a question about each location to score points.
Please bring a pen or pencil to write down your answers and a map bag if wet.

Entry Details

Entry £5 seniors, £2.50 juniors (under 21) and students.
Select your preferred start time block.

Registration and Start times

PRE-ENTRY ONLY! Entries close Thursday 28 Dec.


No toilets provided.
Prince Louis pub is open from 12pm

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Eddie Banks, 07766 131771
Planner: Roger Gooding

Nearest A&E Hospital

Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, CM1 7ET
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Safety Notes

Participation is at your own risk. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.
Bring clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather conditions.
The course requires participants to cross mainly quiet residential roads and you are asked to take due care and attention at all times. The A131 is strictly out of bounds and may only be crossed using the subway. High visibility clothing is strongly recommended. There may be dog walkers, cyclists or residents using the pavements and footpaths – be aware and give them priority.
Participants MUST report to the finish by 13.15.


The event will be run strictly in accordance with the published BOF and Government guidance. It is a condition of entry that all participants agree to adhere to the BOF COVID19 Participant Code of Conduct available here.