Hall of Fame

Last updated: Wed 23 Nov 2022

Past champions and trophy winners.

Club Champions

2022Geraldine Russell (Open) and Joshua Owen (Junior)
2021Geraldine Russell (Open) and Taylor Gooding (Junior)
2020Abigail Prince (Junior) Open not awarded
2019 Eddie Banks (Open) and Oliver Prince (Junior)
2018 John Collyer (Open) and Taylor Gooding (Junior)
2017 Nick Pugh
2013 Clive Tant
2012 Nick Pugh
2011 Jenny Collyer
2010 Jenny Collyer
2009 John Collyer
2008 Chris Sellens
2007 Martin Sellens
2006 James Lyne
2005 Kevin Machin
2004 Jenny Collyer
2003 Martin Sellens
2002 Kevin Machin
2001 Steve Robertson
2000 Chris Sellens
1999 Steve Robertson
1998 Chris Sellens
1997 Jenny Collyer
1996 Martin Sellens

Mike Powell Davies Celebration Award

Club member of the Year

2022Colin West
2021Eddie Banks
2020Chris Childs
2019Geraldine Russell
2018 Rachel Barford
2017Jenny & John Collyer
2016 Steven Partridge
2015 John Russell
2014 Kevin Machin
2013 Andrew Cordle
2012 Dave Skinner
2011 Julie Laver
2010 Martin Sellens
2009 Julia Robertson
2008 Derek Keeble
2007 Jack Isbester
2006 Lyn West
2003 Derek Ladkin
2002 John & Jenny Collyer
2001 Pauline Stevens

Mark Johnson Trophy

Oustanding Junior - personal achievement and contribution to the club

2012 Daisy Partridge
2011 Rhiannon Ware
2010 Nick Harrison
2007/08 James Lyne
2006 Jo West

Stragglers' Relays Winners

Thanks to Tim Pribul of CHIG for much of this information.

Year Venue Club Team
2015 Wivenhoe Park CHIG CHIGnition (Harold Wyber, Tony Maycraft, Alan Brett, Tom Edelsten)
2014 High Woods SUFFOC Normally Open (Andrew Elliot, Sarah Mansell, Paul Lowe, John Webb)
2013 Danbury Park SOS Crossing the Lyne (Lucy Fryer, Eddie Banks, Rebecca and James Lyne)
2012 High Woods NOR NORForever (John Ward, Mick Liston, Phil Brown and Les Jarrald)
2011 Wivenhoe Park SOS Team Tantalising (Clive Tant, Karen Ezard, Hilary and Martin Sellens)
2010 Hylands Park SUFFOC Flying Monkeys (Bryn Wilkinson, Louise Walker, Goff Hill, Roderick Mansel)
2009 The Naze SOS West Barclay (Colin and Lyn West, Tracey Apperley and Richard Barker )
2008 High Woods CHIG This Little CHIGgy (John and Carol Pearce, Ray Weakes, Tim Pribul)
2007 Danbury Country Park WAOC Eclectic WAOC
2006 Broaks Wood WAOC Jabberlets
2005 Wivenhoe Park HAVOC Escargots (Paul Beckett, Barbara Fothergill, Chris Shaw and Garry Parmenter)
2004 No event - -
2003 Walton-on-the-Naze WAOC Chaos
2002 Hylands Park WAOC Wagglers (Simon, Helen and Nicola Gardner, David Gresham)
2001 High Woods SOS Western front (Jo, Colin, Lyn and David West)
2000 Broaks Wood SOS SoSpeedy
1999 Brandon Park CHIG Josh and Sam Jenner, George and Tim Pribul
1998 Chalkney Woods WAOC Weeds Beware (Simon, Mike, Helen and Peter Gardner)
1997 Broaks Wood CHIG George Wormald, Carol Pearce, Josh Jenner, Tim Pribul
1996 Marks Hall CHIG George Wormald, Carol Pearce, George and Tim Pribul
1995 Hatfield Forest CHIG Helen and Carol Pearce, George and Tim Pribul
1994 Wivenhoe Park HAVOC Brian (Barry Straight, Robert Baker, Tony Fletcher, Claire Daniel)
1993 Hylands Park CHIG Ray Weekes, Jennifer Taylor, Rowanne and Tim Pribul
1992 Broaks Wood CHIG Tony Maycraft, Tom Edelsten, Rowanne and Tim Pribul
1991 Hatfield Forest HAVOC Havocets (Steve Hayter, Ruth Hayter, Robert Baker and Barry Straight)
1990 Roman Valley CHIG Tony Maycraft, Carol Pearce, Philippa and Tim Pribul
1989 ? - -
1988 Baddow Ridge CHIG James, Carol, Helen and John Pearce
1987 Wivenhoe Park CHIG James, Carol and Helen Pearce, Tim Pribul
1986 Hockley Woods HAVOC Raleigh Rompers (Cath Shipley, Ted Stacey, Steven and David Hayter)
1985 Hockley Woods CHIG James, Carol and Helen Pearce, Tim Pribul
1984 Roman Valley CHIG Alex Kerr, Carol and James Pearce, Tim Pribul
1983 Roman Valley CHIG Alex Kerr, Carol, James and John Pearce
1982 Friday Woods/Roman Valley - -
1981 Hatfield Forest CHIG Alex Kerr, Nigel Burvill, Tim Pribul
(Straight relay format)
1980 Hylands Park - -