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The last 3 ESSOL fixtures of the 2000/01 season were cancelled because foot and mouth restrictions.

Competitors aggregate points scores for the 2000/01 season were calculated using the best 3 scores from 5 events (rather then the best 5 scores from 8 events) – the medal winners are listed below:

Primary Girls:
FirstRachel Malley319 points
SecondChristine Davies267 points
ThirdAlex Phillips262 points
Year 7/8 Girls:
FirstNina Tant312 points
SecondNicola Barker301 points
ThirdRachel Irving281 points
Year 9/10 Girls:
FirstHazel Tant340 points
SecondEmma Johnson215 points
ThirdKiri Alford137 points
Year 11/12/13 Girls:
FirstNicola Robertson348 points
SecondBlanka Sengarova333 points
Third Suzy Robertson238 points
Primary Boys:
FirstHarry Mills300 points
SecondElliott Swinney272 points
ThirdThomas King259 points
Year 7/8 Boys:
FirstPeter S-Thompson300 points
SecondDavid Fletcher243 points
Third Jonathon Pye237 points
Year 9/10 Boys:
FirstSebastian Pugh107 pints
Year 11/12/13 Boys:
First Tom Biskeen110 points
SecondChris Sellens100 points
SecondTom Youngman100 points
SecondAlex Grant100 points

Well done to everyone who participated this year.


        ESSOL 2001/02: Primary Schools League Table 

  1st   Barnardiston Hall Preparatory School  2755
  2nd   Fordham Primary                        716
  3rd   St Nicholas                            687
  4th   St Andrews (Gosfield)                  540
  5th   Broke Hall Primary                     528
  6th   Moulsham Junior                        478
  7th   Hamilton Primary                       438
  8th   Friar's Grove Primary School           376
  9th   Cherry Tree Primary                    356
  10th  St Anne's (Chelmsford)                 157
  11th  Sidegate Primary                       148

        ESSOL 2001/02: Secondary Schools League Table

  1st   Barnardiston Hall Preparatory School   2704
  2nd   Ipswich School                          846
  3rd   Colchester Girls High School            692
  4th   Chelmer Valley High School              671
  5th   St Peter's (Burnham-on-Crouch)          651
  6th   KEGS                                    620
  7th   William de Ferrers                      423
  8th   St Mary's (Colchester)                  429
  9th   St Benedict's                           340
  10th  Phillip Morant                          328
  11th  Coppleston High                         312
  12th  Clare Scouts                            221
  13th  The Gilberd                             158
  14th  Colchester Boys                         110
  15th  St Helena                               110

                          ESSOL 2001/2 Primary Girls League Table

1   Erin Rose             Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   497
2   Sarah Lyne            St Andrews (Gosfield)               457
3   Chloe Coles           Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   367
4   Megan Malley          St Nicholas                         315
5   Alicia Cocks          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   313
6   Alex Phillips         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   311
7   Rachel Malley         St Nicholas                         298
8   Grace Sanderson       Fordham                             288
9   Sarah Roach           Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   261
10  Alice Wilson          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   243
11  Georgina Cyzeweicz    St Andrews (Gosfield)               235
12  Lucy Hamilton         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   235
13  Georgina Duthie       Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   231
14  Emily Axford          Moulsham Primary                    224
15  Ellen Sanderson       Fordham                             221
16  Leonora Selby         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   184
17  Tegan Paxton          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   163
18  Abbi Pass             Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   155
19  Arabella Gilby                                            134
20  Lily Gilby                                                122
21  Jenny Dale            St Anne's (Chelmsford)              113

                          ESSOL 2001/02 Year 7/8 Girls League Table

1   Nicola Barker         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   478
2   Christione Davies     Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   342
3   Jodie Kershaw         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   301
4   Sarah Park            Coppleston High                     284
5   Sarah Haggie          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   279
6   Antonia Beamish       Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   248
7   Emily Birrell         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   186
8   Harriet deBretonGordonBarnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   155
9   Lana  Cape            Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   108

                          ESSOL 2001/02 Year 9/10 Girls League Table

1   Emma Johnson          CVHS                                495
2   Nina Tant             St Peter's (Burnham)                329
3   Katie Sellens         Philip Morant                       328
4   Joanne West           Ipswich School                      211
5   Sarah Edwards         Clare Scouts                        177
6   Rachel Widdick        Ipswich School                      147

                          ESSOL 2001/02 Year 11/12/13 Girls League Table

1   Kiri Alford           St Mary's (Colchester)              428
2   Hazel Tant            St Peter's (Burnham)                322
3   Nicola Robertson      CCHS                                230
4   Suzy Robertson        CCHS                                208
5   Bahar Mirshekar SyhkalCCHS                                100

                         ESSOL 2001/02 Primary Boys League Table

1  David Eustace         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   478
2  Stephen Dickins       Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   411
3  Ralph Knight          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   380
4  Alex Ware             Cherry Tree Primary                 356
5  Thomas Rae            Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   352
6  Alex Bibby            Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   341
7  Joshua Harris         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   341
8  Tom Bright            Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   322
9  James Park            Broke Hall Primary                  298
10 Robert Barker         Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   285
11 Christopher BuckinghamBarnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   284
12 Matt Dakin            Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   280
13 Nicholas Axford       Moulsham Junior                     254
14 Sam Robinson          Hamilton Primary                    250
15 Joscelin de Laat      Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   244
16 Michael Park          Broke Hall Primary                  230
17 Daniel Robinson       Hamilton Primary                    189
18 Matthew Rowland       Fordham Primary                     174
19 Connor Weed           Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   154
20 Thonas Pryke          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   116
21 Callum Machin         St Mary's (Woodham Ferrers)         106

                         ESSOL 2001/02 Year 7/8 Boys League Table

1  James Lyne            KEGS                                620
2  Peter Symes Thompson  Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   382
3  Matthew Dickins       Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   353
4  Charlie King          Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   344
5  Nathan Czyeweicz      St Benedict's                       340
6  Sam Gregory           Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   288
7  Thomas King           Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   264
8  Philip Emerson        Ipswich School                      237
9  Christopher Moulton   Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   236
10 Elloitt Swinney       Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   236
11 Brett Hargrove        Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   226
12 William Hardisty      Ipswich School                      221
13 Matthew Johnson       CVHS                                176
14 David Chandler        The Gilberd                         158
15 James Wall            Barnardiston Hall Preparatory Sch   126

                         ESSOL 2001/02 Year 9/10 Boys League Table

1  Jonathon Pye          Wiliam de Ferrers                   433
2= Sebastian Pugh        St Helena                           110
2= Alex Machin           Colchester Boys                     110

                         ESSOL 2001/02 Year 11/12/13 Boys League Table

1  Chris Sellens         Colchester 6th Form College         230
2  David West            Ipswich School                      120
3  Stephan Pugh          Colchester 6th Form College          86


Primary Schools
1stBarnardiston Preparatory School4410.60
2ndCherry Tree763.53
3rdDanbury Park308.99
4thSt Nicholas294.20
5thBroke Hall Suffolk247.20
6thBishop William78.00
7thHome Farm77.42
10thSt Mary's57.00
11thSt Anne's Chelmsford56.00
12thNorth Primary48.73
13thIpswich School44.22
14thSt Mary's Woodham Ferrers43.46
15th Roman River Pre School36.00
Secondary Schools
1stBarnardiston Preparatory School2148.46
3rdSt Mary's523.25
4thIpswich School425.97
5thBroke Hall Suffolk375.15
6thCoppleston High School297.52
7thChelmer Valley High268.14
8thSt Michael225.92
9thSt Peter's Burnham199.19
11th St Andrews118.47
12th =Colchester Sixth Form College100.00
12th =Hedingham100.00
12th =Philip Morant100.00
15thColchester Royal Grammar School94.41
17thColchester High School87.84
Primary Boys
1Alex WareCherry Tree472.53
2Robert BarkerBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School335.17
3Alex BibbyBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School288.00
4Bradley KershawBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School255.22
5Joshua HarrisBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School250.54
6Stephen DickensBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School246.54
7Thomas GreenwellBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School232.68
8Christopher BuckinghamBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School177.69
9Connor WeedBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School163.76
10James ParkBroke Hall Suffolk157.66
11Harry BraveryBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School147.00
12Rory HouldingDanbury Park145.00
13Tom BrightBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School117.00
14Alex HouldingDanbury Park104.99
15Alex DavidsonBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School90.00
16Michael ParkBroke Hall Suffolk89.54
17Thomas RaeBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School82.00
18James TaylorWYCOL75.00
19Christian GregoryBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School70.00
20Nicholas AxfordMoulsham67.52
21Jonathon DaleSt Anne's (Chelmsford)56.00
22Gregory Carton52.00
23Jack TuckerCherry Tree50.00
24Thomas RobertsonIpswich School44.22
25Callum MachinSt Mary's (Woodham Ferrers)43.46
26Harry Flack43.04
27Liam CocksBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School34.00
Year 7/8 Boys
1David EustaceBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School292.00
2Ralph KnightBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School265.06
3Matthew DaykinBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School260.17
4Samuel GregoryBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School169.96
5Elliott SwinneyBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School120.32
6Thomas KingBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School109.58
7Charlie KingBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School103.44
8=Matthew DickensBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School100.00
8=Oliver Taylor100.00
10Connor WeedKesgrave Primary94.00
11Robin CarrollKEGS93.56
12Chris TurrellKEGS85.36
13Josh TrottKEGS85.09
14James ParkBroke Hall Suffolk77.15
15Max SpenceKEGS72.04
16Christopher MoultonBarnardiston Hall Preparatory School53.00
17Nicholas AxfordMoulsham Junior39.00
Year 9/10 Boys
1James ParkBroke Hall298.00
2Matthew JohnsonChelmer Valley High168.14
3James LymeKEGS100.00
4Corin JeffcockCRGS94.41
5Alex MachinColchester High School87.84
8James HendersonKEGS48.47
9Matthew LoyKEGS46.52
Year 11/12/13 Boys
1Chris SellensColchester Sixth Form College100.00
2Andrew BarkerSOS90.00
3David WestIpswich School83.00
Primary Girls
1Megan MalleySt Nicholas294.20
2Lishia CocksBarnardiston Preparatory School212.00
3Sarah BibbyBarnardiston Preparatory School208.00
4Alice WilsonBarnardiston Preparatory School192.00
5Rhiannon WareCherry Tree183.00
6Martha CrowhurstBarnardiston Preparatory School175.00
7Alycia GundersonBarnardiston Preparatory School174.00
8Robyn DurrantBarnardiston Preparatory School170.00
9Sarah RoachBarnardiston Preparatory School150.00
10Leonara SelbyBarnardiston Preparatory School145.00
11Madeline SeacombeBarnardiston Preparatory School142.00
12Geogina DuthieBarnardiston Preparatory School100.00
13Lucy KingBishop William78.00
14Lily GilbyHome Farm77.42
15Camilla DuthieBarnardiston Preparatory School76.00
16Phoebe RobinsonBarnardiston Preparatory School62.00
17Lynn HouldingDanbury Park59.00
18Abbie RossBarnardiston Preparatory School58.00
19Rebecca WastellCherry Tree58.00
20=Katie MatthewBarnardiston Preparatory School57.00
20=Beth MooreSt Mary's Comrie House57.00
22Antigone JeffcockNorth Primary48.73
23Amy Picken44.00
24Stephanie WareRoman River Pre School36.00
Year 7/8 Girls
1Sarah ParkCoppleston High Suffolk297.52
2Ellen SandersonSt Michael225.92
3Lucy HamiltonBarnardiston Preparatory School200.00
4Rachel MalleySt Peter's199.19
5Anna MachinSt Mary's156.64
6Joscelin de LaatBarnardiston Preparatory School147.93
7Christine DaviesBarnardiston Preparatory School144.00
8Emily Axford131.00
9=Arabella GilbyPhilip Morant100.00
9=Emily HardistySt Mary's100.00
9=Sarah LyneHED100.00
12Sarah HaggieBarnardiston Preparatory School95.00
13Jodie KershawBarnardiston Preparatory School88.00
14Ruth TaylorWYCOL75.00
15Jenny Dale55.00
16Victoria Pye49.00
17Chantal Pearman45.84
Year 9/10 Girls
1Rachel WiddickIpswich School242.97
2Nicola BarkerCulford143.52
3Sarah LyneSt Andrews118.47
4Joanne WestIpswich School100.00
Year 11/12/13 Girls
1Kiri AlfordSt Mary's (Colchester)266.61
2Emma JohnsonChelmer Valley High100.00
3J SherwenSuffolk36.00


^ = run up a course, ^^ = run up two courses      
Year 5&6 Boys White          
Robert BarkerBarnardiston6100100  100 9293485
Monty BeatonBarnardiston594 96 971008489476
Alex WareCherry Tree5 91^93^100^95^96^0^0^475
Liam CocksBarnardiston59091100 95 9486470
Oliver JonesBarnardiston4  91 98989982468
Bradley KershawBarnardiston69393100^    88374
Angus BeatonBarnardiston4  92 9394 94373
Ivo HayesBarnardiston4 86   939785361
Thomas GreenwellBarnardiston69290     90272
Hugh CashinBarnardiston68599     87271
Jonathan DaleSt Anne's6? M1092 93^83^    268
Alex Powell-DaviesBildeston,Suffolk5    85^^93^^ 88^^266
Sam TaylorBildeston,Suffolk5    85^^93^^ 88^^266
Joseph RudgeBarnardiston6907897     265
Jack TuckerCherry Tree480    8986 255
Nicholas AxfordMoulsham Junior6      100^96^196
Alex DavidsonBarnardiston?96      96192
Marcus TurnerBarnardiston6?9496      190
Will Hooton?5     95 95^^190
Michael WilkinsonBarnardiston4  93 94   187
James Symes-ThompsonBarnardiston5?8592      177
Calum MachinSt Mary's,Woodham Ferrers6?  94^81^    175
Pierre RileyIndM10    100    100
Alexander HeskethDVOA (USA)M6   99    99
Thomas Hemingway?3 95      95
Bryn WilkinsonClifford Road3       9595
T CrowSt Anne's?92       92
Christian GregoryBarnardiston691       91
Ben Harrington?      91  91
Jamie Maynard??  90     90
David BrownBAR?4? 88      88
Benn EldridgeLangham Primary    88^    88
Harry BraveryBarnardiston684       84
T Wilson?6? 84      84
Thomas BirkettMeadgate Primary,Chelmsford1       8181
Nicholas SaleGosfield Primary3       7979
Jack TurnerCherry Tree4?       7474
Year 5&6 GirlsWhite          
Sarah BibbyBarnardiston5987999 991009897494
Rebecca WastellCherry Tree579749897 928776453
Stephanie WareCherry Tree67877? 96 889077429
Helen VilderBarnardiston69594   97 92378
Sarah RoachBarnardiston68997  96 95 377
Isabelle Clifton-BrownBarnardiston68681    9699362
India HayesBarnardiston5?8372    10098353
Rhiannon WareCherry Tree38175   8789 332
Helen LaurieBarnardiston5?88     9399280
Leonora CashinBarnardiston6?8882     98268
Robyn DurrantBarnardiston68283     91256
Madeleine SeacombeBarnardiston68773     91251
Annabel DuthieBarnardiston5?98      100198
Megan MalleySt Nicholas,Tillingham6  97^99^    197
Martha CrowhurstBarnardiston69998      197
Emily AxfordMoulsham5   97^  91^ 188
Jenny DaleSt Anne's6?93 93^     186
Camilla DuthieBarnardiston6?9776      173
Felicity Hanshaw-GreenBarnardiston5?8687      173
Emma VilderBarnardiston4? 89     83172
Isabelle CashinBarnardiston6?8380      163
Grace SandersonFordham5   99^    99
Fran MusgraveIndW10   98    98
J AndersonBildeston4     96  96
C AndersonBildeston4     96  96
Hayley CollinDFOK6?  95     95
Rachel CollinDFOK6?  95     95
Natasha HeskethDVOA (USA)W10   95    95
Rebecca Anderson?2     95  95
Paige TyrrellEdward Francis3?  94     94
Becky LewisSt Anne's6?93       93
Emma Harrington??     90  90
Ruben Privett?2      89^ 89
? KempsCherry Tree3      88 88
Catherine Hemingway?? 85      85
Lisa OstMildmay Primary?W7   85^    85
Amy OstMildmay Primary?W7   85^    85
Jonah PrivettMoulshamW8 4      85 85
Emily WerbCherry Tree5?       8080
Georgie CoppinBroadwater Worthrec       7575
Year 7&8 BoysYellow          
Alex BibbyBarnardiston79210098 10097 100495
Joshua HarrisBarnardiston7?999699 98980 490
Michael ParkBroke Hall88786  891009595466
Christopher BuckinghamBarnardiston78894    9094366
Thomas RobertsonColchester Royal Grammar7  95^90^   93^278
Connor WeedKesgrave High?91  9884   273
Matthew DaykinBarnardiston?9898      196
David EustaceBarnardiston?9699      195
Ralph KnightBarnardiston?10095      195
Joscelin De LaatBarnardiston?9797      194
Tom BrightBarnardiston794     99 193
Robert SaleHedingham7      9389^182
Robert Powell-DaviesColchester Royal Grammar7    85^^  94^^179
Bryn Wilkinson?M7     99  99
Stephen DickensBarnardiston7       9999
S AustinShenfield High8  94     94
S TavernerShenfied High8  94     94
Philip Huard??90       90
Henry Mole??89       89
Year 7&8 GirlsYellow          
Alishia CocksBarnardiston7093    9497284
Leondra SelbyBarnardiston7?9590  87   272
Alycia GundersenBarnardiston7?9392      185
Ellen SandersonSt Mary's,Colchester8   93^   92^185
Esther PrivettHenry Beaufort7      98 98
Ella Price?W10     95  95
Maya Price??     95  95
Anna MachinSt Mary's,Colchester7?   86^    86
Catherine Mole??86       86
Jenny DaySt Andrews,Hat.Peverel?W12   86^    86
Jenny DaleCCHS? W12   84^    84
R HardinghamCCHS?   82^    82
S OstMoulsham High?   82^    82
Abigal MachinChelmsford CHS?   81^    81
Year 9&10 BoysOrange          
James ParkCoppleston High798  969910010098495
James LyneKEGS10 96^92^88^  91^ 367
Philip HardinghamKEGS9?  92^85^    177
Steven McGregor?Ind10?  98     98
Year 9&10 GirlsOrange          
Nicola BarkerCulford109799   989999492
Sarah ParkCoppleston High99698 9889969897487
Rachel MalleySt Peter's9?  9794^    191
Year 11,12 & 13 BoysLight Green          
Jonathan PyeWilliam de Ferrers11  91^85^    176
Tom Sherwen??     7585  160
Alex MachinColchester High School12  78^77^    155
Year 11,12 &13 GirlsLight Green          
Emma JohnsonChelmer Valley High12  9995^  87^95^376
Kiri AlfordColchester Sixth Form College1294 96    85275
Hazel TantSt Peters,Burnham on Crouch13  93^89^  92^ 274
Katie SellensColchester Sixth Form College1398 81^   89^ 268
Jo WestIpswich School11?   100   98^198
Nina TantSt Peters,Burnham on Crouch1188 97^     185
Rachel ?Hedingham?       9393
Sarah ?Hedingham?       9393
ESSOL 2003/4 INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL RESULTS-Sum of best six individual scores for that school  
 Barnardiston 594594593 5925895895934144
 Cherry Tree 318226191293943633543072146
 Coppleston High 19498 1941871961981951262
 St Peters,Burnham-on-Crouch 88 287183  92 650
 Broke Hall 8786  881009595551
 KEGS  96184173  91 544
 Moulsham Junior,Chelmsford    97  27696469
 Culford  99   989999395
 Chelmer Valley High   9996  8795377
 Colchester Sixth Form college 192     8985366
 Colchester Royal Grammer   959085  94364
 Colchester County High School(CCHS)   78247    325
 Hedingham School       93182275
 Kesgrave 91  9883   272
 Bildeston,Suffolk     8593 88266
 Ipswich School    100   98198
 St Nicholas,Tillingham   9799    196
 St Marys,Colchester    179    179
 St Annes,Chelmsford   9383    176
 William de Ferrers   9185    176
 St Marys, Woodham Ferrers   9481    175
 Fordham    99    99
 Henry Beaufort       98 98
 Clifford Road        9595
 Edward Francis, Rayleigh   94     94
 Shenfield High School   94     94
 Langham Primary    88    88
 St Andrews,Hatfield Peverel    86    86
 Mildmay,Chelmsford    85    85
 Moulsham High,Chelmsford    82    82
 Chelmsford County High School    81    81
 Meadgate Primary,Chelmsford        8181
 Gosfield Primary        7979
 Colchester High    77    77
 Broadwater Worth        7575
Trophy and Certificate winners  
Trophy Winners    
 Girl Boy  
5&6Sarah Bibby, BarnardistonRobert Barker, Barnardiston  
7&8Alishia Cocks, BarnardistonAlex Bibby, Barnardiston  
9&10Nichola Barker, CulfordJames Park, Coppleston  
11,12 &13Emma Johnson, Chelmer Valley HighJonathan Pye,William de Ferrers  
Best SchoolBarnardiston   
Certificate Winners - Winners of a class at an event  
 5&6 (white)7&8 (Yellow)9&10 (Orange)11,12 &13 (Light Green)
High WoodsRobert Barker Barn.Ralpn Knight Barn  
TunstallRobert Barker Barn.Alex Bibby Barn.  
HockleyLiam Cocks BarnBradley Kershaw Barn  
The Broaks Alex Ware Cherry Tree Jo West Ipswich Sch.
KnettleshallRobert Barker Barn.Alex Bibby Barn.  
RendleshamSarah Bibby BarnMichael Park Broke HallJames Park Copleston 
HylandsIndia Hayes BarnNicholas Axford MoulshamJames Park Coppleston 
High WoodsAnnabel Duthie,Barn.Alex Bibby,Barn.  
Certificate Winners with 100 points or more during the season  
 Robert BarkerBarnardiston  
 Monty BeatonBarnardiston  
 Alex WareCherry Tree  
 Liam CocksBarnardiston  
 Oliver JonesBarnardiston  
 Bradley KershawBarnardiston  
 Angus BeatonBarnardiston  
 Ivo HayesBarnardiston  
 Thomas GreenwellBarnardiston  
 Hugh CashinBarnardiston  
 Jonathan DaleSt Anne's  
 Joseph RudgeBarnardiston  
 Jack TuckerCherry Tree  
 Nicholas AxfordMoulsham Junior  
 Alex DavidsonBarnardiston  
 Marcus TurnerBarnardiston  
 Will Hooton?  
 Michael WilkinsonBarnardiston  
 James Symes-ThompsonBarnardiston  
 Calum MachinSt Mary's,Woodham Ferrers  
 Pierre RileyInd  
 Sam TaylorBildeston  
 Alex Powell DaviesBildeston  
 Sarah BibbyBarnardiston  
 Rebecca WastellCherry Tree  
 Stephanie WareCherry Tree  
 Helen VilderBarnardiston  
 Sarah RoachBarnardiston  
 Isabelle Clifton-BrownBarnardiston  
 India HayesBarnardiston  
 Rhiannon WareCherry Tree  
 Helen LaurieBarnardiston  
 Leonora CashinBarnardiston  
 Robyn DurrantBarnardiston  
 Madeleine SeacombeBarnardiston  
 Annabel DuthieBarnardiston  
 Megan MalleySt Nicholas,Tillingham  
 Martha CrowhurstBarnardiston  
 Emily AxfordMoulsham  
 Jenny DaleSt Anne's  
 Camilla DuthieBarnardiston  
 Felicity Hanshaw-GreenBarnardiston  
 Emma VilderBarnardiston  
 Isabelle CashinBarnardiston  
 Alex BibbyBarnardiston  
 Joshua HarrisBarnardiston  
 Michael ParkBroke Hall  
 Christopher BuckinghamBarnardiston  
 Thomas RobertsonColchester Royal Grammar  
 Connor WeedKesgrave High  
 Matthew DaykinBarnardiston  
 David EustaceBarnardiston  
 Ralph KnightBarnardiston  
 Joscelin De LaatBarnardiston  
 Tom BrightBarnardiston  
 Robert SaleHedingham  
 Alishia CocksBarnardiston  
 Leondra SelbyBarnardiston  
 Alycia GundersenBarnardiston  
 Ellen SandersonSt Mary's,Colchester  
 Robert Powell DaviesColchester Royal Grammer  
 James ParkCoppleston High  
 James LyneKEGS  
 Philip HardinghamKEGS  
 Nicola BarkerCulford  
 Sarah ParkCoppleston High  
 Rachel MalleySt Peter's  
 11,12 &13   
 Jonathan PyeWilliam de Ferrers School  
 Tom Sherwen?  
 Alex MachinColchester High School  
 Emma JohnsonChelmer Valley High  
 Kiri AlfordColchester Sixth Form College  
 Hazel TantSt Peters,Burnham on Crouch  
 Katie SellensColchester Sixth Form College  
 Jo WestIpswich School  
 Nina TantSt Peters,Burnham on Crouch  

2004/05 RESULTS

Best Five results count
^ run up a course(s)
^^ run up two courses
^^^ run up three courses
NameSchoolYearHatfieldIckworthChalkneySuttonHylandsR'sham NBroaksNazeTotal
Year 5&6 Boys White
Michael ParkBroke Hall School696^^88^^97^^93^^98^^99^^94484
Bryn WilkinsonClifford Road School395781009996^468
Alex WareCherry Tree681^79^94^^93^^93^^440
Hugh CashinBarnardiston610010090100390
Max SmithBarnardiston687889795367
Ivor HayesBarnardiston5979899294
Will Hooton?696^94^100^290
Michael WilkinsonBarnardiston5979696289
Marcus TurnerBarnardiston6999291282
Charlie BrightBarnardiston4978992278
Liam CocksBarnardiston6928595272
Rory CouttsBarnardiston5987994271
Nicholas SaleGosfield Primary3868385^254
James Symes-ThompsonBarnardiston69699195
Gregory JonesBarnardiston59886184
James BenfoldInd68598183
Alex Powell-DaviesBildeston694^^88^^182
Sam Taylor?694^^88^^182
Thomas BirkettMeadgate Primary Chelmsford28189170
Edward BenfoldInd1100100
Henry MoleStonham Aspal9999
Oliver JonesBarnardiston?9898
Philip Williams?2,3 ?9898
Rory WilkinsonBarnardiston59797
Todd Last9595
Mitchell Childs1st Cressing Scounts695^95
Luke Freeland1st Cressing Scounts695^95
Bryan MuggeridgeIndM128888
Shane MuggeridgeIndM78787
Jonathan Heybrock??8686
Eliah ShippIndM48686
J RudgeBarnardiston?8383
Year 5&6 Girls White
Sarah BibbyBarnardiston68984929898461
Rebecca WastellCherry Tree679769694^9493456
Stephanie WareCherry Tree1777594979690454
Leonora CashinBarnardiston695999799390
Helen LaurieBarnardiston687^969399375
Rhiannon WareCherry Tree484779595351
India HayesBarnardiston69997100296
Isabelle CashinBarnardiston687^9693276
Abbey DixonBarnardiston5878879254
Annabel DuthieBarnardiston6918280253
Isabelle Clifton-BrownBarnardiston695100195
Emma VilderBarnardiston69389182
Flora HamiltonBarnardiston58893181
Elizabeth MerceronBarnardiston59087177
Jessica MolBarnardiston59382175
Flora MolBarnardiston58884172
Ruby Williams?2/3?9898
Helen HarveyBarnardiston29191
Claire Ellis1st Cressing Scounts68989
Shellee Woolgar1st Cressing Scounts68989
Jessica ?Barnardiston58787
Heidi Ross?5?7272
Emily Havers?6?7070
Year 7&8 Boys Yellow
Robert BarkerBarnardiston7100100999999497
James ParkCopleston High893^^93^^92^^^94^^^100472
Tom BrightBarnardiston8969197284
Alex BibbyBarnardiston885^10097282
Christian GregoryBarnardiston7989386277
Lloyd Gilby??9597192
Connor WeedKesgrave High890^98188
Alex DavidsonBarnardiston79984183
Robert SaleHedingham88993182
Thomas GreenwellBarnardiston79781178
Robert Phillips1st Hey77796173
Christopher BuckinghamBarnardiston88488172
Peter Fleming1st Hey77497171
Ibrahim KyariBarnardiston87391164
Joshua HarrisBarnardiston89999
Robert Powell-DaviesColchester Royal Grammar899^99
William BenfoldInd89898
Robert Exall1st Hey?9494
Matt McKinnell1st Hey?9393
Harry BraveryBarnardiston79292
Christopher Exall1st Hey?9292
Thomas RobertsonColchester Royal Grammar791^91
Freddie Browne1st Hey?9191
Peter Richer??8989
Calum Machin??89^^89
Mark Richer??8888
Euan MacRae??8787
Bradley KershawBarnardiston77979
Joshua ?Manningtree HS77878
Daniel ?Manningtree HS77878
Nathan Bentley1st Hey77676
Josh Smith1st Hey77575
Year 7&8 Girls Yellow
Sarah RoachBarnardiston78882909995454
Lily GilbyInd6 78995^99^96^379
Camilla DuthieBarnardiston79286100278
Leonora SelbyBarnardiston8839496273
Abbi PassBarnardiston8849785266
Robyn DurrantBarnardiston7918183255
Madeleine SeacombeBarnardiston7918183255
Heather HarveyBarnardiston?9393186
Helen VilderBarnardiston79392185
Anna MachinWilliam de Ferrers 889^96^^185
Alishia CocksBarnardiston89094184
Megan MalleySt Peter's78295^177
Jacqueline Heybrook?87590165
L Marsh??9696
Miriam Le SeveColne C895^95
Arabella Gilby?8/9?9292
Jessica Denton1st Cressing Scouts?9292
Lauren Chalmers1st Cressing Scouts?9292
Martha CrowhurstBarnardiston78787
Jenna ?Manningtree HS77777
Max ?Manningtree HS77777
Lisa ?Manningtree HS87171
Sara ?Manningtree HS87171
Year 9&10 Boys Orange
Joe Hooton??9791^188
Philip HardinghamKEGS98694^180
Year 9&10 Girls Orange
Sarah ParkCopleston High1092^92^93^87^^97^91^98^472
Ellen SandersonSt Mary's, Colchester979^81^91^96^347
Rachael MalleySt Peter's, Burnham99810089287
Arabella Gilby??10097197
R Excell??9797
Kate Osgood1st Heybridge Scouts?9191
Vicki1st Heybridge Scouts?9191
Chesie Knight1st Heybridge Scouts?8989
Alice Turner?8989
Eleanor Turner?8989
Year 11,12&13 BoysLight Green
Alex MachinColchester Royal Grammer1283^^86^^^98^^267
James LyneKing Edward Grammer11100^97197
Sebastian Pugh??7373
Year 11,12&13 GirlsLight Green
Emma JohnsonChelmer Valley High1359^^78^^9999^79^92^447
A Green?13?79^92^171
Nicola BarkerCulford118989
Katie SellensColchester Sixth Form College1385^^85
Jo West?11?84^^84
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event
Barnardston Hall Preparatory594593593593995903062
Cherry Tree Primary3213073792843781831852
Copleston High931859293871891851981122
1st Heybridge Scouts380567947
Broke Hall Community Primary96889793989994665
Chelmer Valley High597899997992506
St Peters High, Burnham180100184464
St Mary's, Colchester159919696442
Colchester Royal Grammar83998698366
Gosfield Primary8683178347
1st Cressing Scouts276276
Colchester Royal Grammer839986268
Manningtree School226226
Kesgrave High9098188
Bildeston Primary9488182
Meadgate Primary8189170
Clifford Road Primary9696
Colne Comprehensive9595
Colchester Sixth Form College8585

2005/06 Results

Event results pages -

SOS 9th October 2005 Chalkney
SUFFOC 6th November 2005 Ickworth Park
SOS 11th December 2005 High Woods
SUFFOC 8th January 2006 Knettishall Heath(nr. Thetford)
SOS 19th February 2006 Chalkney
SOS 19th March 2006 Hatfield Forest
SUFFOC 26th March 2006 Tunstall(nr. Woodbridge)
SOS 11th June 2006 Hylands
   09-Oct06-Nov11-Dec08-Jan19-Feb19-Mar26-Mar11-Jun5 best scores
Up to Y6 Boys           
Bryn WilkinsonClifford Rd Primary49810010011011099 93519
Michael WilkinsonBarnardiston57954  100997795450
Lewis ReynoldsBarnardiston5517365611011107468426
Ivor HayesBarnardiston58175    10099355
Gregory JonesBarnardiston510096    59100355
Louis GoodenBarnardiston561100    87 248
Thomas BirkettMeadgate Primary School3    5110070 221
Henry MoleStonham Aspal 45741 100    198
Petros LeonardBarnardiston55183     62196
Rory CouttsBarnardiston 93     94 187
Calum MachinSt Marys South Woodham658   8442  184
Charlie BrightBarnardiston56195      156
Stuart King1st Cressing Scouts621   4945  115
James BenfoldSaffron Waldon Ch6     105  105
Josh FootMeadgate Primary School       5151102
Ben Warland 5      98 98
Luke Freeland1st Cressing Scouts622    33 2782
G McGladderyBarnardiston563       63
James Vane 6 61      61
Jack TuckerOld Heath655       55
Arran WeedKesgrave5     55  55
Michael Richardson 551       51
Harrison Strange1st Cressing Scouts6    49   49
Joshua Smith1st Cressing Scouts621      2748
Alex BirkettMeadgate Primary School        4747
Ezall Thornton Hack 6    45   45
A Ketley 544       44
Nicholas Thornton1st Heybridge Scouts623       23
Thomas Twin1st Cressing Scouts622       22
Up to Y6 Girls          
Olivier BecherBarnardiston56199  10010097100496
Elizabeth MerceronBarnardiston510097   999867461
Lucinda WilkinsonBarnardiston56380  78959988440
Flora MolBarnardiston58984  758410078435
Jessica MolBarnardiston58277   809268399
Rhiannon WareCherry Tree57962110    38289
Flora HamiltonBarnardiston  100   9488 282
Emma VidlerBarnardiston  69   83 85237
Zoe WestonBarnardiston56187    87 235
Abbey DixonBarnardiston59172      163
Catherine MoleStonham Aspal    100    100
Ellie FootMeadgate Primary        514697
Natalie FallonBarnardiston6      85 85
Heather HarveyGosfield657       57
Jemma Ellis1st Cressing Scouts5       3939
Rebecca Baker1st Heybridge Scouts626       26
P Mortimer1st Cressing Scouts6       2626
Katie Lawley1st Heybridge Scouts625       25
Year 7 & 8 Boys          
Michael ParkCoppleston754120  120120  414
Marcus TurnerBarnardiston77676   9910059410
Alex WarePhilip Morant7 6788 110 7940384
Alex DavidsonBarnardiston89392     100285
James Symes-ThompsonBarnardiston75186    9938274
Peter Fleming1st Heybridge Scouts847 85 4485  261
Robert Philips1st Heybridge Scouts847 85 4485  261
Thomas GreenwellBarnardiston88281     77240
Robert BarkerBarnardiston8100100      200
Will Hooton 7      10341144
Max SmithBarnardiston75069     20139
Euan MacRaeBarnardiston86666      132
J Dale 84473      117
Lloyd Gibly 7      110 110
James BenfoldSaffron Waldon CH7    87   87
Mitchell Childs1st Cressing Scouts731    33  64
Alex PDHadleigh High7    36   36
Sam TaylorHadleigh High7    36   36
Andrew Thorpe1st Cressing Scouts731       31
Year 7 & 8 Girls          
Helen VidlerBarnardiston89890   7896100462
Sarah RoachBarnardiston87992  100659180428
Helen LaurieBarnardiston78182   7585 323
Julia Dyer-BartlettBarnardiston769    7510036280
India HayesBarnardiston769100    5836263
Martha CrowhurstBarnardiston8100      49149
Millie DuthieBarnardiston871      57128
Annabel DuthieBarnardiston74570      115
Charlotte ReynoldsBarnardiston7  110     110
Jessica Denton1st Cressing Scouts7    3745 26108
Lily G 8      105 105
Katie Garrett       59  59
Isobel Chandler 8      45 45
Rosa Mitchell 7 33      33
Sara Ogunn 7 33      33
Year 9 & 10 Boys          
Conor WeedKesgrave9100100   110110 420
James ParkCoppleston9110   77111 100398
William Benfold       100  100
Kingsley RipleyATC8      100 100
E Shipp   95      95
Rowen Elliot 8      75 75
Robert P-Davies       60  60
Thomas RobertsonCRGS957       57
George LunnATC9      47 47
Year 9 & 10 Girls          
Ellen SandersonSt Marys 100  110110120  440
Sophie Butler1st Cressing Scouts9    100100  200
Arabella Gilby 9      100 100
Abi May        53 53
Melony Dale  44       44
Rebecca Philips1st Cressing Scouts932       32
Jade King1st Cressing Scouts932       32
Year 11, 12 & 13 Boys         
James LyneKEGS12110120 130120  100580
Tom Sherwin 11  1001208812086 220
Chris Billows 13      120 120
Jeremy Scott 11 47      47
Year 11, 12 & 13 Girls         
Sarah ParkCoppleston1155100  10691 100452
Joanne WestColchester 6th form College13110   120   230
Louise Shotland       75  75      
TEAM TROPHY                 
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event            
 Barnardston Hall Preparatory 59659265615536025985943661      
 Coppleston 219230  303322 2001274      
 1st Cressing Scouts 171   235256 145807      
 Clifford Rd Primary 9810010011011099 93710      
 KEGS 110120 130120  100580      
 Kesgrave 100100   165110 475      
 Meadgate Primary     51100172144467      
 1st Heybridge Scouts 135 150  170  455      
 St Marys 100  110110120  440      
 Philip Morant  6788 110 7940384      
 Stonham Aspal 5741 200    298
 Cherry Tree 7962110    38289
 Colchester 6th form College 110   120   230
 St Marys South Woodham 53   8442  179
 ATC       147 147
 Saffron Waldon CH      105  105
 Hadleigh High     72   72
 Colchester Royal Grammar 57       57
 Gosfield 57       57
 Old Heath 55       55

2006/07 Results

Event Results pages -

SOS 24th September 2006 Hockley Woods
SOS 12 November, Layer Wood
SUFFOC 26th November 2006 Kings Forest
SUFFOC 14th January 2007 Sutton Common
SOS 28th January 2007 Broaks Wood
SUFFOC 25th March Daisy's Wood
SOS 20th May 2007 Hylands Park
SOS 17th June 2007 High Woods
HighwoodsTotal - 5
best scores
Up to Y6 Boys
Thomas BirkettMeadgate Primary School481811101109712011080547
Bryn WilkinsonClifford Rd5809810310111012086532
Nicholas HarrisonStonham Aspal 546991009911011383521
Lewis ReynoldsBarnardiston6548378741009383437
Hugo SeacombeBarnardiston5786766848718382
Freddie GurneyBarnardiston56910010088357
Dominic LathamBarnardiston5757674100325
James MerceranBarnardiston574100100274
Arran WeedHeath primary5761413956254
Harrison Bilner-KingBarnardiston5758648209
Alex BirkettMeadgate Primary School46474865206
Henry MoleStonham Aspal 5715264187
William Dyer-BartlettBarnardiston56460124
Kit PhilipsBarnardiston56360123
Samuel BolamCherry Tree64963112
Nicolas SaleGosfield CP58585
Ben NBarnardiston56969
Joshua FootMeadgate Primary School25454
Hal ButcherEastingwood14747
Ethan Price 3939
Peter DearmanMeadgate Primary School43333
George WoodMildmay63333
Samuel DearmanMeadgate Primary School53333
Up to Y6 Girls
Lucinda WilkinsonBarnardiston610088677410093100481
Olivier BecherBarnardiston687100100568457428
Rachael HarrisonBarnardiston540871006210071420
Annabel GardinerBarnardiston54058768950313
Isabella CouttsBarnardiston55065898121306
Rhiannon WareCherry Tree6545862120294
Flossie MillsBarnardiston5564865485069288
Matilda SelbyBarnardiston54753515229232
Martha BeatonBarnardiston540417140192
Zoe WestonBarnardiston67475149
Catherine MoleStonham Aspal3454032117
Eleanor FootMeadgate Primary4504393
Phoebe HoweBarnardiston46161
Imogen GBarnardiston55656
Reyer De AndresBarnardiston65555
Lucy HolderBarnardiston55454
Amber ShenfieldStonham Aspal33232
Harriet Punter52727
Year 7 & 8 Boys
Michael ParkCoppleston8120120120130100590
Alex WarePhilip Morant81049697108120525
Rory CouttsBarnardiston78184929098445
Marcus TurnerBarnardiston810010069269
Calum MachinWestcliff High School for Boys711081191
Will HootonHartismere High711066176
James Symes-ThompsonBarnardiston89084174
Michael WilkinsonBarnardiston7686732167
Ivo HayesBarnardiston78484
Tim WoodWestcliff High School for Boys78181
Michael Archer Moulsham7334578
Nick WoodSandon76262
Kyle BendyClare Scouts2727
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Emma VidlerBarnardiston7838485100100100469
Flora MolBarnardiston761100100968967452
Flora HamiltonBarnardiston74986698588377
Jessica MolBarnardiston75288978255374
Julia Dyer-BartlettBarnardiston81008947236
Helen LaurieBarnardiston87410046220
Elizabeth MercererBarnardiston7978228207
Annabel DuthieBarnardiston8765442172
Maya Price100100
India HayesBarnardiston88787
Alice WoodSandon76262
Rebecca LyneHedingham751
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Connor WeedKesgrave High101109910011092511
James ParkCoppleston10631208410379100486
Jack LayClare Scouts910049149
Thomas RobertsonCRGS10100100
Kyle BendyClare Scouts99595
Connor StiffClare Scouts95353
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Hannah NewtonChelmsford CHS10100101110100110521
Year 11, 12 & 13 Boys
James LyneKEGS13120130120120120610
Thomas Sherwin12092212
Year 11, 12 & 13 Girls
Ellen SandersonSt Marys Lexdon Rd11110110110110110550
Sarah ParkNorthgate 6th Forn College12881101101109981517
Anna MachinWilliam De Ferrers1110057157
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event
Barnardston Hall Preparatory5385795585625855765653963
Meadgate Primary81811561571471682301681188
Stonham Aspal4617010015111015840147922
Clifford Rd Primary809810310111012086698
Northgate 6th Form College881101101109981598
St Marys Lexdon Rd110110110110110550
Philip Morant1049697108120525
Chelmsfors CHS100101110100110521
Kesgrave High1109910011092511
Cherry Tree10312162120406
Clare Scouts10027197324
Westcliff High School for Boys110162272
Heath Primary5761413956254
William De Ferrers10057157
Gosfield CP8585

2007/08 Results

Event results pages -

23rd Sept Hatfield Forest (SOS)
11th Nov The Naze (SOS)
25th Nov Tangham (SUFFOC)

6th Jan Knettishall Heath (SUFFOC)
3rd Feb Chalkney (SOS)
16th Mar Hockley (SOS)
15th Jun Wivenhoe Park (SOS)
5 best
Up to Y6 Boys
Thomas BirkettMeadgate Primary School51101099010012012059559
Bryn WilkinsonClifford Rd Primary6881041101201108457532
Nicholas HarrisonStonham Aspal 68211010011058460
Gregory RobinsonBarnardiston554661009596411
Thomas BurgessMersea Island School5545882586462378
Jack GilbeyBarnardiston54156878782353
James MerceronBarnardiston6781008963330
Alexander ParsonsonBarnardiston54062677776322
Kit PhilipsBarnardiston5549010066310
Roderick ManselBeyton Middle656728297307
Edward JonesBarnardiston541809588304
Timmy HarrisonBarnardiston447508685268
Alex BirkettMeadgate Primary School3393450535042234
Arran WeedHeath Primary5596385207
Hugo SeacombeBarnardiston6627467203
William Dyer-BartlettBarnardiston51004651197
Freddie StathamBarnardiston5506555170
Elian ShippHighfields Lawford5615543159
Henry MoleStonham Aspal 68572157
Angus ParsonsonBarnardiston58661147
Dominic LathamBarnardiston66277139
Ben WarlandIxworth Middle5403447121
Nick Sale6120120
Adam BurgessMersea Island School36250112
Todd Cooper6111111
Sam HicksBourn Primary5107107
Ben BradnamBarnardiston44756103
William LouthKings College School5100100
Mihir Chandraker69696
Kit BelcherBarnardiston59696
Ben BradnamBarnardiston47878
Sam WoodsKings College School67373
Timmy HarrisonBarnardiston47272
Sam RowbothamBourn Primary57070
Edward BenfoldRAB Saffron Waldon Ch46767
Jeremy CorcoranKings College School66565
William WoodsKings College School66464
Owen BourneBourn Primary56363
Arran GilesHeath Primary55959
Will Ager65050
Cole SansonKings College School64747
Aaron HalpernKings College School64747
Paul CecilCastle Hill44646
Ryan KerryCastle Hill44646
Thomas Mortlock54444
Ben NorthBarnardiston54040
Kieran Twin1st Cressing Scouts61919
Joshua Cole1st Cressing Scouts61919
Alex WallisElmswell Cubs51616
Robert WallisElmswell Cubs41616
Up to Y6 Girls
Rachael HarrisonBarnardiston61008971110100470
Isabella CouttsBarnardiston674100909977440
Elspeth HarrisonBarnardiston46461989472389
Bronwen ManselElmswell Cubs/Elmswell CP410086664460356
Phoebe HoweBarnardiston55652858967349
Maddy GardinerBarnardiston46461787571349
Annabel GardinerBarnardiston668968075319
Kitty BelcherBarnardiston552778368280
Scarlett SimmonsBarnardiston58210098280
Lucy HolderBarnardiston5565810050264
Gabriella JonesBarnardiston5839174248
Poppy GurneyBarnardiston465268456231
Martha BeatonBarnardiston645586053216
Flossie MillsBarnardiston645586053216
Stephanie WareAlresford Primary486392529179
Jessica WoodgateBarnardiston5266577168
Catherine HemingwayOfford49393
Rebecca Anderson69090
Olivia JonesBarnardiston48888
Matilda SelbyBarnardiston68484
Ella Price66666
ImogenLeiversSheldon School Cambs55454
Catherine MoleStonham Aspal35252
Cassie Ager65050
Tuva Falk4949
Melanie ShippHighfields Lawford34747
Lucy Mortlock54444
Amber ShenfieldStonham Aspal34242
Claire Ellis1st Cressing Scouts63434
Joanna Askew42727
Natasha Woolgar1st Cressing Scouts62626
Year 7 & 8 Boys
Rory CouttsBarnardiston85889100247
Joshua JonesSt Helena73348436047231
Michael WilkinsonBarnardiston85880138
Thomas HemingwayLongsands7110110
Samuel BolamSt Helena7544498
Robert ArmitageComberton Village Co78080
Philip SansonKings College School86666
Michael Archer76161
Edward Spink84949
Ivo HayesCulford84949
William Agar84343
M ArcherMoulsham High73838
G WoodMoulsham High83838
Nathan Gypps1st Cressing Scouts82121
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Rhiannon WareColne Community711074110110110110550
Lucinda WilkinsonBarnardiston79099929177449
Emma VidlerBarnardiston8100100668993448
Flora MolBarnardiston89686848287435
Jessica MolBarnardiston86090838186400
Olivia BecherBarnardiston760681008681395
Reyes de AndresBarnardiston756798679300
Elizabeth MerceronBarnardiston85694100250
Natasha JonesBarnardiston7606959188
Flora HamiltonBarnardiston85685141
Elena RedondoBarnardiston75658114
Melanie Shipp100100
Jennifer Anderson89090
Rebecca Crerar78080
Natalie Fairchild1st Cressing Scouts83434
Gemma Ellis1st Cressing Scouts72626
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Michael ParkCopleston High97112012010512050536
Will HootonHartismere High963110110110109502
Jonathan CronkComberton Village Co10120130128100478
Alex WarePhilip Morant962117531206035412
Matthew NewtonKEGS910049149
James HaynesChesterton Community10130130
Matt Stringer936130
David Robinette108989
Joseph Chroston -BellPhilip Morant98888
James BenfoldSaffron Waldon County96060
Ben ArmitageComberton Village Co106060
Connor Ismay93838
Thomas Twin1st Cressing Scouts92323
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Sarah RoachSt Marys107564100239
Alice Rigby10110120230
India HayesCulford97575
Naomi Chandler96868
Year 11 12 & 13 Boys
James ParkCopleston High11130130120120100600
Conor WeedKesgrave11587110010852389
Dean Miller 13100100
William BenfoldSaffron Walden Count119696
Mattew Stringer9191
Bard BasberyImpington128585
Year 11 12 & 13 Girls
Hannah NewtonChelmford County High11100110120110100540
Sarah ParkNorthgate 6th Form13120110901017775498
Ellen SandersonCRGS12110108120338
Susha Chandraker109109
Rosie RichardsonColbayns High124545
Yasmin HirstColbayns High124444
Claire HawesColbayns High124343
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event
Barnardston Hall Preparatory5535835905985872911
Meadgate Primary149143140100173170101976
Clifford Rd Primary881041101201108457673
Stonham Aspal8211010019511458659
Colne Community11074110110110110624
Northgate 6th Form1201101101017775593
Chelmsford County High100110120110100540
Philip Morant621171411206035535
Comberton Village 140130128100498
Kings College School160302462
Mersea Island545858126112408
Elmswell Cubs/Elmswell CP13286664460388
St Helena879243436047372
Colchester Royal Grammar110108120338
Beyton Middle56728297307
Heath Primary5912285266
Chesterton Community250250
Bourn Primary240240
St Marys7564100239
Saffron Waldon CH223223
1st Cressing Scouts12973202
Alresford Primary86392529179
Colbayns High132132
Ixworth Middle403447121
Castle Hill9292
Moulsham High7676

2008/09 Results

Event results pages -

21st September Danbury (SOS)
9th November - Baddow Ridge (SOS)
23rd November - Tangham (SUFFOC)

18th January - Sutton Common (SUFFOC)
22nd February - Knettishall Heath (SUFFOC)
22nd March - Hockley Woods (SOS)
17th May - Highwoods (SOS)
14th June - Wivenhoe (SOS) 
best 5
21st Sept9th Nov23rd Nov18th Jan22nd Feb22nd Mar17th May14th Jun
Up to Y6 Boys
Thomas BirkettMeadgate Primary School611710712012080110574
Kit PhilipsBarnardiston610095100999459488
Jack GilbeyBarnardiston686988611092472
Thomas AddisonBarnardiston481879190100449
Edward JonesBarnardiston651919110389425
Timmy HarrisonBarnardiston5636984100687491418
Gregory RobinsonBarnardiston6931009095378
Ben WarlandIxworth Middle6706111036277
William Dyer-BartlettBarnardiston6769775248
Angus DudleyBarnardiston46010088248
Ben BradnamBarnardiston5658575225
Freddi StathamBarnardiston6808854222
Angus ParsonsonBarnardiston54446332862213
George WilliamsBarnardiston5967240208
Alex BirkettMeadgate Primary School467624631206
Thomas BurgessMersea Island School6775175203
David JimohBarnardiston4606277199
Owns BourneBourn Parish School 681106187
Lewis CooperQueen Edith School510084184
Duncan CooperQueen Edith School39181172
Alex DarlingKings College School 68963152
Charlie StephensBarnardiston53379112
William LouthKings College School 6100100
Freddie Gray4504090
Adam BurgessMersea Island School4315687
Louis McManusKings College School 56464
Sam Davies56363
Tim Davies56363
Sam RowbothamBourn Parish School 66363
Jonty De PledgeSt Philips Cambs35252
Chris Clark6311950
Martin MauosleyNorth Primary54545
Jack Pryke54343
Joe Pryke54343
Ethan Price44343
Vojta Korner44040
Oliver Smith53838
Ben Wilks53434
Maxwell Hubbert53333
Nicolas BudenbergKings College School 43131
Henry DaviesBourn Parish School 62828
Up to Y6 Girls
Bronwen ManselBeyton Middle567701001201191209481553
Elspeth HarrisonBarnardiston539899810010082469
Emma ClarkeBarnardiston4708589898381427
Lucy HolderBarnardiston6100100658658409
Olivia JonesBarnardiston5695775661006897409
Kitty BecherBarnardiston678894972100388
Jessica WoodgateBarnardiston55979618063342
Saskia BaldreyBarnardiston45272396375301
Scarlett SimmonsBarnardiston69910390292
Annie MacdonaldBarnardiston557756872272
Catherine MoleStonham Aspal464686757256
Poppy GurneyBarnardiston539587061228
Stephanie WareAlresford Primary57216463536205
Gabriella JonesBarnardiston650404944183
Lizzie RobinsonBarnardiston4528543180
Phoebe HoweBarnardiston6406544149
Georgina SeymourBarnardiston53961100
Bethany Eaton45252
Zoe MouosleyNorth Primary54545
Maya Price54343
Matilda McManus34040
Emma Smith53838
Abigail BarwiseKings College School 63838
Jasmine Smith53737
Amelia Smith53636
Naomi Chandler43636
Millie Lambert43131
Stephanie BudenbergKings College School 51616
Abigail BarwiseKings College School 51414
Year 7 & 8 Boys
Nicholas HarrisonDebenham High School7861101051201071206793562
Bryn WilkinsonCoppleston High71101108911010983120559
Roderick ManselBeyton Middle79673100729848110477
Hugo SeacombeBarnardiston7100821008544411
Alexander ParsonsonBarnardiston765779796335
Henry MoleDebenham High School76339626339266
Todd CooperNetherhall School784120204
Robert ArmitageComberton Village College881100181
Ben NorthBarnardiston76071131
Arran Weed87355128
William Louth79595
James MerceronBarnardiston79292
Samuel BolamSt Helena8286391
Joshua JonesSt Helena8284775
Rowen DarlowCounty Upper86565
Mattew Hearn75959
Elliot Engwell75151
Inigo Stanners72929
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Rhiannon WareColne Community811094107109110530
Rachael HarrisonBarnardiston7100100100100100100110510
Matilda SelbyBarnardiston75763634636100329
Charlotte LeakeBarnardiston76363824636290
Flossie MillsBarnardiston7365632124
Martha BeatonBarnardiston7365632124
Beth BarkerKings College School 89090
Montero CristinaBarnardiston77878
Olivia BecherBarnardiston84949
Natasha JonesBarnardiston84646
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Alex WarePhilip Morant1011086120113120120100583
Michael ParkCopleston High1085130130130475
Will HootonHartismere High101107411749120470
David Robinette9120120
Michael Archer97474
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Isobel Chandler8585
Bethany Heybrock8585
Year 11 12 & 13 Boys
James ParkSuffolk New College12130130100360
Ben ArmitageComberton Village College1110266168
Jonathan CronkComberton Village College11110110
Conor WeedWest Anglian College100100
Alex ClarkCRGS12811495
Thomas RobertsonCRGS124242
Year 11 12 & 13 Girls
Hannah NewtonChelmford County High11120120101110100551
Ellen SandersonCRGS128995110110404
Jacqueline Heybrock120120
Chloe DarlowCounty Upper116565
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event
Barnardston Hall Preparatory5795945866165765685984117
Beyton Middle1631432001922171201422011378
Debenham High8611010512010718310693910
Meadgate Primary184169120120126141860
Philip Morant11086120113120120100769
Chelmford County High120120101110100551
Colne Community11094107109110530
Kings College School 127366493
Hartismere High1107411749120470
Comberton Village College183110166459
Suffolk New College130130100360
Queen Edith School191165356
Mersea Island10851131290
Bourn Parish School 8110691278
Ixworth Middle706111036277
Stonham Aspal64686757256
Alresford Primary7216463536205
Netherhall School84120204
St Helena566347166
County Upper130130
North Primary9090
St Philips Cambs5252

2009/10 Results

Event results pages -

13th September - Roman Valley - SOS
11th October - Hatfield Forest - SOS
8th November - Ickworth - SUFFOC
29th November - The Broaks - SOS

7th February - Chalkney - SOS
25th April - Ickworth - SUFFOC
9th May - Danbury - SOS
20th June - Wivenhoe - SOS
best 5
 13th Sept11th Oct8th Nov29th Nov7th Feb25th Mar9th May20th June
Up to Y6 Boys
Timmy HarrisonBarnardiston6911109211010812081120568
Thomas AddisonBarnardiston5491001009872100470
Matthew ClarkeBarnardiston4513996918982409
Haydn GarrodBarnardiston45164806163319
Ben WetherillPirton School6789699273
Alex BirkettMeadgate53450425285263
Kieran PalmerSt Andrews Halstead 675305886249
Angus DudleyBarnardiston5439090223
Christopher JobeBarnardiston4527494220
Lewis CooperQueen Edith677105182
Callum TurnerSt Andrews Halstead 521466340170
Duncan CooperQueen Edith47291163
Charlie StevensBarnardiston662100162
Lewis CrowSt Andrews Halstead 527336433157
David JimohBarnardiston510052152
George WilliamsBarnardiston69950149
Ben BradnamBarnardiston65676132
N ButlerBarnardiston55475129
J KrempleBarnardiston55475129
Edward LowKCS35062112
James JefferyKCS55951110
Benjamin HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead 4275528110
Jack EdwardsSt Andrews Halstead 3303934103
Elliot SwallowSt Andrews Halstead 57527102
Angus ParsonsonBarnardiston59595
James WyattPirton School68686
Dominic EmmersonSt Andrews Halstead 3315586
James HammanSt Andrews Halstead 3275380
Ethan PriceWestgate7676
Alex WetherillPirton School47474
Nicolas BudenbergKCS57373
Mathew PrendergastIxworth47272
Elian ShippHighfields56767
Freddie GrayIpswich 46161
Thomas HowlettSt Andrews Halstead 5283159
Wilson JefferyKCS55555
Joe FirminSt Andrews Halstead 5282755
Jonathan QuinnSt Andrews Halstead 45353
Jacob HowlettSt Andrews Halstead 5212748
Thomas AmassSt Andrews Halstead 64646
William YoungKCS54141
J BuxtonRiddlesworth Hall53939
G PullenRiddlesworth Hall53939
Owen GeorgeSt Andrews Halstead 53737
Nathan LodgeSt Andrews Halstead 63737
Daniel ChapmanSt Andrews Halstead 53333
Callum BroadbentSt Andrews Halstead 52727
Cameron HarkettIxworth42626
Up to Y6 Girls
Bronwen ManselBeyton Middle61201206482120120120600
Ellie HarrisonBarnardiston610010010011010598110525
Emma ClarkeBarnardiston6827691958710098466
Jessica WoodgateBarnardiston68254811008495100460
Lizzie RobinsonBarnardiston5889494808757443
Stephanie WareAlresford Primary6109110614435359
Saskia BaldreyBarnardiston5562990853966336
Olivia JonesBarnardiston69891100289
Juliette AgazarianBarnardiston52991535066289
Charlotte GilbeyBarnardiston446926247247
Alys PhilipsBarnardiston446766263247
Holly McGirtyBarnardiston447585363221
Jordan FindlaterSt Andrews Halstead 5632494181
Ella PriceWestley67699175
Annie MacdonaldBarnardiston67194165
Jesica PidgeonSt Andrews Hal 6633148142
Catherine MoleStonham Aspal 5120120
Georgia GowerSt Andrews Halstead 55161112
Alex Simpson5110110
Phoebe MayhewBarnardiston4475097
Maya PriceWestley57979
Poppy GurneyBarnardiston67373
Emily SimmonsPirton School57171
Lucie SharpSt Andrews Halstead 67171
Halimah BaborSt Andrews Halstead 57171
Stephanie BudenbergKings College Cambridge 67070
Louise BalardoSt Johns Col 7070
Amber GreavesSt Andrews Halstead 5313364
Bethany QuinnSt Andrews Halstead 6242852
Poppy HoltumSt Andrews Halstead 55151
T BowenRiddlesworth Hall64848
S ChanrimaRiddlesworth Hall64848
A JacksonRiddlesworth Hall54444
J PotterRiddlesworth Hall54444
Daisy PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead 43939
L PalfreyRiddlesworth Hall53939
E HolmesRiddlesworth Hall53939
Elsie Flack53939
Chloe CracknellSt Andrews Halstead 43434
Tuva Falk43131
Amelia JuniperSt Andrews Halstead 32828
Year 7 & 8 Boys
Nicholas HarrisonDebenham High8921201207413012558130625
Bryn WilkinsonCopleston High8120110105120120130126616
Thomas BirkettBoswells711087110110107124100107561
Roderick ManselBeyton Middle85168857511012062120510
Jack GilbeyBarnardiston74992979942379
Kit PhilipsBarnardiston71009810052350
Thomas BurgessPhilip Morant7589071100319
Gregory RobinsonBarnardiston7696310043275
Todd CooperNetherhall8130140270
Ben WarlandIxworth Middle7476541107260
Edward JonesBarnardiston78710061248
Henry MoleDebenham High8546065179
Hugo SeacombeBarnardiston7337157161
Owen Bourne85874132
William Dyer BartlettBarnardiston77236108
Freddie StathamBarnardiston73372105
William LouthKCS89595
Arran WeedKesgrave High7346195
James MerceronBarnardiston8652893
Ben NorthBarnardiston8652893
Adam Mugliston79090
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Rachel HarrisonBarnardiston811084110100117521
Kitty BecherBarnardiston7753175814790368
Scarlett SimmonsBarnardiston79610086282
Gaby JonesBarnardiston762316262217
Phoebe HoweBarnardiston7756262199
Flossie MillsBarnardiston8734847168
Matilda SelbyBarnardiston7625330145
Charlotte LeakeBarnardiston9534830131
Lucy HolderBarnardiston77547122
Beckie JonesBrentwood89090
Anna BolanSt Helena73535
Alice DewSt Michael Meads Scouts72525
Jesssica ReynoldsSt Michael Meads Scouts72525
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Michael ArcherMoulsham High10516810087306
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Rhiannon WareColne Community911011011011012082120570
Rebecca Lyne109494
Erica Williamson106363
Julija StukalinaBoswells102424
Year 11 12 & 13 Boys
James ParkSuffolk New College13130120101130100581
Will HootonHartesmere High111101208289120521
Alex WarePhilip Morant11717055104816070396
Thomas Louth11130130
Jonathan CronkBourne12120120
Michael ParkCopleston High117347120
Conor WeedCollege West Anglia127171
Adam FearnCollege West Anglia126464
Thomas RobertsonCRGS125050
Year 11 12 & 13 Girls
Sarah RoachSt Mary's Cambs 121007388100100461
Hannah NewtonCHS13100100
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event
Barnardiston Prep5995555884236116245886454633
Beyton Middle1882051392302401822401424
St Andrews1843441773952601360
Debenham High14612018074195125581301028
Philip Morant129701451758160170830
Colne Community11011011011012082120762
Suffolk New College130120101130100581
Pirton School7896330504
St Mary's Cambs 1007388100100461
Alresford Primary109110614435359
Ixworth Middle4765139107358
Queen Edith149196345
Moulsham High516810087306
Riddlesworth Hall244244
College West Anglia135135
Stonham Aspal 120120
St Johns Col 7070
St Michael Meads Scouts5050
St Helena3535

2010/11 Results

26 SepThorndon ParkHAVOCResults
03 OctHaughley ParkSUFFOCResults
10 OctBaddow RidgeSOSResults
31 OctMildenhallWAOCDetails
07 NovWest Harling HeathSUFFOCResults
28 NovHatfield ForestSOSResults
09 JanKnettishall HeathSUFFOCResults
27 MarHylands ParkSOSResults
22 MayHighwoodsSOSResults

best 5
Up to Y6 Boys
Matthew ClarkeBarnardiston5767996104799610979484
Angus DudleyBarnardiston688699496100447
Callum TurnerSt Andrews Halstead6452489929010865444
Dominic EmmersonSt Andrews Halstead46662709711085428
Lewis CrowSt Andrews Halstead666261009191374
Nick ButlerBarnardiston680999887364
Haydn GarrodBarnardiston55589838245354
Edward LowKings College Cambs456586155937267351
Jasper Waller-ToyneMonkwick Jnr566946970299
Ben HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead5352686603978298
Jack KrempleBarnardiston69494100288
Duncan CooperQueen Edith610062120282
Freddie GrayIpswich Prep652977355277
David JimohBarnardiston610010073273
Joshua BuistSt Andrews Halstead475665872271
Jack EdwardsSt Andrews Halstead42032927646266
Christopher JobeBarnardiston58610072258
Harry FergusonBarnardiston53468385259251
Thomas AddisonBarnardiston64011090240
Jonathan QuinnSt Andrews Halstead559535269233
Luke HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead470633950222
Joshua PalmerSt Andrews Halstead559535449215
Alex BirkettMeadgate65211744213
Alexander ParkerBarnardiston4418776204
Elliot SwallowSt Andrews Halstead6607566201
Thomas HowlettSt Andrews Halstead666205844188
Nicholas SucklingSt Andrews Halstead5606439163
William YoungKings College Cambs68577162
James YoungKings College Cambs67385158
Bertie TweedBarnardiston4404166147
Wilson JefferyKings College Cambs53788125
Ethan TufnellSt Andrews Halstead55250102
Thomas TurnerSt Andrews Halstead3444993
Robert Baldrey69191
George WashSt Andrews Halstead5592584
Nicholas BudenburgKings College Cambs68484
Tobias SmithSt Andrews Halstead5542579
Charlie TupmanBishops Stortford57474
Anthony FordKings College Cambs57171
James Allen56363
William Dewhurst5353
Sean Dudley65252
H ChallisSt Andrews Halstead54343
O ClarkSt Andrews Halstead44343
J HammanSt Andrews Halstead44141
S RaymentSt Andrews Halstead44141
Sebastien ScaifeWAOC4040
Alban Rigby53939
Ethan PriceWestgate63636
Guy JefferyKings College Cambs53636
Neil Middleton62929
Samuel Middleton62929
Lee BustonShalford52626
Up to Y6 Girls
Georgia GowerSt Andrews Halstead6944593100888799474
Lizzie RobinsonBarnardiston61001001008589474
Catherine MoleStonham Aspal6931207211847450
Daisy PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead5407560688511088426
Saskia BaldreyBarnardiston6877359908983422
Holly McGertyBarnardiston57866759381393
Charlotte GilbeyBarnardiston569773856698085380
Chloe CracknellSt Andrews Halstead535407560638595378
Amber GreavesSt Andrews Halstead6326470647164333
Polly PeateBarnardiston67359100100332
Alys PhilipsBarnardiston532503856699258325
Lucy EdwardsSt Andrews Halstead660829686324
Hope DudleyBarnardiston542306341438078306
Jaya ChandSt Faiths650707788285
Juliette AgazarianBarnardiston6374061357846262
Tara FergusonBarnardiston637406135722946256
Tilly SalmonBarnardiston53750415453235
Helen PuttickShalford Primary5335510044232
Poppy HolttumSt Andrews Halstead632645175222
Erica FoxWAOC556423856192
Matilda McManus Kings College Cambs69392185
Isobel PerryBarnardiston537504153181
Anna BecherBarnardiston542305059181
Jordan FindlaterSt Andrews Halstead667100167
Megan RichardsonBarnardiston4405059149
Elena GowerSt Andrews Halstead4635925147
Hester DewhurstKings College Cambs56086146
Amelia JuniperSt Andrews Halstead4514942142
Lucy SwainsburySt Andrews Halstead5605915134
Catriona GladmanNeivland Spring56952121
Lily AmosSt Andrews Halstead56849117
Chloe WarrenSt Andrews Halstead57542117
Jodie SmithSt Andrews Halstead66243105
Anna DarlingKings College Cambs9999
Molly PocockGreneway School58484
Olivia BaldwinSt Andrews Halstead5581573
Hannah PetersSt Andrews Halstead57171
Georgia BurrSt Andrews Halstead57070
Naomi Chandler46565
Emma Smith65555
Aviva DarlingKings College Cambs65252
Maya PriceWestley64747
Rebecca KingWarren Primary54646
Z HartnupSt Andrews Halstead34343
Eleanor LowMorley Memorial Primary 23939
Cassandra Lefevre?33434
Charlie HowardDebenham53434
Ellie BennettDebenham63434
M PressSt Andrews Halstead42525
Year 7 & 8 Boys</td>
Tim HarrisonBarnardiston71106711011012081598
Jack GilbeyBarnardiston8788872100110448
Kit PhilipsBarnardiston878639676120433
Lewis CooperNetherhall761969684337
Gregory RobinsonBarnardiston869928088329
Edward JonesBarnardiston810098100298
Thomas BirkettBoswells8788469231
William LouthKings College Cambs8110100210
Alex DarlingKings College Cambs79066156
Raj ChandSt Faiths8262971126
Ben WarlandIxworth Middle86546111
Kieran PalmerCRGS7109109
Edward ScaifeWAOC88585
Oliver SwallowNew Hall School88484
James JefferyKings College Cambs78282
Freddie StathamBarnardiston87272
James YoungKings College Cambs77171
Robert Baldrey86666
Shane MuggeridgeHAVOC86363
Angus ParsonsonBarnardiston75858
James BlackshawBassingbourn VC83838
Richard BlackshawBassingbourn VC83838
Mattew Lefevere72323
Ben DaviesHartismere High82222
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Bronwen ManselBeyton Middle7110901011106911012012058570
Jessica WoodgateBarnardiston74389100929541419
Emma ClarkeBarnardiston7638785709935404
Olivia JonesBarnardiston760916591307
Stephanie WarePhilip Morant74934549469300
Ellie HarrisonBarnardiston7546870100292
Scarlett SimmonsBarnardiston81007780257
Kitty BecherBarnardiston8957575245
Lucy HolderBarnardiston87575150
Stephanie BudenbergKings College Cambs78282
Elisha HarringtonRamsey87575
Bethany QuinnHedingham76666
Hannah PocockGreneway School76666
Phoebe HoweBarnardiston85353
Gabriella JonesBarnardiston85353
Ella PriceCounty Upper75151
Sarah DaviesHartismere High83333
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Bryn WilkinsonCopleston High995120120120119120599
Nicholas HarrisonDebenham High966110110110103130563
Roderick ManselCounty Upper91107782909610812086524
Todd CooperNetherhall911091120321
Benjamin ArmstrongSudbury Upper9777799253
Henry Mole98163100244
Owen BourneComberton Village College9736684223
Matthew Jefford994110204
Michael ArcherMoulsham High10100100
Edward FlackKing Edward V193434
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Rhiannon WareColne Community1011011012011612012081667
Rachael HarrisonThe Perse9110110100110100530
Miriam Norris9100100
Beckie JonesBrentwood School99090
Selina StroudThe Perse95757
Ella PriceCounty Upper94646
Lucy DaviesHartismere High92222
Year 11 12 & 13 Boys
Alex WareColchester 6th Form College1211082609289100473
Jonathan CronkHills Rd 6th Form College12109120110120459
Thomas LouthThe Perse11110130130370
Thomas NorrisHills Rd 6th Form College12649488246
Will Hooton125598153
James HayesHills Rd 6th Form College129595
Ryan SpeedFarlingaye High School138787
Joseph WatsonFarlingaye High School138686
Chris ArmstrongSudbury?117070
Alex Eyers Taylor116666
Year 11 12 & 13 Girls
Beth Albon110110
Steph Tucker119090
Sarah RoachSt Marys Cambs138888
Rebecca LyneHedingham School116868
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each event
Barnardiston Prep6055736026074396035565574542
St Andrews3722133044995035436065223562
Kings College Cambs3114836122593725321777
Beyton Middle110901011106911012012058888
County Upper110467782909610812086815
Hills Rd 6th Form College268214198120800
Colne Community11011012011612012081777
Debenham High134110110110103130697
Copleston High95120120120119120694
The Perse110187110130100637
Colchester 6th Form College11082609289100533
Stonham Aspal851207211847442
St. Faiths769914888411
Philip Morant4934549469300
Queen Edith10062120282
Ipswich Prep52977355277
Shalford Primary338110044258
Comberton Village College736684223
Farlingaye High School173173
Sudbury Upper7777154
Greneway School150150
Hedingham School6866134
Neivland Spring6952121
Ixworth Middle6546111
Brentwood School9090
St MarysCambs8888
New Hall School8484
Hartismere High7777
Bassingbourn VC7676
Bishops Stortford7474
Warren Primary4646
Morley Memorial Primary 3939
King Edward V13434

2011/12 Results

11 Sep 2011Danbury ParkSOSResults
02 Oct 2011WoodbridgeSUFFOCResults
09 Oct 2011The BroaksSOSResults
30 Oct 2011Thorndon SouthHAVOCResults
13 Nov 2011Kings ForestSUFFOCResults
27 Nov 2011Pods WoodSOSResults
26 Feb 2012West Harling HeathSUFFOCResults
18 Mar 2012HockleySOSResults
22 Apr 2012Thorndon NorthHAVOCResults
13 May 2012HylandsSOSResults

don S
don N
best 5
Up to Y6 Boys
Matthew ClarkeBarnardiston Hall691969912012012010498563
Jack EdwardsSt Andrews Halstead545100981009611011089518
Joshua BuistSt Andrews Halstead51009147938290869172465
Luke HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead545451005481959688460
Dominic EmmersonSt Andrews Halstead55611059811008183455
Christopher JobeBarnardiston Hall678873910097401
Alexander ParkerBarnardiston Hall57910071358855393
Haydn GarrodBarnardiston Hall63978858086368
George PearseSt Andrews Halstead5238610010056365
Samuel HagueMorley Memorial675989285350
Hugo ThompsonBarnardiston Hall57135828461333
Daniel HagueMorley Memorial377969265330
Joshua PalmerSt Andrews Halstead65564756753533667328
Edward LowKCS Cambridge6110626869309
Harry FergusonBarnardiston Hall54355555952264
Thomas TurnerSt Andrews Halstead445142367286036236
Benjamin HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead6457997221
Emile ZsakMilton Rd Primary4337362168
Jasper Waller-ToyneMonkwick Jnr66982151
Owen TuthillSt Andrews Halstead4663730133
Wilson JefferyKCS Cambridge6100100
Finlay HigginsSt Andrews Halstead4603696
Jonathan QuinnSt Andrews Halstead68585
George WashSt Andrews Halstead56666
Thomas HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead4282957
Antony FordKCS Cambridge65353
Bryan HigginsSt Andrews Halstead64646
Dennis SelwaySt Andrews Halstead44646
Euan Price63838
Lewis PlumbSt Andrews Halstead43030
Sam RaymentSt Andrews Halstead52929
George BaldwinSt Andrews Halstead42929
Edward Dickson62828
Up to Y6 Girls
Daisy PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead6110999491100100120120130100580
Chloe CracknellSt Andrews Halstead6975910010087978511010094507
Alys PhillipsBarnardiston Hall610073511008675434
Holly McGertyBarnardiston Hall6897356898779417
Charlotte GilbeyBarnardiston Hall6758481807560395
Elizabeth DudleyMeldreth4331910187507483395
Zoe HartnupSt Andrews Halstead46032531009269374
Lily AmosSt Andrews Halstead660487578516961343
Isobel PerryBarnardiston Hall57572506058315
Amelia JuniperSt Andrews Halstead5422581224290280
Hope DudleyBarnardiston Hall6454736705844264
Elena GowerSt Andrews Halstead56976262563259
Tilly SalmonBarnardiston Hall575506058243
Catriona GladmanNewlands Spring659336164217
Catherine DudleyMeldreth3855158194
Becky HowardSt Andrews Halstead4342547262635168
Naomi Chandler654110164
Olivia BaldwinSt Andrews Halstead6423778157
Erica FoxFen Drayton433194520117
Phoebe PearseSt Andrews Halstead447262615114
Lola BaldreyBarnardiston Hall54357100
Georgia BurrSt Andrews Halstead6633497
Lucy WarlandIxworth Middle3464793
Madeline PressSt Andrews Halstead5632992
Hannah PetersSt Andrews Halstead5325385
Nicola PrevostBarnardiston Hall6473683
Poppy SummersBocking57676
Hester DewhurstKCS Cambridge67070
Maisie Waller-ToyneMonkwick Jnr46767
Bethany CollinsSt Andrews Halstead5293261
Lauren Alcroft5858
Lucy WarlandIxworth Primary45858
Charlotte WilliamsBarnardiston Hall55757
Olivia GrayGorseland55353
Eleanor LowKCS Cambridge33838
Lilla BerryKCS Cambridge33838
Georgia Price63838
Suzie Hampel53636
Laura Hampel53636
Rahma KahnSt Andrews Halstead43535
Sarah DaviesNewlands Spring63333
Amy BockingSt Andrews Halstead63232
Maisie CoburnSt Andrews Halstead52424
Chloe WarrenSt Andrews Halstead52424
Leanne JonesSt Andrews Halstead51414
Year 7 & 8 Boys
Timmy HarrisonBarnardiston Hall893120120120120573
Kieran PalmerCRGS81061109711083571106764533
Angus DudleyBarnardiston Hall769811009982431
Callum TurnerThe Ramsey College7847210076876676423
Josh PartridgeHedingham848757711074384
Nick ButlerBarnardiston Hall759967370298
Jack KrempleBarnardiston Hall760100100260
Oliver HagueMorley Memorial7415910553258
David JimohBarnardiston Hall71005288240
Alex BirkettBoswells711068178
George WilliamsBarnardiston Hall810060160
James JefferyKCS Cambridge79494
Ben Wetherill78989
Alex DarlingKCS Cambridge87878
Thomas LockThe Ramsey College77272
Nick BudenbergKCS Cambridge87171
Lucas O'NeilBrentwood School7322860
Luke CooperBrentwood School7322860
Elliot MooreBrentwood School7243357
William YoungKCS Cambridge85757
Alex WaltonBrentwood School7243256
Michael Hampel84747
Harrison Savill73636
Max BuckleyBrentwood School73333
James BrandonBrentwood School73232
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Bronwen ManselBeyton Middle8110120120120117120109120600
Ellie HarrisonBarnardiston Hall7100100100110100510
Georgia GowerThe Ramsey College7796499881109180468
Lucy EdwardsThe Ramsey College779761007487788910070454
Catherine MoleDebenham High7110120109339
Saskia BaldreyBarnardiston Hall769321006071332
Tara FergusonBarnardiston Hall75257552445233
Juliette AgazarianBarnardiston Hall75933552445216
Emma ClarkeBarnardiston Hall8836855206
Stephanie WarePhilip Morant8618835184
Polly PeateBarnardiston Hall7753360168
Jessica WoodgateBarnardiston Hall77679155
Rebecca KingHarris Academy76359122
Jaya Chand8120120
Mary HirstBrentwood School7304344117
Olivia JonesBarnardiston Hall79191
Maya PriceWestley Middle76262
Eleanor PritcherBrentwood School7303161
Chloe PlumbThe Ramsey College75959
Martine Juillan85858
Rachel Dickson75050
Zoe MallottidesBrentwood School74444
Mackenzie HindsBrentwood School74343
Amie Eloise PotterChelmsford County High73939
Clare HeywoodBrentwood School73131
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Bryn WilkinsonCoppleston10130130130130130650
Roderick ManselCounty Upper101101309413013078594
Andrew StempImpington Village College10110120120114120584
Shane MuggeridgeJames Hornnsby High911010599100414
Ben WarlandThurston9100110110320
Todd CooperNetherhall10117117
Tom BirkettBoswells9110110
Ben Higgins3rd Billericay Scouts106565
Henry MoleDebenham High105555
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Rachel HarrisonThe Perse10100100200
Jennifer Higgins3rd Billericay Scouts95454
Year 11 12 & 13 Boys
Alex WareColchester VI form13110110696311078477
Sam BolamSt Helena117676
Year 11 12 & 13 Girls
Rhiannon WareColne Community 11110120120110110110120580
Beth AlbonSaffron Walden C H S13110120120120470
Elena LumbyCRGS12649026180
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
 Barnardiston Hall4875895276271206296066013052
 St Andrews Halstead5284145275615205495736356285442946
 The Ramsey College792391641732472202451761663571308
 KCS Cambridge11013868412728
 County Upper1101309412013078662
 Beyton Middle110120120120117120109120600
 Impington Village College110120120114120584
 Colne Community 110120120110110110120580
 Morley Memorial201184150535
 Colchester VI form110110696311078477
 Brentwood School60198218476
 Saffron Walden C H S110120120120470
 James Hornnsby High11010599100414
 Debenham High110175109394
 Newlands Spring59666164250
 Monkwick Jnr69149218
 The Perse100100200
 Philip Morant618835184
 Milton Rd Primary337362168
 Ixworth Middle464758151
 Harris Academy6359122
 3rd Billericay Scouts119119
 Fen Drayton33194520117
 St Helena7676
 Chelmsford County High3939

2012/13 Results

Ickworth Wivenhoe
best 5
10 Oct14 Oct 11 Nov20 Jan27 Jan17 Mar28 Apr19 May
Y3/4 Boys
Daniel HagueMorley Memorial439100741001068389478
Ben Styman-HeightonSt Andrews, Halstead475841003769100100459
Ben PartridgeSt Andrews, Halstead26669100481007075414
Liam PolleySt Andrews, Halstead475619378307
Oliver PringleSt Andrews, Halstead448356289234
Bradley CattermoleSt Andrews, Halstead423426276203
Zac PoterSt Andrews, Halstead342433474193
Thomas LeaderSt Andrews, Halstead348433450175
Samuel BellSt Andrews, Halstead4752335133
Thomas MartinSt Andrews, Halstead3613127119
Jonny PeateBarnardiston Hall49191
Johnathan Ambler48787
Guy Jeffery48181
Max DaviesSt Andrews, Halstead45050
Craig CarterCliff Lane34949
Kurtis TillSt Andrews, Halstead32929
Y3/4 Girls
Rosy BirdSt Andrews, Halstead475100100100100475
Lucy WarlandIxworth Primary46968110756193415
Lucy WalkerSt Andrews, Halstead43210084216
India HookSt Andrews, Halstead47575150
Ellie LowKCS Cambridge47276148
Evie AmosSt Andrews, Halstead34675121
Mia PolleySt Andrews, Halstead42929
Y5/6 Boys
Jack EdwardsSt Andrews, Halstead610710869110110110545
Samuel HagueMorley Memorial673105939710381479
Joshua BuistSt Andrews, Halstead699719610089455
Thomas HarringtonSt Andrews, Halstead57510060541008791453
Alexander ParkerBarnardiston Hall610010072100372
Dominic EmmersonSt Andrews, Halstead6378492120333
Hugo ThompsonBarnardiston Hall6755491100320
Thomas TurnerSt Andrews, Halstead5916337604655315
Tom SteedBarnardiston Hall699877946311
Harry FergusonBarnardiston Hall66662766837309
Emile ZsakMilton Rd 5707983232
Ben BayleyBarnardiston Hall5764988213
Jack EcuyerBarnardiston Hall5955748200
Alex Wetherill510987196
Charlie BaylyBarnardiston Hall59477171
George PearseSt Andrews, Halstead68989
Freddie Trevanion6355489
Jonathan Ambler68383
George BaldwinSt Andrews, Halstead58282
Robert HealdClaydon Primary66363
Edward LowKCS Cambridge66262
Ethan PriceWestley Middle66161
Kurtis TillSt Andrews, Halstead5312758
Emil AlmgrenKCS Cambridge65252
Lewis PlumbSt Andrews, Halstead52121
Y5/6 Girls
Tilly SalmonBarnardiston Hall51001008252100100482
Emily WilliamsBarnardiston Hall68392100848897461
Maisie Waller-ToyneMonkwick Juniors5858885100527166429
Isobel PerryBarnardiston Hall69484527589394
Amelia JuniperSt Andrews, Halstead632558310374347
Elena GowerSt Andrews, Halstead6424340264931205
Elizabeth DudleyMeldreth Primary588110198
Zoe HartnupSt Andrews, Halstead58578163
Elizabeth Ambler69666162
Amber HartSt Andrews, Halstead6196483
Josie Summer64848
Erica FoxFen Drayton54242
Phoebe PearseSt Andrews, Halstead54141
Becky HowardSt Andrews, Halstead5191736
Bethany CollinsSt Andrews, Halstead61717
Year 7 & 8 Boys
Matthew ClarkeBarnardiston Hall7120108120120110120120600
Callum TurnerThe Ramsey College8110110110110110645883550
Thomas LockThe Ramsey College866877811075416
Jasper Waller-ToyneThomas Lord Audley774459967945659393
Haydn GarrodBarnardiston Hall7565686802770348
Oliver HagueCambridge International85976674667315
Christopher JobeBarnardiston Hall79070100260
Elliot MooreBrentwood School837729158258
Luke CooperBrentwood School837469760240
Angus DudleyBarnardiston Hall863100163
Jack KrempleBarnardiston Hall810044144
Wilson JefferyKCS7100100
Henry TrevanionHedingham8355489
James JefferyKCS88383
James CromartyBrentwood School8462874
Antony FordKCS76767
David JimohBarnardiston Hall86060
Year 7 & 8 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham7112108120120120120120140620
Chloe CracknellHedingham711010084110110110540
Lucy EdwardsThe Ramsey College810011011010498522
Georgia GowerThe Ramsey College8751006110056107443
Chloe PlumbHedingham8837766287210064398
Alys PhillipsBarnardiston Hall7933371849538381
Amy BockingThe Ramsey College79031436837269
Olivia BaldwinHedingham7649042196
Juliette AgazarianBarnardiston Hall86298160
Hope DudleyBarnardiston Hall77761138
Tara FergusonBarnardiston Hall86265127
Charlotte GilbeyBarnardiston Hall78835123
Emma GoodenThe Ramsey College8100100
Saskia BaldreyBarnardiston Hall88383
Lily AmosHedingham7374683
Polly PeateBarnardiston Hall86868
Catherine MoleDebenham High86868
Naomi Chandler74545
Catriona GladmanMoulsham School74343
S BrightBrentwood School74242
C KadirkamanthanBrentwood School74242
Nicola PrevostBarnardiston Hall73636
Victoria LoveSamuel Ward73333
Innisha SutharahanBrentwood School73131
Adaugo NkwochaBrentwood School73131
Eloise Sumner72828
Year 9 & 10 Boys
Tim HarrisonThe Perse9110110120120110120130600
Josh PartridgeHedingham971975798754896437
Ben WarlandThurston1061647588104392
John-Henry LoveHedingham990616969289
Shane MuggeridgeJames Hornsby1077130207
Ben Wetherill96989158
Oliver SmithHedingham95959
Year 9 & 10 Girls
Bronwen ManselCounty Upper9110110110120120114110574
Stephanie WarePhilip Morant991100715460376
Emma ClarkeThe Perse95656
Victoria Mills3939
Year 11 12 & 13 Boys
Roderick ManselCounty Upper11721208711089110516
Bryn WilkinsonCoppleston11110120120120470
Jack RodgersSuffolk New College127580477691369
Sam BolamCol Institute124543495063250
Mihir Chandraker117878
Jamie Alan McPhersonFarlingaye136060
Rory ThrushFarlingaye135858
Ayden HassanFarlingaye134040
Year 11 12 & 13 Girls
Rhiannon WareCCHS121107511011099110539
Sophie PartridgeHedingham124669115
Rachel HarrisonThe Perse11110110
Genevieve CookFarlingaye133636
Jessie BackhouseFarlingaye133636
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Barnardiston Hall6065985925341106035942993
St Andrews, Halstead5185825402334845955446102871
The Ramsey College4343774651103482891945002124
County Upper1822301972302091142201086
Morley Memorial212215167197209831701003
Brentwood School136164188230718
The Perse56220110120120110120130710
KCS Cambridge134511645
Monkwick Juniors858885100527166429
Thomas Lord Audley74459967945659393
Philip Morant91100715460376
Suffolk New College7580477591368
Cambridge International5976674667315
Colchester Institute4543495063250
Milton Rd Primary707983232
James Hornsby77130207
Debenham High6868
Claydon Primary6363
Westley Middle6161
Cliff Lane4949
Moulsham School4343
Fen Drayton4242
Samuel Ward3333
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews, Halstead5185825402334845955446102871
Barnardiston Hall5175545474244484742540
Morley Memorial21221516720983170973
KCS Cambridge134261197592
Monkwick Juniors858885100527166429
Milton Rd Primary707983232
Claydon Primary6363
Westley Middle6161
Cliff Lane4949
Fen Drayton4242
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
The Ramsey College4353774651103482891945002125
Barnardiston Hall5685272772841103422631998
County Upper1822301972302091142201268
Brentwood School136164188230718
The Perse56220110120120110120130710
Thomas Lord Audley74459967945659393
Philip Morant91100715460376
Suffolk New College7580477591368
Cambridge International5976674667315
Colchester Institute4543495063250
James Hornsby77130207
Debenham High6868
Moulsham School4343
Samuel Ward3333

2013/14 Results

best 5
 6Oct3Nov24Nov1Dec19Jan 23Feb9Mar18May15Jun
Y3/4 Boys
Harrison DixeySt Andrews Halstead48575948599100100478
Barney Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge481688990801037698461
Zac PoterSt Andrews Halstead410010010010059459
Thomas MartinSt Andrews Halstead498611008891646173450
Ben ClarkeBarnardiston Hall4656391779551391
Ben PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead37756848294809781438
Oliver PrinceSt Andrews Halstead3755475835586374
Jamie HartnupSt Andrews Halstead35475386474305
Thomas LeaderSt Andrews Halstead4603672314344286
Lewis BurnBarnardiston Hall3466340664361279
George JobeBarnardiston Hall465449260261
Alastair BrownBarnardiston Hall346737062251
Joshua InglebySt Andrews Halstead4613736416441244
Danill PetrovBarnardiston Hall437474478206
William PressSt Andrews Halstead46079139
Thomas WalkerSt Andrews Halstead2672150138
Theo Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge3304658134
Louis DoveSt Andrews Halstead4372150108
Johnathan AmblerSt Johns College49292
Ryan SkeetSt Andrews Halstead38181
Luca TufnellSt Andrews Halstead36161
Louis PotterSt Andrews Halstead44141
Harry SalmonSt Andrews Halstead33131
Y3/4 Girls
Chloe EcuyerBarnardiston Hall47510010070100445
Evie AmosSt Andrews Halstead41007410060100434
Amy SkeetSt Andrews Halstead455448569253
Mia RichardsonBarnardiston Hall475100175
Daisy HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead3554947151
Zara CattermoleSt Andrews Halstead3263849113
Charlotte CaswelSt Andrews Halstead4747
Katie-May BlowerSt Andrews Halstead4444
Izzy PetersSt Andrews Halstead4444
Y5/6 Boys
Daniel HagueMorley Memorial5110110988194110522
Thomas HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead61001008010283831105594506
Ben BaylyBarnardiston Hall6791001001101046078493
Jack EcuyerBarnardiston Hall698744897919382461
Charlie BaylyBarnardiston Hall544988493826983440
Liam PolleySt Andrews Halstead5618773797891100435
Ben Styman-HeightonSt Andrews Halstead585621007182686897435
Bradley CattermoleSt Andrews Halstead5354570738682356
Max DaviesSt Andrews Halstead5274367554364272
Oliver PringleSt Andrews Halstead540607573248
Joel HullSt Andrews Halstead543603891232
Barnaby GoughSt Andrews Halstead610010028228
Thomas TurnerSt Andrews Halstead641526358214
Jack HammondMellis Primary6100100
Emile ZsakMilton Rd 67070
Edward ArmesCharsfield Primary6868
Manon Bernier6565
Harrison StrandKyson Primary4848
Kurtis TillSt Andrews Halstead62626
Y5/6 Girls
Maisie Waller-ToyneMonkwick Juniors6100585986841009810095493
Rosy BirdSt Andrews Halstead55810094100100789775491
Lucy WalkerSt Andrews Halstead5549410089110559150484
Hannah WallaceSt Andrews Halstead56762684988334
Lucy WarlandIxworth51208469273
Alesha LoweStowmarket Middle5857850213
Zoe HartnupSt Andrews Halstead6100100200
Erica Fox65557112
Elizabeth AmblerSt Johns College69696
Ellie LowKCS Cambridge57878
Ellie CairnsSt Andrews Halstead56868
Liz Roberts5353
Poppy Roberts5353
Suzanne StrandKyson Primary4848
Sarah Prior4545
Casandra LefevreOur Lady of Lourds64040
Mia PolleySt Andrews Halstead52727
Year 7/8 Boys
Matthew ClarkeBarnardiston Hall8130130127130120130130140660
Sam HagueThe Perse711011011888110108556
Jasper Waller-ToyneTLA810010096738773456
Tom SteedBarnardiston Hall78868858310085441
Alexander ParkerBarnardiston Hall7901009350333
Hugo ThompsonBarnardiston Hall787638969308
Joshua BuistThe Ramsey College752758551263
Valentine IvanovBrentwood School7453262484052247
Harry FergusonBarnardiston Hall780374665228
Edward NorthfieldHedingham743674339192
Robbie WoolertonBrentwood School733534937172
Jack EdwardsThe Ramsey College79898
Christopher JobeBarnardiston Hall78686
Edward LowKCS Cambridge78484
Daniel Ecuyer6666
Shiv PatelBrentwood School76161
Haydon GarrodBarnardiston Hall85555
Robert LockThe Ramsey College75353
Lucas DruryBrentwood School74242
Cameron Jarrald4141
Toby KiddBrentwood School73333
Year 7/8 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham8130130130130130130130130650
Chloe CracknellHedingham810811010212011282100120570
Cerys Wrigley-MossHedingham899100100861009191490
Victoria LoveHedingham88971761008767100452
Tilly SalmonBarnardiston Hall78250938179385
Isobel PerryBarnardiston Hall7100418069290
Amelia JuniperThe Ramsey College844784772241
Catriona KadirkamanathanBrentwood School86375100238
Naomi Chandler89058148
Kristina KartociuteBrentwood School7394230111
Alys PhillipsBarnardiston Hall79898
Catherine Power7878
Abi DuncanHedingham87373
Hope DudleyBarnardiston Hall76262
Nicola PrevostBarnardiston Hall76262
Amy BockingThe Ramsey College86161
Charlotte GilbeyBarnardiston Hall85858
Catherine Sumner3939
Josie Sumner3939
Emma KingBrentwood School73333
Elizabeth MooreBrentwood School73030
Year 9/10 Boys
Tim HarrisonThe Perse1011613013095130130636
Josh PartridgeHedingham10951031201051307590102120578
Callum TurnerThe Ramsey College91101101107990110110550
John-Henry LoveHedingham107376748911010011085494
Oliver SmithHedingham10100100100748198479
Thomas LockThe Ramsey College972701108310069837993469
Lucas Wrigley-MossHedingham9705144447781323
Luke CooperBrentwood School984936495336
Elliot MooreBrentwood School97656100100332
Joseph PowersHedingham107549594757287
Oliver HagueCambridge Int966714948234
James CromartyBrentwood School965573142195
Ben HammondHartismere High7669145
Matthew LefevrePalmer Academy108686
Jacob StevensonPalmer Academy108080
Richard HammondHartismere High7777
Louis Ferrando7171
Ben Frost6666
Year 9 /10 Girls
Lucy EdwardsThe Ramsey College91101101061109311011086550
Emma GoodenThe Ramsey College9961009110090477
Georgia GowerThe Ramsey College91006910010082451
Harriet VinterHedingham1069986578310
Annabel NorthfieldHedingham10486345754660292
Bronwen ManselCounty Upper10848591260
Stephanie WarePhilip Morant1058574260217
Laura SmithHedingham10727459205
Tia CosterHedingham1084100184
Abbie ForsterThe Ramsey College92787114
Catherine Hemmingway9110110
Kaitlyn DraperThe Ramsey College9277097
Ellie HarrisonThe Perse99292
Chloe PlumbHedingham97575
Moira KadirkamanathanBrentwood School6969
Catherine MoleDebenham High96161
Eloise Sumner5050
Holly DeaconPhilip Morant104848
Year 11/12/13 Boys
Roderick ManselCounty Upper128787829488438
Bryn WilkinsonCoppleston High12120130110360
Ben WarlandThurston118611091287
Hamish KadirkamanathanBrentwood School11707575220
Alastair GuiteFarlingaye High13463836120
Tom Hemmingway12100100
Dylan Campbell9292
Andrew Stemp129191
Scott JacksonFarlingaye High12473885
Aaron ThurlowFarlingaye High12473885
Nicholas HarrisonFarlingaye High127474
Jacob Stephenson6666
Sam BolamCol Institute136060
Harry HaywardFarlingaye High125757
Nathan Mcglee5050
Matthew Carter5050
Matthew WhitlockFarlingaye High134646
Ben WykesFarlingaye High124040
Charlie BixbyFarlingaye High123939
Luke TomlinsonFarlingaye High133838
Andrew GuiteFarlingaye High133636
A GriewFarlingaye High123636
D HowardFarlingaye High123636
Jake GooderhamFarlingaye High123333
Ed SpurgeonFarlingaye High123333
Shane MuggeridgeJames Hornsby113030
James BleeseFarlingaye High132929
Zachary WardFarlingaye High121616
Year 11/12/13 Girls
Rhiannon WareCCHS1211011092100412
Jenny FrostFarlingaye High134778125
Rachael HarrisonThe Perse129696
Lauren RamseyFarlingaye High127373
Victoria Mills5656
Megan MoonFarlingaye High114949
Emma NagleFarlingaye High123333
Sophie DownieFarlingaye High123333
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Barnardiston Hall4965725015876136075575692948
St Andrews Halstead5685215755795295305925855702901
The Ramsey College5863683982993424834865763712529
Brentwood School260393283384511523271704
The Perse1104141301301181831302401081251
Farlingaye High252123365740
County Upper1718782179179698
Morley Memorial110110988194110522
St Marys Woodbridge816889908010376156519
Monkwick Juniors100585986841009810095493
Thomas Lord Auderly10010096738773456
Coppleston High120130110360
Philip Morant106574260265
Cambridge Int66714948234
Hartismere High15369222
Stowmarket Middle857850213
St Johns College188188
Palmer Academy166166
KCS Cambridge162162
Mellis Primary100100
Kyson Primary9696
Milton Rd Primary7070
Charsfield Primary6868
Colchester Institute6060
Our Lady of Lourds4040
James Hornsby3030
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5685215755795295305925855702901
Barnardiston Hall984333244495835244314832472
St Marys Woodbridge816889908010376156599
Morley Memorial110110988194110522
Monkwick Juniors100585986841109810095503
Stowmarket Middle857850213
St Johns College188188
Mellis Primary100100
Kyson Primary9696
KCS Cambridge7878
Milton Rd Primary7070
Charsfield Primary6868
Our Lady of Lourds4040
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
The Ramsey College5863683982993424834865763712529
Barnardiston Hall3985552103614154763494472291
Brentwood School260393283384511523271704
The Perse1104141301181831302401081097
Farlingaye High252123365740
County Upper1718782179179698
Thomas Lord Auderly10010096738773456
Coppleston High120130110360
Cambridge Int66714948234
Hartismere High15369222
Philip Morant103574260262
Palmer Academy166166
Colchester Institute6060
James Hornsby3030

2014/15 Results

hall N
best 5
Y3/4 Boys
Oliver PrinceSt Andrews Halstead47210941868810193100100503
Alastair BrownBarnardiston Hall4100818299841007571465
Seb PoterSt Andrews Halstead398811008984452
Jamie HartnupSt Andrews Halstead4715552100100674291429
Ben PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead4566855609771846874394
Lewis BurnBarnardiston Hall450757488855849380
Theo Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge310068765667542962373
Ryan SkeetSt Andrews Halstead3495974288470444052339
Thomas WalkerSt Andrews Halstead3495974284486642322285
David LowKCS336705461221
Max Woods45075125
Isaac Rosewell38262084
Ben MartinSt Andrews Halstead24949
Y3/4 Girls
Daisy HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead410010010010010010020500
Kajsa Harstad-Arnsten34276100218
Sophie BlowerSt Andrews Halstead444644255205
Elizabeth Roberts4360103
Poppy Roberts4360103
Katie HigginsSt Andrews Halstead46464
Y5/6 Boys
Zac PoterSt Andrews Halstead5631009911092110110529
Barney Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge59211092991041107098521
William HicksBarnardiston Hall6516010090100100100490
Liam PolleySt Andrews Halstead63210010966748251104469
Daniel HagueMorley Memorial6110818710771456
Harrison DixeySt Andrews Halstead5100839910056438
William PressSt Andrews Halstead5879782995567432
Thomas MartinSt Andrews Halstead59145961037666432
Oliver PringleSt Andrews Halstead69010078815073422
Thomas LeaderSt Andrews Halstead56878718982694884404
George JobeBarnardiston Hall5879148946354389
Ben ClarkeBarnardiston Hall599765360706567377
Dominic BrownBarnardiston Hall654417081647466355
Louis DoveSt Andrews Halstead54965694167258263346
Sebastian GurteenBarnardiston Hall55441726550735955324
Archie TweedBarnardiston Hall6516063647732315
Luca TufnelSt Andrews Halstead55171605864304
Ben Harvey-SamuelBarnardiston Hall6522362725748291
Ben Styman-HeightonSt Andrews Halstead675744285276
Edward HicksBarnardiston Hall55327764572273
Daniel PetrovBarnardiston Hall557735874262
Max EganBarnardiston Hall553276555364245260
Craig CarterCliff Lane564724456236
William SepanskiBarnardiston Hall652236767209
Joel HullSt Andrews Halstead6585569182
Jonathan Ambler7070
Max DaviesSt Andrews Halstead65454
Kasper Harstad-Arnsten5252
Jez Perry4545
Dan Perry3131
Ben Wilks3131
Michael Salter2121
Lewis Turken2121
Y5/6 Girls
Lucy WalkerSt Andrews Halstead6100939710411035504
Lucy WarlandIxworth 672919581114120501
Amy SkeetSt Andrews Halstead55978891009010010075100490
Rosy BirdSt Andrews Halstead6724875979099100461
Evie AmosSt Andrews Halstead510018718978496560403
Alesha LoweStowmarket610087869238403
Eleanor LowKCS67860769092396
Molly MatthewsBarnardiston Hall64873706886345
Beatrice SalmonBarnardiston Hall63717346253
Katie-May BlowerSt Andrews Halstead54176604021238
Isobel McGertyBarnardiston Hall878259228
Isobel PetersSt Andrews Halstead5404744314252225
Hannah WallaceSt Andrews Halstead6210062224
Amelia FlemmingBarnardiston Hall6487089207
Charlotte CaswellSt Andrews Halstead540474431162
Sienna CuttsBarnardiston Hall56372135
Lauren Alcroft5555
Katy HicksSt Andrews Halstead4040
Fern HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead2121
Year 7/8 Boys
Sam HagueThe Perse810511010082105110530
Edward LowKCS81108110910996505
Ben BaylyBarnardiston Hall710093981001009793495
Alex WetherillHitchin Boys7120110108110448
Tommy HarringtonThe Ramsey Academy793858469576679410
Valentine IvanovBrentwood School8345743726180313
Ed NorthfieldHedingham85254458235268
Thomas TurnerThe Ramsey Academy7385548574645251
Jack Hammond4987110246
Robbie WoolertonBrentwood School832446145182
Felix WhitehouseBarnardiston Hall89442136
Emile Zsak105105
Charlie BaylyBarnardiston Hall78484
Tom SteedBarnardiston Hall87878
Oliver Brown7575
Alfie Truman-WilliamsBrentwood School7293564
Hugo ThompsonBarnardiston Hall86262
Alexander ParkerBarnardiston Hall86262
Thomas WoodwardThe Perse6262
Scott FirmanThe Ramsey Academy75656
Harry FergusonBarnardiston Hall84242
Simon Bingham4040
Year 7/8 Girls
Maisie Waller-ToyneTLA76987809295879280453
Emma Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School778100659079412
Hannah PetersThe Ramsey Academy8100971004564406
Beth LucasThe Ramsey Academy86210062483972100396
Tilly TurpHedingham738614668213
Leisha HuntHedingham76868
Erica FoxSwavesey Village College75454
Shadelle NelsonThe Ramsey Academy85353
Year 9/10 Boys
Mathew ClarkeThe Perse911497110120120121109585
Callum TurnerThe Ramsey Academy101068587120789983140120585
Thomas LockThe Ramsey Academy1012010087988085119524
Luke CooperBrentwood School109274961007767439
Elliot MooreBrentwood School107956949572396
Ben Hammond1009583278
Jasper Waller-ToyneTLA910077177
Oliver HagueCambridge International108454138
James CromartyBrentwood School105067117
Zac Steventon-BarnesFarlingaye High103535
Ivan PittsHedingham101717
Year 9/10 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham9120120110110120120120120130610
Lucy EdwardsThe Ramsey Academy10789112011210013013084592
Chloe CracknellHedingham91101101057411011097110100550
Emma GoodenThe Ramsey Academy10100867210811078110514
Victoria LoveHedingham9356988100100100857970473
Cerys Wrigley-MossHedingham9569010086841007557460
Georgia GowerThe Ramsey Academy1088100699410746458
Abi DuncanHedingham9907797907554429
Kaitlyn DraperThe Ramsey Academy1060616464687395364
Sian AdamsThe Ramsey Academy10744461179
Catriona KadirkamanathanBrentwood School9627734173
Abbie ForsterThe Ramsey Academy105556111
Catriona GladmanMoulsham99090
Francesca Mills2626
Kayleigh Locke2626
Year 11-13 Boys
Tim HarrisonThe Perse11120120120120120120120600
John-Henry LoveHedingham1110091110120921101039082543
Josh PartridgeHedingham11999711889919491100508
Roderick ManselCounty Upper13751101089586474
Oliver SmithHedingham117484759361777278407
Joseph PowersHedingham11624956765941302
Hamish KadirkamanathanBrentwood School12514970100270
Charlie BixbyFarlingaye High13807468222
Harry HaywardFarlingaye High13607290222
Anthony ColeHedingham1170100170
Zachary WardFarlingaye High13313270133
Sam ChivertonFarlingaye High126765132
Liam CochraneFarlingaye High125082132
Nick HarrisonFarlingaye High135869127
Jake SilverthorneFarlingaye High135965124
Ben Wetherill11100100
Andrew Stemp100100
Bryn WilkinsonCoppleston High13100100
Luke DaviesFarlingaye High128787
Henry FowlerFarlingaye High8484
Ben WarlandThurston128383
Theo PassmoreFarlingaye High125656
Olly ChidwickFarlingaye High125454
George WadeFarlingaye High135252
Jack PotterFarlingaye High125050
Matthew WhitlockFarlingaye High123737
Lawrence FullerFarlingaye High123737
<>Year 11-13 Girls
Harriet VinterHedingham116774809667110427
Bronwen ManselCounty Upper111091107878375
Laura SmithHedingham116669845475348
Annie NorthfieldHedingham11473850634561266
Jasmine ClackettHedingham115037404954525553264
Lauren RamseyFarlingaye High1356367455221
Tia CosterHedingham117060130
Jaya Chand5252
Megan MoonFarlingaye High124848
Megan SpaldingFarlingaye High124848
Mia WebbDebenham High114343
Ellie HowardDebenham High114343
Lucy BevanFarlingaye High123737
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5195705946125946046115435893015
The Ramsey Acedemy5525315905575413705836075892926
Barnardiston Hall5534975205315275184254912649
Brentwood School3383494634634503322063
Farlingaye High33931356438421691580
The Perse2342172151102402203223463391481
St Marys Woodbridge1921781689917116499160873
County Upper75219210173164841
Thomas Lord Auderly698780921958792157623
Hitchin Boys120110108110448
Morley Memorial110818710771346
Cliff Lane64724456236
Cambridge International8454138
Coppleston High100100
Debenham High8686
Swavesey Village College5454
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5195705946125946046115295893015
Barnardiston Hall5534584945044974844254642532
St Marys Woodbridge1921781689917116499160873
Morley Memorial110818710771456
Cliff Lane64724456236
Swavesey Village College5454
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
The Ramsey Acedemy5525315905575413705836075892926
Brentwood School3383494634634503322063
Farlingaye High33931356438421691580
The Perse2342172151102402203223463391481
Barnardiston Hall278379981001009793955
County Upper75219218173164849
Thomas Lord Auderly698780921958792157623
Hitchin Boys120110108110448
Cambridge International8454138
Coppleston High100100

2015/16 Results

4 Oct 2015RendleshamSUFFOCResults
11 Oct 2015Baddow RidgeSOSResults
22 Nov 2015Kings ForestSUFFOCResults
29 Nov 2015Chalkney WoodsSOSResults
6 Dec 2015Rowney WarrenWAOCResults
10 Jan 2016Hilly FieldsSOSResults
24 Jan 2016HornchurchHAVOCResults
13 Mar 2016The BroaksSOSResults
19 Jun 2016DanburySOSResults
best 5
Y3/4 Boys
Theo Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge410010055926010082100100500
Ryan SkeetSt Andrews Halstead463100100100619788485
Thomas WalkerSt Andrews Halstead494937159841008251453
Harvey GoughSt Andrews Halstead4748096250
Benjamin MartinSt Andrews Halstead34376544034247
David LowKCS45161112
Kasper Harstad33763100
Luke BennettChurch8686
Jake BennettChurch5757
Isaac Rosewell424161757
Lucas Runblad Stevenson3838
Isaac Rosewell191938
Alexander DarwinPerse Junior13232
Robert Schroder2424
Alfred Schroder2424
Y3/4 Girls
Alice Hopewell-PlantBarnardiston Hall410097100100397
Amelie PattersonSt Andrews Halstead41004750777639350
Hebe DarwinPerse Junior392885246278
Kajsa Harstad100100200
Constance BuckinghamSt Andrews Halstead4844272198
Lottie PlantBarnardiston Hall9481175
Abigail PrinceSt Andrews Halstead2753047152
Ellie ChambersSt Andrews Halstead47530105
Mia StaplesSt Andrews Halstead2475097
Emma Rosewell4241617191995
Lily Salmon4949
Y5/6 Boys
Barney Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge61101101041027011089120120570
Thomas MartinSt Andrews Halstead6102771208812085116546
Oliver PrinceSt Andrews Halstead5995811011093110110100540
Thomas LeaderSt Andrews Halstead6100784672683864428
Jamie HartnupSt Andrews Halstead564893891677190408
Harrison DixeySt Andrews Halstead683100100100383
Ben ClarkeBarnardiston Hall6739165448161371
Ben PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead546283475788755341
Max EganBarnardiston Hall6537510040268
Sebastian GurteenBarnardiston Hall689735056268
Edward HicksBarnardiston Hall6807587242
Louis DoveSt Andrews Halstead68447100231
Craig CarterCliff Lane697109206
Alastair BrownBarnardiston Hall5675662185
Lewis BurnBarnardiston Hall523223984
Jack DunningWAOC65050
Max WoodsBarnardiston Hall5232144
Euan, Paul SinnottIND53737
Felix Runblad Stevenson53030
Y5/6 Girls
Amy SkeetSt Andrews Halstead6100105851009067480
Isabel PetersSt Andrews Halstead6100100100300
Jemima BorrillHiston & Impington Junior6669660222
Sophie BlowerSt Andrews Halstead5100100
Milly Lambert54747
Lucy Mulligan54747
Year 7/8 Boys
Daniel HagueThe Perse7110110120110120110570
Thomas TurnerThe Ramsey Academy846524238504394285
Emile ZsakChesterton Community Col8120120240
Alex WetherillHitchin Boys8106126232
Theo WilliamsBrentwood School7703479183
William HicksBarnardiston Hall79547142
Dominic BrownBarnardiston Hall7326242136
Archie TweedBarnardiston Hall75965124
Tanay SonawaneBrentwood School7303938107
Jack HammondHartismere High89494
Mayukha RodrigoBrentwood School7303868
Zac Steventon-BarnesFarlingaye86060
Cameron ScottATC252475353
Harry Salmon74747
Ben Harvey-SamuelBarnardiston Hall74343
Tim Love73131
Harry WinnerRAF415172727
Jack GaleATC252472121
Year 7/8 Girls
Lucy WalkerCCHSG710010010073851001106370510
Emma Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School8989911010073849898505
Lucy Warland7100104110110424
Maisie Waller-ToyneTLA85395801006679420
Stephanie CooperBrentwood School7556539100100359
Kate Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School74164632342576570319
Sarah PriorBrentwood School74629595075259
Tilly TurpHedingham8619754212
Hannah WallaceThe Ramsey Academy7647666206
Jessica MillsBrentwood School8655578198
Heather TrevelyanBrentwood School741553934169
Alesha LoweStowmarket High77682158
Ellen GilbertWAOC77575
Erica FoxSwavesey Village College87272
Ipshita RishiBrentwood School76969
Cassandra LefevreBrentwood Ursuline6464
Freya KillileaBrentwood School75959
Eleanor LowKCS75656
Emma KingBrentwood Ursuline5252
Amelia BleeBrentwood School74646
Heather LundWAOC74141
Freya LundWAOC74141
Jasmine Love73131
Year 9/10 Boys
Mathew ClarkeThe Perse10130119130130118133130642
Sam HagueThe Perse96812012010584124553
Valentine IvanovBrentwood School966808562293
Jasper Waller-ToyneTLA105310083236
Edward NorthfieldHedingham9704242154
Michael BurgessRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)99090
Scott FirmanThe Ramsey Academy99090
Jake SmithRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)98383
James PrenticeRAFO97070
Aaron HorrocksRAFO 2331 (St Ives)96868
Jack BiertonRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)96767
Thomas HarveyWoodbridge High6565
Hugh Shackleton96363
Miles ButlerRAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF95959
John GilaniWoodbridge High5858
Charlie SolonRAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF95757
Robbie WoolertonBrentwood School95555
David PeacockRAFO 2331 (St Ives)95555
Matthew ThompsonRAFO94848
William SepanskiThe Perse94747
Jacob FoxRAFO 511 (Ramsey)94646
Guy Steward94545
Harvey RussellRAFO 2331 (ST IVES)94545
Thomas ChesserRAFO 511 (Ramsey)94444
Daniel DearmerSandon School104242
Thomas Peacock93838
Oliver Brown93838
Thomas FarleyRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)93838
Callum HitchinRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)93737
Tommie SteelRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)93737
Christian BellRAFO 22 (Sandy)93737
Dane CollinsRAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF93535
Adam CowelRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)92525
Dean WalkerRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)92424
Jack RobinsonRAFO 2331 (St Ives)92323
Archie Youngman-LeeRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)91717
Ryan WisemanRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)91717
Year 9 /10 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham10130130130130120130650
Chloe CracknellHedingham1011012012011081120120590
Abi DuncanHedingham101101106911096110100108548
Victoria LoveHedingham108599817194756092451
Beth LucasThe Ramsey Academy95780100681004955405
Hannah PetersThe Ramsey Academy9551004859262
Catriona KadirkamanthanBrentwood108574159
Shadelle NelsonThe Ramsey Academy95071121
Catriona GladmanMoulsham108484
Kay WalkerRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)97474
Caitlin DunningWAOC97272
Holly BicknellRAFO 511 (Ramsey)96161
Laura Rose DrawwaterRAFO 511 (Ramsey)95858
Chloe CowellRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)95757
Hollie AkroydRAFO 2465 (Luton Icknield)94848
Holly SzaszRAFO 22 (Sandy)94545
Elizabeth DaweRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)94141
Sky PartonRAFO 2484 (CAMBOURNE) DF94040
Natalie WalpoleRAFO 2484 (CAMBOURNE) DF93939
Jacky Peacock93838
Blaire Duff 93636
Connie KimptonRAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF93434
Francesca Cruz-TavolaraRAFO 2465 (Luton Icknield)93333
Melissa GreenRAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF93232
Charlotte DorganRAFO 2465 (Luton Icknield)93131
Siobhan DavisRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)93030
Rebecca ThurstonATC252492121
Year 11/12/13 Boys
Tim HarrisonThe Perse12130130130120130130650
John-Henry LoveHills Rd VI Form12106120130103110110101110580
Josh PartridgeHedingham12110110120968211911094569
Callum TurnerThe Ramsey Academy11105851109311012092538
Thomas LockThe Ramsey Academy117811892857912011684531
Luke CooperBrentwood School1173899579100100100484
Oliver SmithHedingham127267628477110410
Ivan PittsHedingham114132774255247
Shane Muggeridge139981180
Oliver HagueCambridge International11625357172
Tristan GrayFarlingaye High125394147
Sam ParkinsonFarlingaye High124580125
Sam GilderFarlingaye High125150101
Ben Hammond119999
Will ChewRAFO 1406 (Spalding)118888
Matthew LefevrePalmer Academy8383
Hamish KadirkamanthanBrentwood138282
Ian MansionRAFO 22 (Sandy)117474
Jake ThomsonlRAFO 1406 (SPALDING)117373
Luke JonesRAFO 1406 (Spalding)116868
Luke UruFarlingaye High126767
George PrykeFarlingaye High126666
Jake SilverthorneFarlingaye High136565
Lawrence FullerFarlingaye High136565
Matthew FosterRAFO 22 (Sandy)116262
Jacob ScarbrookFarlingaye High126161
Archie ReadFarlingaye High126161
William SharpRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)115959
Ewan RalphFarlingaye High135555
James DoyleWoodbridge High5252
Max HarroldFarlingaye High125151
James CodlingRAFO 2465 (Luton Icknield)115050
Luke DaviesFarlingaye High135050
Stuart ChapellRAFO 1406 (SPALDING)114949
Peter HesseyRAFO 22 (Sandy)114848
James PotterRAFO 104 (City of Cambridge)114848
Rory McGowanRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)114848
Zac GibbsRAFO 104 (City of Cambridge)114747
Olly SharmanFarlingaye High124545
Oliver Brown134040
Connor RainbowFarlingaye High123838
Monty CollinsFarlingaye High123838
Ben OakesRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)113737
Tom GrayRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)113737
Ben ColesFarlingaye High123636
Tom GodfreyFarlingaye High133636
Ronald TsangIND113636
Oliver HarveyRAFO113030
Raymond WanRAFO 1406 (SPALDING)112929
James CuttingRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)112828
Aiden BrownRAFO 1094 (Ely)112727
Yuri PietersRAFO 1094 (Ely)111919
Year 11/12/13 Girls
Lucy EdwardsThe Ramsey Academy111101101106864120518
Bronwen ManselCounty Upper121011091107776473
Harriet VinterHedingham1295717759100402
Annie NorthfieldHedingham12815060624888341
Emma GoodenThe Ramsey Academy1110097100297
Laura SmithHedingham12619277230
Georgia GowerThe Ramsey Academy118181162
Kaitlyn DraperThe Ramsey Academy114654100
Abbie ForsterThe Ramsey Academy119595
Megan MoonFarlingaye High13454590
Megan SpaldingFarlingaye High13454590
Oliva DobbieRAFO 2331 (St Ives)119090
Annie NorthfieldHedingham12815060624888341
Emily AnsellRAFO 2331 (St Ives)118181
Emily WaideRAFO 104 (City of Cambridge)117171
Jade BrewerFarlingaye High126565
Abigail RoseFarlingaye High126565
Isobel ApplebyWoodbridge High5757
Valerie ArindraRAFO 104 (City of Cambridge)115757
Lella RalphFarlingaye High125555
Anna SandayFarlingaye High125353
Sian AdamsThe Ramsey Academy114949
Rhiane Davis-DayRAFO 2331 (St Ives)114848
Rebecca SuttonRAFO 1094 (Ely)114141
Annabel ManningRAFO111919
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5685135825885305595795695622886
The Ramsey Acedemy4585481183983775454824915392605
Brentwood School3844561732181154124204885372313
The Perse3074272303704754421304971302211
Barnardiston Hall341481655134271611923
Farlingaye High38790312801131941096
St Marys Woodbridge1002101591941301712202201015
Hills Rd VI Form106120130103110110101110580
County Upper1011091107776473
RAFO 1985 (Flitwick)395395
RAFO 2331 (St Ives)387387
Perse Jnr92885278310
RAFO 1406 (Spalding)307307
RAFO 22 (Sandy)266266
RAFO 1451 (Haverhill)259259
RAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF254254
Chesterton Community Col120120240
Hitchin Boys106126232
Woodbridge High232232
RAFO 1094 (Ely)223223
Histon & Impington Junior669660222
RAFO 511 (Ramsey)209209
Cliff Lane97109206
Cambridge International625357172
RAFO 2465 (Luton Icknield)162162
Stowmarket High7682158
Brentwood Ursuline116116
RAFO 104 (City of Cambridge)8787
Moulsham High8484
Palmer Academy8383
Swavesey Village College7272
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5685135825885305595795695622886
Barnardiston Hall341481654201611468
St Marys Woodbridge1002101591941301712202201015
Perse Jnr92885278310
Histon & Impington Junior669660222
Cliff Lane97109206
Swavesey Village College7272
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
The Ramsey Acedemy4585481183983775454824915392605
Brentwood School3844561732181154124204885372313
The Perse3074272303704754421304971302211
Farlingaye High38790312801131941096
Hills Rd VI Form106120130103110110101110580
Barnardiston Hall5391222132498
County Upper1011091107776473
RAFO 1985 (Flitwick)395395
RAFO 2331 (St Ives)387387
RAFO 1406 (Spalding)307307
RAFO 22 (Sandy)266266
RAFO 1451 (Haverhill)259259
RAFO 2484 (Cambourne) DF254254
Chesterton Community Col120120240
Hitchin Boys106126232
Woodbridge High232232
RAFO 1094 (Ely)223223
RAFO 511 (Ramsey)209209
Cambridge International625357172
RAFO 2465 (Luton Icknield)162162
Stowmarket High7682158
Brentwood Ursuline116116
RAFO 104 (City of Cambridge)8787
Moulsham High8484
Palmer Academy8383

2016/17 Results

25 Sep 2016IckworthSUFFOCResults
2 Oct 2016Epping SWHAVOCResults
9 Oct 2016High WoodsSOSResults
6 Nov 2016MildenhallWAOCResults
13 Nov 2016Kings ForestSUFFOCResults
27 Nov 2016BrandonSOSResults
15 Jan 2017Daisy's WoodSUFFOCResults
29 Jan 2017Pod's WoodSOSResults
12 Feb 2017HadleighHAVOCResults
19 Feb 2017Danbury CommonSOSResults
2 Apr 2017WrittleSOSResults
18 Jun 2017WivenhoeSOSResults
best 5
25th Sept2nd
Y3/4 Boys
Ben MartinSt Andrews4100100100100400
Corbyn Hamilton-MillerSt Andrews38141122
Y3/4 Girls
Abigail PrinceSt Andrews310010010099100100100100100100100500
Hebe DarwinPerse Jnr492691028410711034495
Skye Brockington4100100
Kate Mason-Smith9494
MacKenzie AlfordQuilters43838
Y5/6 Boys
Oliver PrinceSt Andrews61029699110120118120120110588
Thomas WalkerSt Andrews510010010010010093949811067510
Theo Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge596948711086548470120507
Jamie HartnupSt Andrews61109211010484500
Ben PartridgeSt Andrews654818856685069362
Alastair BrownBarnardiston Hall6766973545184356
Lewis BurnBarnardiston Hall61008892280
Jake HortonBrentwood Prep569100100269
Charlie Maule Lidbury110110
Jack Davenport100100
Tom Davenport6767
Y5/6 Girls
Alice Hopewell-PlantBarnardiston Hall5100100100100749410684100506
Amelie PattersonSt Andrews57710080711008810062468
Lottie PlantBarnardiston Hall5798448995710010077462
Amelia CalvertBroke Hall100100
Milly WhiteleyLawford Primary66363
Sophie BlowerSt Andrews65151
Year 7/8 Boys
Barney Steventon-BarnesFarlingaye High711098110110120120120120590
Thomas MartinHedingham78312010098101502
Ben ClarkeBarnardiston Hall7869489368511065100103496
William HicksBarnardiston Hall81001001005890618390480
Sebastian GurteenBarnardiston Hall77750361008077384
Dominic BrownBarnardiston Hall87165427667788452376
Edward Hicks Barnardiston Hall72529655935645263303
Archie TweedBarnardiston Hall893518555284
Daniel HagueThe Perse888106194
Theo WilliamsBrentwood School86274136
Ben Harvey-SamuelBarnardiston Hall84980129
Max EganBarnardiston Hall7252965119
Mayukha RodrigoBrentwood School85949108
Alex Winn103103
Craig Carter79898
Jack Dunning77474
Luke Chambers6th Chelmsford Scouts86161
Year 7/8 Girls
Lucy Warland8105120100120120120585
Lucy WalkerCCHSG885110731109211078120100120570
Amy SkeetRamsey Academy7878610061100551007591477
Alesha LoweStowmarket High874878075100100566182449
Kate Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School8100457689928161685568438
Stephanie CooperBrentwood School81009510098393
Jessica ThomasRamsey Academy77446519067100382
Sarah PriorBrentwood School88475515476340
Janie HortonBrentwood School8455768426847285
Eleanor Low KCS8957075240
Izzy PetersRamsey Academy7727175218
Heather TrevelynBrentwood School8997243214
Freya KillileaBrentwood School859100159
Katie-May BlowerRamsey Academy77046116
Ami LodhiaBrentwood School86946115
Alice HodkinsonKCS89595
Jemima ParasramBrentwood School86565
Isabelle Chambers6th Chelmsford Scouts76161
Jemima Borrill75353
Year 9/10 Boys
Emile ZsákChesterton Community College912010494110100110544
Thomas TurnerRamsey Academy946411005673316
Jack HammondHartismere High91008379262
Sam HagueThe Perse10115110225
Edward LowThe Perse1010083183
Hugh Shackleton96270132
Daniel Mason-Smith107575
Daniel NashRAFO 7395151
Matthew ThompsonRAFO 7394949
Liam Fegarty4747
Josh Blackwood 92828
Sam Baker92828
Year 9/10 Girls
Maisie Waller-ToyneTLA952761009093591009810074120518
Emma Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School91008893100547010012085513
Hannah PetersRamsey Academy10685771100100396
Beth LucasRamsey Academy1066617593295
Jessica MillsBrentwood School9655270187
Erica FoxSwavesey Village College95555110
Caitlin Dunning98181
Year 11/12/13 Boys
Callum TurnerNational College for Motorsport1213012013010412012064620
Josh PartridgeHedingham13110907995100100495
Tim HarrisonThe Perse13110120120110460
Sam ParkinsonFarlingaye High13691001109446419
Oliver HagueCambridge International128799618161389
Matthew ClarkeThe Perse11106120130356
Oliver SmithHedingham13100100100300
Luke CooperBrentwood School1210011086296
Ben Hammond127110698275
John-Henry LoveHills Rd VI Form1312095215
Samuel GilderFarlingaye High1363100163
Max HarroldFarlingaye High136389152
Archie ReadFarlingaye High13100100
Oliver ListonRAFO119191
William ChewRAFO119090
Dan DearmerSandon School119090
Edward Benfold8888
Ian MansionRAFO 22 (Sandy)137777
Peter HesseyRAFO 22 (Sandy)137676
Charlie TaylorRAFO 134 (Bedford)116464
Thomas HunnsRAF1406116161
Sam HarrisonRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)116060
Cameron DuffRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)135757
Joe BryanRAFO 22 (Sandy)115555
Harry Wareham-KirkRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)135454
Callum HitchingsRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)115454
Rory McGowanRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)135252
Michael BurgessRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)115252
William SharpRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)135151
Elliot BiertonRAFO 1985 (FLITWICK)115151
GillRAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL)115050
Blaine McCaigRAFO 511 (Ramsey)114747
Ewan MacRaeRAFO 1220 (March)134646
Joseph GairRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)114646
James CuttingRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)134545
James DuxburyRAFO 134 (Bedford)114545
Ben SmithRAFO 134 (BEDFORD)114444
Chris BeevorRAFO 511 (Ramsey)134141
Daniel JenningsRAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL)134040
Ewan JacksonRAFO 22 (Sandy)113737
Dean WalkerRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)113636
Samuel LeeRAFO 511 (Ramsey)113333
Matthew ArnoldRAFO 73113232
Rhys JonesRAFO 22 (Sandy)112828
Ethan PearsonRAF1406112727
Dylan KnightRAFO 2331 (St Ives)112626
Jamie GardnerRAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL)112525
James ArnoldRAFO73112222
Shea KennedyRAFO 511 (Ramsey)111515
Year 11/12/13 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham11110110110110110120120120120590
Bronwen ManselCounty Upper131106472777880100445
Abi DuncanHedingham1193100100293
Chloe CracknellHedingham1190110200
Annie NorthfieldHedingham13905251193
Catriona KadirkamanthanBrentwood School129094184
Victoria LoveHedingham118387170
Laura SmithHedingham136470134
Lucy Edwards12100100
Holly BicknellRAFO 511 (Ramsey)118080
Kirsty BurnhamRAFO 1220 (March)137373
Katie MowattRAFO 1220 (March)136565
Hayley BidgoodRAFO 2331 (ST IVES)115656
Kay WalkerRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)135555
Amie RedrupRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)134545
Isabel MealingRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)114545
Sofie LawrenceRAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL)113737
Megan AsherRAFO 511 (Ramsey)113636
Sky BrooksRAFO 1220 (March)113333
Cloe CowellRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)113030
Blaire DuffRAFO 1985 (Flitwick)112828
Marion GoddardRAFO 1451 (Haverhill)112525
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews4795645695094664015901983304744922724
Barnardiston Hall558488944725204014295673531005102643
Brentwood School2005615231891461514233024814482436
Hedingham 5762305831802892305642203212333
Ramsey Academy26786100395409106190242562933391703
Farlingaye High1261106998210210419214461201201179
The Perse100299115240208110110130992
National College for Motorsport13012013010412012064620
CCHSG 85110731109211078120100120570
Chesterton Community College12010494110100110544
St Marys Woodbridge96948711086548470120507
Perse Jnr92691028410711034495
Stowmarket High74878075100100566182449
County Upper1106472777880100445
Cambridge International8799618161389
RAFO 1985 (Flitwick)327327
RAFO 1451 (Haverhill)294294
RAFO 22 (Sandy)273273
Brentwood Prep69100100269
Hartismere High1008379262
RAFO 511 (Ramsey)252252
RAFO 1220 (March)217217
Hills Rd VI Form12095215
RAFO 181181
RAFO 73154154
RAFO 134 (Bedford)153153
6th Chelmsford Scouts122122
Swavesey Village College5555110
Broke Hall100100
Sandon School9090
RAFO 2331 (St Ives)8282
Lawford 6363
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews4795645695094664015901983304744922724
Barnardiston Hall3552722173641851052901841771498
St Marys Woodbridge96948711086548470120507
Perse Jnr92691028410711034495
Brentwood Prep69100100269
Broke Hall100100
Lawford 6363
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Brentwood School2005615231891461514233024814482436
Hedingham 5762305831802892305642203212333
Barnardiston Hall476216943743992883594011691003332009
Ramsey Academy26786100395409106190242562933391703
Farlingaye High1261106998210210419214461201201179
The Perse100299115240208106110110130992
National College for Motorsport13012013010412012064620
CCHSG 85110731109211078120100120570
Chesterton Community College12010494110100110544
Stowmarket High74878075100110566182459
County Upper1106472777880100445
Cambridge International8799618161389
RAFO 1985 (Flitwick)327327
RAFO 1451 (Haverhill)294294
RAFO 22 (Sandy)273273
Hartismere High1008379262
RAFO 511 (Ramsey)252252
RAFO 1220 (March)217217
Hills Rd VI Form12095215
RAFO 181181
RAFO 73154154
RAFO 134 (Bedford)153153
6th Chelmsford Scouts122122
Swavesey Village College5555110
Sandon School9090
RAFO 2331 (St Ives)8282

2017/18 Results

17 Sep 2017HockleySOSResults
8 Oct 2017Kings ForestSUFFOCResults
5 Nov 2017Langdon HillsHAVOCResults
26 Nov 2017Hylands Park SOSResults
3 Dec 2017West Harling HeathSUFFOCResults
25 Feb 2018TunstallSUFFOCResults
29 Apr 2018HadleighHAVOCResults
17 Jun 2018HighwoodsSOSResults


best 5
Y3/4 Boys
Alexander DarwinPerse Prep31001004855303
James ClarkeBarnardiston Hall3100100200
Y3/4 Girls
Abigail PrinceSt Andrews410010070100100100101501
Evelyn Jo WhiteleyLawford CofE Primary48484
Rosanna TaylorSoaring High43333
Y5/6 Boys
Thomas WalkerSt Andrews695834811010670110504
Jake HortonBrentwood Prep610097100100100497
Ben MartinSt Andrews51001008588373
Theo Steventon-BarnesSt Marys680839178332
HarryUpminster Primary65858
JackUpminster Primary65858
GeorgeUpminster Primary63535
LucasUpminster Primary63535
Thomas BrabinSt Josephs Primary63131
Y5/6 Girls
Alice Hopwell-PlantBarnardiston Hall611011011011087527
Hebe DarwinPerse Prep56610610112055110503
Lottie PlantBarnardiston Hall610090100100100100100500
Amelie PattersonSt Andrews68010089100918711080490
Sophie Hough64848
Bethany TaylorSoaring High63333
Emily LowrySt Josephs Primary63131
Year 7/8 Boys
Oliver PrinceHedingham7110120110120120120120120600
Ben ClarkeBarnardiston Hall8931207983110110516
Barney Steventon BarnesFarlingaye High8120120120120480
Sebastian GurteenBarnardiston Hall8681001001005969437
Ben PartridgeHedingham77511011083378
Thomas MartinHedingham89899197
Edward HicksBarnardiston Hall8417763181
Adnan YaqubBrentwood School7597731167
Matthew TrevelyanBrentwood School710066166
Joshua ElsworthBrentwood School74380123
Jenson MartellBrentwood School74368111
Jamie Fegarty105105
Jacob LeslieBrentwood School75454
Salmon YaqubBrentwood School75252
Matas SkarmaEmerson Park Academy82727
Harry ThomasEmerson Park Academy82727
Year 7/8 Girls
Janie HortonBrentwood School85386100699155401
Jemima BorrillStephen Perse Snr862647153250
Pranita Arun PrasadhBrentwood School8675581203
Sophie KerswellStephen Perse Snr78279161
Jemima MamelokBrentwood School76749116
Milly WhitleyIpswich High77373
Summer HutsonFrances Bardsley Academy86060
Amy-Clare SinclairFrances Bardsley Academy86060
Evie JarmanBrentwood School75858
Millie Lambert3737
Lucy Mulligan3737
Year 9 /10 Boys
Jack Hammond Hartismere High101001209261373
Daniel HagueThe Perse910599120324
Samuel LeeBrentwood9748872234
Morgan PlantBarnardiston Hall9627088220
Mayukha RodrigoBrentwood9904678214
Liam Fegarty9677569211
Matthew WadeyKEGS1010063163
Dominic Brown94141
Year 9 /10 Girls
Maisie Waller-ToyneTLA10110831101208196120120580
Lucy WalkerCCHSG968110791101101109273532
Alesha LoweStowmarket High9100100100511007186100500
Emma Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School101207278110110490
Kate Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School976845479949290439
Heather TrevelyanBrentwood School9908067100337
Jessica MillsBrentwood School1062809986327
Sarah PriorBrentwood School9697140180
Lydia MarshallThurston College9100100
Year 11/12/13 Boys
Callum Turner1311010111010588514
Matthew ClarkeThe Perse12120120120120480
Ben Hammond1393120213
Sam HagueThe Perse1112092212
Martin WhiteleyIpswich High School117575
Year 11/12/13 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham12120120240
Chloe CracknellHedingham12110120230
Lucy EdwardsOtley College138080
Amelia WhiteleyIpswich High School117575
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Brentwood School5074544691512415925252547
Barnardiston Hall1684345072894733695542337
St Andrews2752832074102912932653791656
Hedingham 1104251104483291201202031525
The Perse34512092219120120924
Perse Prep166106201166110110753
CCHSG 68110791101101109273532
Stowmarket High100100100511007186100500
Brentwood Prep10097100100100497
Stephen Perse Snr82141647153411
Hartismere High1001209261373
St Marys80839178332
Ipswich High School15073223
Upminster Primary186186
Frances Bardsley Academy120120
Lawford CofE Primary8484
Otley College8080
Soaring High6666
St Josephs Primary6262
Emerson Park Academy5454
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews2752832074102912932653791656
Barnardiston Hall1002102102202002871127
Perse Prep166106201166110110753
Brentwood Prep10097100100100497
St Marys80839178332
Upminster Primary186186
Lawford CofE Primary8484
Soaring High6666
St Josephs Primary6262
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Brentwood School5074544691512415925252547
Hedingham 1104251104483291201202031525
Barnardiston Hall68297792531693301128
The Perse345120219120120924
CCHSG 68110791101101109273605
Stowmarket High100100100511007186100500
Stephen Perse Snr82141647153411
Hartismere High1001209261373
Ipswich High School15073223
Frances Bardsley Academy120120
Otley College8080
Emerson Park Academy5454

2018/19 Results

30 Sep 2018Thorndon SouthHAVOCResults
14 Oct 2018ChalkneySOSResults
25 Nov 2018Rowney Warren WAOCResults
9 Dec 2018The BroaksSOSResults
6 Jan 2019 Bedfords ParkHAVOCResults
10 Feb 2019Knettishall HeathSUFFOCResults
17 Feb 2019Danbury CommonSOSResults
16 Jun 2019The NazeSOSResults


best 5
Year 3/4 Boys
Alexander DarwinPerse Prep41009111064100465
Charlie Maule-LidburyChalkwell Hall36010010069329
James ClarkeBarnardiston Hall41108983282
Daniel Barker8282
Ollie VendyBarnardiston Hall47676
Year 3/4 Girls
Year 5/6 Boys
Ben MartinSt Andrews610142100100343
Alexander Al'RawiBarnardiston Hall66310040203
Edward WhiteBarnardiston Hall6757744196
Roy HanPerse Prep5100100
Louis MaceBarnardiston Hall6100100
Marco LuengBarnardiston Hall65454
Seth Westcott63434
Ethan Westcott63434
Year 5/6 Girls
Hebe DarwinPerse Prep612012011012085555
Abigail PrinceSt Andrews511095629361110470
Venus TamBarnardiston Hall610097197
Eleanor KerswellStephen Perse Jnr63776113
Rosella KilfoyleBarnardiston Hall5100100
Scarlette Baker Glasswell5100100
Olivia RadcliffeClaydon Primary69898
Erin McMornBarnardiston Hall57575
Mary NewtonBarnardiston Hall57575
Kara Tate6060
Lucy TrevelyanBrentwood School Prep63030
Year 7/8 Boys
Oliver PrinceHedingham8110120120120120120120600
Thomas WalkerThe Ramsey7100965411011086110526
Ben PartridgeHedingham8110494466110379
Matthew TrevelyanBrentwood School810060160
Hubert HaoBarnardiston Hall78672158
Ralph Greer-Walker7100100
Zac AppellBarnardiston Hall7100100
Jay AppellBarnardiston Hall78484
Theo Pugh7676
Jake HortonBrentwood School76464
William VendyBarnardiston Hall75454
Year 7/8 Girls
Taylor GoodingNotley High710039100100100100110510
Amelie PattersonThe Ramsey74896100676511066439
Sophie KerswellStephen Perse 811088198
Eve Ambler82525
Eleanor Steele82525
Year 9/10 Boys
Thomas MartinHedingham911011010089409
Tullio Acanfora106494158
Barney Steventon-BarnesFarlingaye9120120
Jack Dunning100100
Dominic Brown109090
Ben ClarkePerse97676
Jamie Fegarty6969
Kevin HanPerse96565
Luke LawrenceMoulsham105454
Samuel LeeBrentwood104848
Year 9/10 Girls
Lucy WalkerCCHSG1090120120120110120590
Alesha LoweStowmarket High1011011011011082110550
Heather TrevelyanBrentwood School10871003581303
Janie HortonBrentwood School94069497755290
Jemima BorrillStephen Perse Snr96651117
Kate Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School107979
Year 11/12/13 Boys
Sam Hague12120120110350
Matthew WadeyKEGS11737377223
Matthew ClarkeThe Perse13110110220
Alex Wetherill120120
Jack HammondHartismere119696
Edward Low129191
Liam Fegarty5353
Joshua Nibbs3737
Year 11/12/13 Girls
Maisie Waller-ToyneTLA111101109674110110536
Daisy PartridgeHedingham13110110110330
Emma Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School118585
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Hedingham 2202691203742961203402091499
Barnardiston Hall2481005275401415
Perse Prep3202302201841851139
Brentwood School4392293549158119994
The Ramsey48196206121175110196176949
St Andrews10115295100629361210658
Stowmarket High11011011011082110550
Notley High10039100100100100110510
The Perse65110186361
Chalkwell Hall6010010069329
Stephen Perse Snr661108851315
Stephen Perse Jnr3776113
Claydon Primary9898
Brentwood School Prep3030
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Barnardiston Hall2481005164541318
Perse Prep3202302201841851139
St Andrews10115295100629361210658
Chalkwell Hall6010010069329
Stephen Perse Jnr3776113
Claydon Primary9898
Brentwood School Prep3030
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
Hedingham 2202691203742961203402091499
Brentwood School4392293549158119994
The Ramsey48196206121175110196176949
Stowmarket High11011011011082110550
Notley High10039100100100100110510
Barnardiston Hall86310396
The Perse65110186361
Stephen Perse Snr661108851315