Congratulations to Lulu Gooding

Posted: Mon 8 Nov 2021

She received her White Colour Coded Badge at our Chalkney event on Sunday.
Colour Badges are awarded to any junior who achieves the standard at three events.

Congratulations also to the following who achieved their Colour Badges during recent events.

Tommy Wood - Orange
Sophie Wood - Yellow
Sophie Tylor - White
Oliver Prince - Blue
Abigail Prince - Light Green

Badges will be presented at a future event.

The badge scheme is open to all SOS members and juniors from affiliated schools. To obtain a colour badge you must complete 3 x 1st runs at that colour course in par time without shadowing or assistance. For the white badge pairs may be counted if neither partner has earned their colour badge at that level. Open to Adults and Juniors. If you think you have achieved three pars on your chosen colour then contact Steven Partridge with the details.